Haiz…Imagineering wasn’t as easy as I thought…

what a day…So depressed…and Busy waht the hell…
Lols, no time to write essay now, I’ll edit this later when I have the time…

Sunday. Super Sian NO MORE!!!

Haha, it’s the time of the week, it’s SUNDAY!!! not moonday but sunday. So rise and shine and let’s go praise the Lord!!! Hahas. Before I start, I want to thank Cynthia for commenting on my blog entrys. Cause it’s the only evidence that ppl actuall READ my blog because there are traces of evangelism that I leave in every entry. Lols. I’ll answer the question "what is love" some other time. haha anyway, today’s sermon was on trusting Jesus. He will take care of our every need and he will never let us go. (Hm…maybe I should do that to a homosexual son, unless he denounces his relationship with God then probably I’ll kick him) Then the pastor said something rather meaningful. As we all know there are 3 possible reactions to prayer by God. Number one: Yes, number two: No, number three: Wait. Then he went on to give a true story of this woman who went to believe in other Gods because she felt that God wasn’t answering her prayer. Then he said this: God knows our every need and he knows what is best for us. When he says no, it means that it is the best. But if we ask for something, he not give us something worse! He will not give us a stone when we ask for bread and a snake when we ask for fish (it’s somewhere in Matthew can’t remember)…When that was my tar-pau or takeaway for that day.
Haha, after Sunday school (I prefer the term Bible study class but nvm), there’s time for YF!!! Lols, our group is in charge of the activity today and we’re playing CSI…For those who attended IPO, this would not be new. We actually acted out the murder. The "victim", preacher Jon Yeo, was supposed to be poisoned to death. He acted it out while we were having brunch in the pantry…IT WAS SO REAL!!! You know like how someone looks like when he’s having convulsions and looks pale and everythingI knew it was coming but I didn’t expect it to be that real, and the best thing is that his wife actually came running into the pantry in tears fearing the worst…But we revealed it was an act later…Hope this incident didn’t affect their relationship :). Lols
And soon the game commenced. I was given the role as a policeman/forensic scientist…It was rather boring for me as not alot of the groups actually came to me asking for tip-offs. 1 group did and I made them run up the church’s spiral staircase in 20 seconds. The brothers did it in 17. So they got their "extra-info". Lols, I guess this really scared them off from coming to me anymore. Lols…
Anyway, none of the groups came close to the murder plot anyway but we all had a good time of fellowship and bonding… …
Just some inside info if you come join my church
PS. There’s a witnessing workshop next week, hope all those from my SS class and those Christians from 06v13 going for the BBQ please attend. It will be a great help. Time is 12:30 to 3-4? Venue Zion Presbyterian Church @ along upper Changi road…
See you there! I hope…

Sianded Saturday + Friday

Yoz, Halo-phile readers lol. I guess we have enough ethical debate so here’s another slice of MY life… Well, not that my life is super interesting but I DO hope it’s interesting but sadly it isn’t INTERESTING at all! What an un-interesting weekend and therefore the name Sianded Saturday…
I guess it’s going to be like that for the rest of my IP life…Super sian weekends. Do homework and nothing else. amazingly I managed to squeeze in 15 minutes of Xbox. OMGosh, I managed to kill two hunters with 2 shots from a beam rifle…Why am I so pro… Lols, anyway it’s 15 minutes. 15 minutes isn’t good enough to satisfy my cravings(I am a halo-phile) after all… But the thought of homework manages to keep my desires at bay. (Imagine that) Homework homework homework CHINESE tuition, then homework homework homework. Where’s the recreational part? Other than going out for dinner with my uncle and the measly 15 minutes of Halo 2… … I guess it’s my social life in school that keeps me alive and not turning into some mindless zombie. After all, there’s the crap board to write, people to diao and someone special to observe hahahas.
Thank goodness the weekends are only 2 days. But wth? Why do we look forward to the weekend when we love the weekdays? Because there’s no school? Or because we LOVE to do the weekend homework that those evil weekend-joy-snatchers give so freely to us? haha. Well, that sums up my Sianded Saturday. Hope it’s not a Sianded Sunday tmr. But there’s church and a sermon to listen to and YF to attend! can’t be sian…Haha welcome all to join my church, esp that special someone. Working on it though hahahahahahaha.
Now for the ultra lagging report on Friday hahas. Before I start on the highlight of the day, I shall explain the workload given on thursday. Maths task OTOT (own time own target). The next day, 12 ppl were standing because they didn’t do their work, including me. Erm, wasn’t it supposed to be OTOT? Nvm, keep quiet and face the music or the angry/pissed teacher. We were given a long lecture on the IP1’s behaviour in the college and how we misuse our priveledges given to us…Ok, still can tahan since SOME of them are true. Then she started taking down names. Wth? Nvm, I still can put up with this, I’ve been through worse before. Patience through adversity. There goes my attitude marks, sliding down the drain. Looking around at everyone’s either shocked, sorry or expressionless faces I turned by eyes back to my table. After the lesson, Lisa was complaining teary-eyed and was VERY agitiated about the matter.
"Wasn’t it OTOT? See? She’s going to minus our attitude marks!"
"Relax, calm down, that’s the worst that can happen, nothing else."
And Cynthia was asking everyone who didn’t and did their work,"I thought she said OTOT?"
"Relax lah…No point getting stressed out on the matter."
"I’m not, really."
I knew she was lying.
As for me, being the apathetic, emotionless me, I felt nothing. This incident was nothing more than throwing a paper ball at me. haiz, what can I do? Great, it’s in my high-S nature, I’m not assertive at all. Lisa and Cynthia were all-ready to "confront" Miss Hoo about the matter and here I am swaying in the wind like nothing happened. Good and bad…
*sigh… …
Sometimes I feel like a rock, lying on the river-bed, gushing water nor gentle currents can move me. And I’m trying to develop people skills. Yeah right… How am I supposed to be a true friend when I can feel? As if there’s a great wall of China built in my soul. I can receive love but I can’t give it…Big problem…Love thy neighbour as yourself. Hard. Getting to love that special someone, hardER…
*sigh… …
Keep on trying I guess…

Should you disown a homosexual son? (*continued form previous entry)

Cynthia has commented on my statement. She says that I should be patient and let the Lord work on my son. But what if I have given my son 2 years of "reformative training", and I constantly pray for him but he still insists on his ungodly ways. What are you going to do?
I can put my faith in the Lord that he can change my son. But what if he has destined my son to be one of the many who were to become such during the end days (fufillment of the prophesy in revelations). The world is to become such an immoral world. What if your son was one of them. But that would be cruel wouldn’t it? Destining someone to sin to fufill a prophesy that would signify the end of the world. But without him there would be no signs of the second coming. Should I still blame him for being homosexual?
What if my son is an angel? Can it be that people are not touched but instead angels descend onto Earth to fufill the prophesies that God has made us. But that would be a lie wouldn’t it? God says something will happen and then he sends his angels to make it happen. That is not the case. Anyway, angels don’t sin, do they?
Link with me and post your thoughts whether or not in a Christian’s perspective. Just post your thoughts on disowning a homosexual son. Will you do it?

Tuesday: A new commitment…

Alright, it’s another tuesday BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY, THIS DAY WE FIGHT! MEN OF THE WEST!!! -Aaragon. Haha, today during school I asked who wants to go for the BBQ on the 12th March. Nobody, Nivek said he might be going but he’s already a Christian…Btw, it’s an evangelical thing. Be prepared to be told about the gospel at the BBQ. But looking at the number of people who DIDN’T raise their hands…It’s dissappointing at least to me. I’m not saying that everyone should go but at least someone? Haiz…Now I have a new commitment. I shall bring at least 2 ppl to Christ by the end of this year. This is my personal goal as a Christian.
Today I was chatting to Yin Hong, I sidetracked to ask her whether she wanted to go for the BBQ. Answer was not I’ll consider or what was it about. The answer was a straight no. She said she was a Buddhist and didn’t want to come because it was a Christian thingy. BUT!!!! She has not heard the gospel…hahaha…her life is about to change for the better…
By judging by the ratio of Believers and non-believers, the difference is vast…And furthermore many of the non-believers have not heard of the gospel. Why hasn’t anyone told them?! How sad it would be if you were doomed to hell because no one told you there was another better way? Fine, I shall save them from this doom New resolution: I shall preach the gospel to everyone in this class 06V13, whether they believe or not is another thing. However, I cannot do this alone, I need my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to help me on this mission. Hm…I should tell them about my vision for the class… …
I have decided to follow Jesus,
I have decided to follow Jesus,
I have decided to follow Jesus,
No turning back, no turning back…
Tho no one join me, still I will follow,
Tho no one join me, still I will follow,
Tho no one join me, still I will follow,
No turning back, no turning back…  – Christian song
(My prayer for the day)
Anyway, other than that or the above…I was posed a very difficult question today. Since I was against homosexuality(topic for our Imagineering project), would I disown a homosexual son. Ouch, tough question. I told them yes if he doesn’t listen nor tries to reform himself. Everyone was shocked. Why should they? It’s straight-forward-homosexuality should not be allowed. And Prissy was saying we SHOULD accept it since it’s a growing trend.  Inside I was like burying myself in guilt. She needs God too…And I blew my chance of sharing the good news with her…Feel like whacking myself… We should not conform to the world. Growing trend or not, it should not be allowed. For a few simple reasons you can even think of yourself. Anyway, if my son were a gay, and would not listen to the word of God nor the pastor or anyone who has authority, he is to be considered to be a pagan. And I would not allow myself to have a pagan son, even if he were he should not be homosexual. Therefore I will disown him, I will not ankowledge him as my son again till he finds out his mistake and asks for forgiveness from me and from God. Answer is still a yes.
If you read this, I WANT your comments about my new mission and about my answer about disowning a homosexual son.

Super lag entry. Supposed to be on Wed.

Ok now for our extreme lag blog posting gameshow!!!
ding ding ding!
Alright enough…Well here’s another classic example of a lagging post.
Anyway, just want to say that for class com elections…
I will
have to
Whoopee! I’m in class com with my fav post!!!! Yippee! How wonderful can that be?
Now I shall dedicate my pledge to 06V13:
I, T.Kwok of 06V13/VJC/ex-VS/whatever,
pledge to be the best secretary one has ever seen,
taking down notes while writing in my bestest best handwriting(if possible).
Regardless of race/competition, language (only english) or type of pen,
to build/construct a better 06V13, FOR THE GREATER GOOD!
To bring happiness, organisation, peace and prosperity and lameness and cooling temperatures to our class.
Thank you.