Thursday…what an interesting day

Hi…Today was just another thursday but NO MORE!!! Because it’s Donovan’s and Mr Yang’s birthday and I’m down with some stupid throat infection. Some fancy name for a sore throat and fever but heck, I shall make it for school today despite the MC that allows me to stay at home and slack/miss lessons/accumulate more homework. I woke up at 8 at reached school by 11:11. I had to take me medicine first right? And some other stuff to do before I go to school. And I could have reached school earlier if the 31 bus didn’t just zoom past me. Actually it was full of ITE students but hey, I’m the only one at the bus stop and there are still empty pockets in the bus… … This thing is becoming a problem, they should increase the number of bus services at the ITE, for the benefit of the ITE students themselves and for others like me. So I wouldn’t have to squeeze up and down the bus time after time. Anyway, at school, I hurried up the stairs and opened the classroom door… …Many amazed faces sun around and faced me, mouth agape… "T.Kwok!" Donovan was first to break the silence followed by many others who all seemed to advise me to make use of my MC. What the hell… …hahas. Then after I have taken my seat Miss Fong asks,"Thomas are you ok?"
"Yeah, I’m fine." (Duh…if I wasn’t, would I still be here?)
"yup, I’m ok."
Then she continued with the group presentations.
Anyway after that was the Super-long Lunch break!!!
And we were supposed to celebrate the duo’s birthday but Mr yang wasn’t free so too bad, cut cake later.
After school, we all got back to class and Mr Yang finally showed up with a birthday cake of his own.(He bought another 1 since he saw the one we had for him and said that it wasn’t a surprise anymore… -_-") So we stick the candles and whoops… Anyone got a lighter? nope. After cutting the cake, whoops…anyone got tissue? nope. Great, who planned all this? We finally managed to get 2 tissues and gave  the 2 pieces to Donny and Mr Yang. And THEN…mass dance with Mr Yang not knowing any of them… Haha
And NOW comes the exciting and the STUPIDEST thing that happened. Anyway Cynthia started it and actually went over to V12 to do it too. She, got her bloody finger into the cream and smeared it onto the boy. That was stupid. Then everyone started doing it… WHAT THE BLOODY HELL??? Come on! Sec 3 already leh…Still doing this kind of thing. Seriously, you could have banged your head against the wall if u saw it. Somehow only the girls were playing and Donny and Chengsy. Aren’t they supposed to mature faster than us? I’m doubting that now…SERIOUSLY doubting that now…And THEN…Prissy decides to involve me in the "party". With fingers fully armed she set out on her conquest. Well of course I saw it coming and I blocked her onslaught with my arm. However she would not relent and I pushed forward and knocked her to the ground. Well, I feel rather bad about it now since I exercised my strength on a girl.(Not that I’m very strong or something) All in the name of self-defence…haiz…sometimes I forget I’m in VJ not VS anymore, this tactic would have helped to escape a      tau-pok or some cruel or sadistic activity. Haiz, well if you’re reading this I apologise…Still frens? =)
Anyway after the onslaught, Kenny caught me and several attackers came to deface my face with cream…And again exercising my "anti-taupok skills" I wriggled free and immediately dashed to the other corner of the classroom.
Just after this incident and rejoicing that I escaped the attack and telling ahmad how I nvr got tau-poked in VS, I felt a finger brush past my neck… … OMGosh, I’VE BEEN HIT!!! Medic! Wonderful…Cynthia is prancing around delighting in the fact that she was the first to "hit" me and ahmad laughing hysterically because I claimed to have certain skills…Great…As I said, I forget I’m in VJ, cuz in VS if u escape the first onslaught you’re relatively safe since they know you’re no fun anymore. Well, it’s so different here…Must adapt…
I went to go clean up and while returning back to class, there Prissy was again…Fingers loaded. Crap, not again? Now she REALLY seemed all out to hit me. I backed off, she increased her speed…I turned around and ran. She soon stopped after realising that she couldn’t catch me and put that stupid cream on my face.
"You can’t catch me…" I taunted…
"come on lah…It’s valentine’s day…"
WTH?? Some reasoning leh…
Well, rather interesting day right? Hahas
P.S.Jason or any other VSCO members. Just sth more to add. A few girls in my class think Ming Cong is CUTE… ??!! They actually set up a MCFC, Ming Cong Fan Club. Amazing right? Pls help me do a favour by telling Ming Cong to hise himself the next time he comes to VJ for electives. We don’t want the MCFC to be screaming their heads off. Ty

One comment on “Thursday…what an interesting day

  1. Cynthia says:

    HAHA YAY I SMEARED CAKE ON YOUR FACE =) HAHAHA. and MC is cute =P he doesnt take electives does he? thought he just come for lunch..

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