Singapore YOG

Hello people, I know that Singapore has won the bid to host the Youth Olympic Games but were you at the Padang to witness the ceremony and madness? Let me show you some pictures of the crazy atmosphere and place.

The above photos were taken before the results were out and there was some dancing and cheering by the people in green. Most of them are from Jurong JC. Most of the people from Jurong JC were from Team JJ the JJC equivalent of VJC’s SC. They were there to hype up the mood. They did a good job with the atmosphere but honestly I felt that the cheers were really really lame and they did "silent claps" like it was a cool thing. The atmosphere was high probably because a third of the people there WERE from JJC…as you can see by the sea of green.


The Milo Cheer Team…Actually they’re students from Temasek Secondary’s dance society called The Freestylers. Performance was very mediocre but a performance was still a performance and it didn’t fail to entertain. There was another group of dancers form SAJC who also performed a mediocre dance routine with very repetitive moves but it still entertained…

A close up of The Freestylers

Some celebrities came down to sing, such as Chen Diya (hope I spelt it right), some male singer and Asian Idol Hady Mirza. I didn’t really understand the chinese songs but I felt Hady’s song was well sung. Can’t remember what he sung though…heh heh

SMU’s percussion performance which was utterly horrible. 4 guys with drums hanging at their crum and the rest of the stage filled with tube top-clad girls beating cow bells. It was a horrible performance and it didn’t mean anything….


Photo’s taken after the results. Mood was high and everyone was cheering unlike the mood before the results where everyone was a little bored and tired of the performances.

All in all, congratulations Singapore on winning the bid to host the YOG. But I seriously hope I don’t get guard duty during the YOG since I’ll be in NS in 2010. And IF I do get guard duty, at least let me guard NSC so I can steal glimpses of the sailing regattas…




Recent update

ARGH…so many things going on to write down, record rather, you can’t really write on a keyboard…Alright, a few things that happened.
14 February Thursday
It’s Valentines day! I got a hell lot of stuff from everyone so THANK YOU ALL!! I’m going to get even flabbier once I’m done with all the sweets and rubbish. But the ultimate present was from ahmad. He got the osvot ppl a sunflower each. I was kinda shocked to recieve a flower. I mean who ever gives me flowers? Oh well, i rmember that ahmad gave us a flower to show his appreciation and to make us look gay for the rest of the day… grr….
It was a good day. I enjoyed it but i don’t see the meaning of valentines day, they whould put it as friendship day instead of the conventional valentine/friendship day thingy, just purely friendship day…
15 February Friday
It’s Cross Country Day!!! Yes, it’s that time of the year again and i half-dread half-look forward to it. I dun like running long distances because it’s boring but i like pushing myself. However I have been super unfit the last half of last year and this year as well. Can’t do 10 pull ups anymore. *Sighs I shall train more. Anyway I ran my heart out and paced with the sailors and came in 153. I wanted to come in top 100 but i guess i’ll leave that to next year when I’m fitter. After that it was LAN time!!! Bahnep vs Sailors. So it was Ahmad, Kevin, Kenny and Keith vs. Julian, Yen Reil, Jing Xuan and I. Sailors lost of course, my teammates were more accustomed to playing CS and not BF but it was a good experience. After some 2 hours of LANning, it was time for the annual JTSTJ where 07v13 treats 06v13 AND 08v13. It was going to be held at East Coast park bbq pit. I cycled to school that day so I cycled over to ECP with Bahnep walking lol. Actually, Ahmad took over the bike.
Halfway, Ahmad got a call from Wong who didn’t go for the JTSTJ and kept screaming: NO! Noo! Nononononono!!!!!
We all thought something bad but amusing happened like the JTSTJ got cancelled or sth and we were all playing along and screaming NOOO! together. Turns out, we got 1st runner up for the SSC competiion!!!
1st runner up for the SSC competition!!!
We couldn’t believe it and we were all shouting and singing with joy but ahmad wanted to be first now that we got 1st runner up and he wasn’t very pleased, but in the end he psycho-ed himself that 1st runner up is good enough. Temasek Poly won and that means we beat the other JC teams and NUS teams muahahahaha…
But we were of course, happy that we got 1st runner up.
We met our juniors at bbq pit D something something. Turns out that for the seniors only the Bahneppers and Sharon minus Wong was there. Our juniors and grand-juniors were all there. Once I was there, switch to campa mode and set up tent. And shit, the spars for the tent were all broken!!!, that meant that the tent cannot be set up…Thankfully when kevin and I went around looking for wood, we found two long poles that we could use to prop up the half-tent. Kevin and I will be staying over after the bbq. Shortly after the bbq started and after I had 1/10 of my fill of food, i went to start the fire. The wood was nice and dry as it hasn’t been raining for a while so the fire was nice and big. I brought my mess tin and started cooking hotdogs and chicken drumlets. It turned out fine. "Crispy on the outside" as Kenny put it. The drumlets and sausages were all we had to cook, no more food left. So I sat down and began to watch my wonderful work of art. Kevin went to get the marshmallows and we were roasting them. Soon, ALL of the juniors started swarming around my campfire, kicking the seniors out. They were really swarming around it trying to roast the marshmallows over an authentic wood fire but they put the marshmallows so far away, the marshmallows would have rotted before it could be roasted. The seniors had to find a way to entertain ourselves so we started singing stuff like the Chicken Song by AFI, In My Country There Is Problem by Borat and Pizza Pizza Pie by the Sir Community. The juniors were looking at us like we were aliens…
Soon the seniors were able to get back to the fire when the juniors left. But the fire was kinda small already, nothing much left. SO Kenny and I went to look ofr more wood in the darkness of night. My training on night vision became really handy. I spotted most of the twigs and branches. Heehee
Nothing much happened after that. Couldn’t sleep well in the tent+poncho. Waves were too loud, Tent+poncho was too sandy and ground was uneven. Kevin and I parted ways at the food centre in the morning. I continued to cycle to NSC for training. I was horribly slow that day because I haven’t been training for 2 weeks + not enough sleep. Malcom gave me an earful that day. Bleagh…
19 February Tuesday
Class outing with 08s66 today. Today was JAE so dun have to go to school. Everyone should be able to stay so we didn’t have to worry. Jar Jar had to send in an appeal so ALL TEH BEST!!! You sure can stay one….I went to Keith’s house early to watch Lord of War. It’s a show about illegal arms dealers who supply arms to different nations including armies of failed states, rebels and bad guys so long as they’re paid. Kinda morbid but it gets you thinking about what the world is coming to and what people will do for money. After that it was LAN with the 08s66 guys and with Bahnep minus Wong again…Played BF2 for one round 08s66 vs bahnep and 08s66 lost horribly. The 08s66 guys refused to play BF anymore and played CS instead and I reluctantly joined them. I got pwnt for a while but once i got the hang of it it didn’t get too bad. The game changed to DOTA and only the noobs were allowed to kill each other, namely Ah Yuan and me. My side got pwnt though haha. Game switched to CS again but now with Jar Jar playing, we got raped…by him. The bahnep ppl left at around 12+ but we were still playing CS. After our lunch at 823 Katong Laksa, we went back to Mechmaster to wait for Daniel and Lauren to play pool. In the end, the score was like this: 1st team: The Vietnamese (Thang and his friend) 2nd team: The Tycos (Jar Jar and I) 3rd team: The "pros" (Daniel and Lauren) 4th team: The Nicholas-es (Nicahn and Ah Yuan) It was an interesting and funny game with all sorts of rubbish happening.
We met up with Pei Ying at Cathay to watch Jumper at 5.20 and honestly it was a waste of time. Jumper is a bad movie! It may look cool but it’s quite dumb really.
I had a great time, interesting class bonding time with 8 ppl from our class lol…


Finally managed to get the music player to work. Here’s my favourite song by Enya titled Book of Days. It was featured in the romance movie Far and Away starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Extremely soothing song makes you think and reflect. Your "Book of Days" differs from time to time…
Book of Days by Enya
One day, one night, one moment,
my dreams could be, tomorrow.
One step, one fall, one falter,
east or west, over earth or by ocean.
One way to be my journey,
this way could be my Book of Days.

Ó lá go lá, mo thuras,
an bealach fada romham.
Ó oíche go hoíche, mo thuras,
na scéalta nach mbeidh a choích.

No day, no night, no moment,
can hold me back from trying.
One flag, One fall, One falter,
I’ll find my day may be, Far and Away.
Far and Away.

One day, one night, one moment,
with a dream to believe in.
One step, one fall, one falter,
find a new earth across a wide ocean.
This way became my journey,
this day ends together, Far and Away.
This day ends together, Far and Away.
Far and Away.


Hui Wen spoke to me today and he said sth that impacted me. "Don’t 装 (pretend) already lah, I know you every emo one, you just put face only…"
That had me thinking. Am I bluffing my class? I sure am if I continue on like this: putting on a smile everyday, being enthusiastic and stuff. The scums have already told me to tone down and I did listen to their advice but not completely. I put on a mask for my classmates to see everyday, is that fair to them? Is that fair to ME? I am your typical cynic, not a complete cynic but I always believe that things NEVER work out the way you want it. I always sit back, watch and laugh when everyone fumbles and make a mess because they chose to do things their way instead of listening to what I had to say. Sometimes I get sick of telling so I just sit back and watch. It gets quite amusing after a while.
Well, I guess I put on a mask for both our sakes, for the class and myself. There’s a reason why I am who I am and I can’t let it spill over to my new class, it’s not fair to them. They have done no wrong. But sometimes the mask does not work, my old self still shows through. Forgive me if you feel that I’m overly critical, insensitive or for making snide remarks. I am trying my best to change…
I will continue to wear the mask, till there is no need for it or a need for another one. I have a few hundred more…

Another personality test

That Personality Test :: Your Results

The latest personality test from ThatSurveySite… now featuring more and better questions than ever!


Emotional (53%)


Logical (47%)

Concerned about self (43%)


Concerned about others (57%)

Atheist (24%)


Religious (76%)

Loner (49%)


Dependent (51%)

Laid-back (51%)


Driven (49%)

Traditional (53%)


Rebel (47%)

Impetuous (67%)


Organized (33%)

Engineering mind (39%)


Artistic mind (61%)

Cynical (41%)


Idealist (59%)

Follower (63%)


Leader (37%)

Introverted (75%)


Extroverted (25%)

Conservative (61%)


Liberal (39%)

Logical (39%)


Romantic (61%)

Uninterested (75%)


Sexual (25%)

Insecure (45%)


Confident (55%)

Selective (10%)


Tolerant (90%)

Pessimistic (55%)


Optimistic (45%)

Principled (40%)


Pragmatic (60%)

Tolerant (57%)


Opinionated (43%)

Humble (50%)


Elitist (50%)


Take the test!


Results are interesting I must say, very different from what I want myself to be. But a more artistic than engineering mind??? Must be some kind of mistake… Sad…so sad