Comex PC show 2008

Yay! Comex is here again at Suntec. I’m not going to miss it, not even for studying for promos.
I’ve compiled a wishlist of what I want to buy from Comex PC Show 2008

USB hub, any kind will do. Most prolly from A1, random computer peripherals made in China
Razer Diamondback 3G mouse. My existing wireless mouse only has 3 buttons and is horribly laggy.

A bad ass headset for VoIP.
Last but not least Beng-style PC lights!!!


Thank you Tank You

FIrst things first. WTF am I blogging at 4:45 am??? Nvm, I don’t know either. Wait…blame PW. Chiong finish PW liao so ended up being awake with nth to do or not wanting to do anything…
On two previous saturdays, 23rd and 16th of August. Some of teh sailors went back down to NSC to help YJC form their sailing team. Most of them didn’t know how to sail so we taught them how to aberdan. Julian didn’t want to sail so I took the Tholian out. I was helming. Eeks, the last time I helmed, I was lapped in a race. All the freaky thoughts were coming into my head. I dunk my crew how? Nvm, thoughts aside, I was to helm for this YJ girl Tammy. Turns out she’s almost as heavy as me but that’s good considering the wind conditions in the morning. IT WAS GOOD…it’s been storming the whole week and wind is blowing liek mad. I’ll give it 8 knots maybe? Enough to get me out on trapeze though.
So after a brief friendly orientation, we went out to sail. I taught her the ropes and all on the boat and tried to get her out on trapeze, but failed. It’s ok, everybody fails their first trapeze. Anyway I was quite surprised when Tammny didn’t know closehaul and stuff. This means that YJ’s sailing team must be fairly new. The only person who could sail independantly was this ex-Mayflower sec girl. She’s quite fast actually…and her PW survey is overly long…
After a while, Gabriel took over my boat. I was thinking Gabriel has never sailed 420 before…this is going to be interesting. True enough, Tammy was in the water not before long. Apparently Gabriel forgot to tell Tammy to hook on before trapezing.
It stormed at atound 12:30 and I sailed back with Naomi, turns out she’s a worse helm than me. But she’s never sailed 420 so I guess it’s forgivable but methinks it takes alot to capsize a 420, and to turn turtle too, even in strong winds and rain. Yes, she capsized the boat. Took a while to upright it. I helmed the rest of the way back. Naomi was still going "Hey it was fun, never capsized a 420 before." I’m just "grrr…"
On the second saturday I sailed with Tammy again who then swapped with Yang Feng after another failed trapeze attempt. Tang Feng wasn’t wearing harness, let alone booties so of course I couldn’t make him trapeze. He’s a nice guy who always speaks chinese to me when I speak english to him. Kinda ittitated me abit but it’s fine since i go to a hokkien-chinese church anyway. And his sandals were clunking around the whole boat everytime we tacked.
So after our second day of sailing, it rained so heavily we only went back at around 4+. Ordered thaipan lunch for everybody including the YJ ppl. But we kept the butter squid to ourselves…Heeheehee.
It was good fun and a good experience sailing with the YJ ppl. There were nice, friendly and eager to learn. They will make a good sailing team in the future.
On Monday came the shocker. I received a small parcel to be given to Thomas. Actually I didn’t receive it. Apparently somebody passed it to the sailing team before I got to the loft after morning assembly. Everyone was begging me to open it. Something’s not right. How can a low profile guy like me get a parcel from someone I don’t know. And gabriel tang was going "Wow…it’s from renee, your secret admirer." I just told him"WHO THE **** is renee anyway??" I thought it was for the wrong Thomas, there’s a Thomas Lim in SC btw. So I opened the parcel to find a bottle of dettol soap and a postcard. Basil was quick to snatch the postcard away and read its contents out to everybody. I guess everyone took it the wrong way but it was a thank you letter from Tammy.
Thanks Tammy, I really appreciate it. You’re probably the first person who wanted to sail with me on a 420, it was a pleasure to sail with you. Thank you Thank you.

ISD is taking over the world

Teh Straits Times
ISD to take drastic measures to curb illegal cigarette trading
        ISD has decided that it has enough of illegal cigarette trading. Because of the drag net set up to catch Mas Selamat Kastari at the border, many illegal cigarette traffickers were caught . Officials were overwhelmed with the large amounts of cigarettes confiscated. Officials have explained that it is now smoking season which usually accompanies the durian season and the Hungry Ghost Festival and not because they were sleeping on the job before while demanding higher pay for civil servants, hence the large inflow of contraband cigarettes. Well, it seems to be a credible explanation since they ARE our officials whom we fully trust.
        A new measure that ISD has taken is to secretly issue matches with sensors. ISD has aptly named its operation ISA 598.45.23 Matchsticks which were doped by ISD will be tipped with sensors, GPS and a camera to take down the face and DNA of the person when he or she strikes the match stick. Collected information will be sent to ISD directly via satellite communication. When the flame from the match burns the cigarette, the sensors will immediately detect the smoke and check its database located in a 128MB flash memory located along the matchstick. Once the sensor detects smoke from a contraband cigarette, it will immediately ring bells in the ISD who will immediately dispatch their Spec Ops team to the smoker’s position with help from GPS, imprison the smoker and interrogate him in order to glean information about the supplier.
        "When you want to kill the snake, you must sometimes catch the egg. Then you follow the baby snake to the mother." said an ISD official. He declined to answer on how to catch male snakes. He also joked that the sensors are fire-proof. We most definitely hope so.
        In an effort to conceal the identity of the doped matchsticks, ISD has released pictures of the matchboxes which are NOT the doped ones. Teh Straits Times has kindly offered to show one of the pictures released in today’s print edition.

This is NOT a picture of the doped matches.
        The ISD also gave further information about ther new contraband cigarette detecting lighters. We look forward to reporting on that.
12 August 2008
Ok, here’s the real stuff, we were doing chem practical today and I came across these matches. Pretty amusing eh?


A man and his watch

Ah, a chance to blog again…Ok, the topic this time will be about watches. Proposition: A man needs a watch. Simple. A watch completes the man. a watch exudes manliness and functionality too. A watch is practical AND manly. Yupp. I’m saying all these cuz I JUST BOUGHT A NEW WATCH!!! WooHoo! Now I am Man again. The times when I went without a watch was difficult. I didn’t know when to go for lectures, what time to get home by, how much time I have to complete my econs tutorial and such. So there, a man needs a watch.
My old watch is lying on the seabed now. Somewhere along NSC. Lost 2 watches there. Pity. When I lost my first watch I was really sad, hardly used it for 2 years!!! So I got a new one which was the casio W-753. It was really useful, tidegraph and stuff. 10 years battery somemore…I thought I could use it till army but i lost it while trying to wrestle Basil into the sea on the last day of interschools. So I was without a watch since then. My man pride was bruised so bad… I resorted to wearing a really lousy watch that I picked up. Casio also and it tells time which is essential. But that’s all it does… And the little thing that you tuck the watch band into after you buckle it broke. So I taped it up with electrical tape. And it sucked, I had to take it out and the whole watch would be sticky with all the gum and stuff. And the watch only had 3 buttons, one of which was the light button. And I am prejudiced against watches with less than 4 buttons. I am watchist, sth like that. That’s why I admire the Protrek watches with IMBA number of buttons…*drools…Anyway my new watch is the Casio AQ-161W, analog and digital with tide and moon graph. Just like my old watch! Only more expensive cuz I bought it somewhere else and not online….zzz…But the auntie at the Eastpoint watch shop was very nice. She helped me order the watch and kept it till I saved enough to buy it. And gave me a discount also lor…From $69 to $58. Yay!!!
Ok on to some fun stuff…

Hah! Bet you’ve never seen a blu-tack Elite as well too! I was bored during alkanes lecture so yupp…

Harmless Spongebob soft toy? Not until we change it into…



Mega Phallic SPONGEBOB!!! He did a little limb arrangement or yoga, now all he needs is some balls…


Some cool SHOOP THE WHOOP animation I found online lol…


Photo slideshow

I was looking through my folders searching for unneccessary stuff to delete and i chanced upon many old relics, ok maybe not so old but yeah, young enough for this year lol.
Alright so I was bored, ok?
An inspirational poster inspired by Nemo. P.S. the photo was staged, he’s not THAT stupid.
HAHA! Bet you’ve NEVER seen a blu-tack protoss zealot before! So much for fan-art lololololol
WTF is Horny doing here? Anyway she’s modelling *bleargh* for the new tote bag, made from entirely recycled stolen sail bags and ropes! Going for $34.50 or for $1 at the Sailor’s pseudo-Daiso fair on the 8th of August. AND WTF??? Is that MY bike she’s sitting on? It has been defiled, it must be purified immediately.
My pet lizard, well at least for 3 days before he escaped. Found it along the incline pull-up bars at the side of the hall. I named it…malcolm. lolololol
Wierd Koi behaviour. Maybe they’re giving thanks to their "fountain-pot" god for the endless bubbles. Or maybe they thought it’s a giant pellet. Who knows? But I swear they were doing it on that day at that time only. Maybe it has to do with the allignment of the sun and the angle of the sunlight incident to the water’s surface, increasing the water’s temperature by 0.0001 degress celcius and……..ok that’s just crap.

You’ve seen Iron Man and Iron Monger in action, now meet….PSEUDO-IRON CARDBOARD MAN!!!! Ok, I was bored again as usual. Note the pile of junk in the corner of the loft.



HELP!!! YAKUZA IN VJC!!!! Calm down! It’s part of our Racial Harmony Day gig lololololol. Racial harmony day this year was a flop btw, no celebration, nth. Just some lame games and videos played in the canteen….Saddening. Hair kindly styled by Chris and Alyssa.


Mas Selamat in VJ? Nah, just part of my April Fool’s Day costume…

Nichan the only one awake during Econs lessons? NO WAY!!! Of course, it’s only on April Fool’s day… lololololol


ARGH!!! RINGWRAITHS!!! Lol, Me in the AAAaaiiiii costume with a wooden sword from cultural night. The suit was supposed to be for mum as part of his Darth Maul costume for sports day.



Yep, that’s most of the interesting photos I’ve found