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But I’m still screwed. Nvm, going to enjoy it while it lasts

Beginning of the end…

Econs promos today. Still got chem, maths and physics. I flopped GP liao, cannot flop the rest. Econs wasn’t too tough today. Managed to do everything with time to spare. Need to study chem now, chem is tmr. I heard that half the paper is going to be organic chem and ionic equilibrium.

Law of Sai Kang

The Law of Sai Kang
(shit work)
Ok this is how it werks…

Ok first of all, let’s establish that SaiKang (SK) always comes from upstairs. Sk cannot spontaneously appear, nor does it spontaneously disapper. So we now have the first law of SK

First Law of SK states that SK cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be passed on to one bearer to another.

Alright, so from the illustration above, we see that there’s a ladder for the SK to travel along between the Upstairs and the Downstairs. Since SK always comes from the Upstairs, SK will travel down the ladder via gravity to the downstairs. However, SK is unable to counteract gravity so the second law is established.

Second Law of SK states that SK can only travel down from the upstairs to the downstairs and never the other way around.

Now let’s explain HOW MUCH SK is passed around. It depends on the upstairs. If your upstairs is constipated and likes to keep the SK to him/herself, then the amount of SK that travels along the SK ladder is insignificant. However, if the upstairs loves laxatives as much as the number of bytes of data in 1 terabyte, then the downstairs will receive the most amount of SK. Note that the middle portion of the ladder do not receive any SK at all. SK only ends up at the ends of the ladder, never at the middle, no matter how long the ladder or how many "middle people there are". Hence,

Third Law of SK states that SK will only collect at the ends of the ladder, independant of how long the ladder is and amount of SK passed is determined by the viscosity of the upstairs. Given the equation:

Where, v = viscosity, Omega = total amount of SK, $ = monthly income of upstairs, S = SK constant, delta theta = size of downstairs

Now, let’s examine the time taken for SK to travel along the ladder. It depends. On what? Simple, gravity and the length of the ladder.

Fourth law of SK states that time taken for SK to travel down the ladder from upstairs to the downstairs is directly proportional to the length of the ladder.


Where t = time, g = gravitational constant (9.81) and L = length of ladder






Life before Promos

Life really sucks for now…So repetitive, go to school, study, eat,study,sleep,study,repeat. Haiz, I suppose it’s good for me. People say they study because they want to learn more. I study to have a good career later on. Is that a good reason? Honestly I don’t want to learn about econs or about integration. Why can’t MOE let me learn what I want? Who gives a shit about contrasting subjects? When the going gets tough, we always question our purpose of studying. If it’s a good purpose, it drives you on. Or even worse, if you have no purpose then you’ll be torn down, by yourself…
Still searching for my purpose to study. But let’s go with the good career one for now.
Ah, feel better now.


The first…
Woohoo I am super proud of my Blu-tack gundam figure. I know it’s not from the gundam series nor is it blue but hey it’s a big robot, therefore it is gundam land it’s black blue tack ololololol…Took around one and a half hours to make. Shit long and the opportunity cost was revising one set of notes but who cares…actually I should.
Blu-tack gundam specs.
13cm talll, 10 cm wide
Materials used
1 packet of Blu-Tack black from bostik $2.50 from popular eastpoint
1 piece of red card $0 From mum’s office (decorative)
2 Large Pentel Maxiflo whiteboard marker caps $0 picked it up in primary school (shoulders)
8 Zig marker caps $0 picked it all up from various corners of VJ (limbs, I wrapped blu-tack around them to form the arms and legs)
1 Empty Pentel Ain mechanical pencil lead case $0 picked it up during primary school (gun)
3 magnet counters from an old magnet board game $0 it was a gift (barrel and scope)
All in all I spent 2.50 and 3/2 hours to build it. Quite a feat eh? Maybe I should start a business out of this. Heh heh heh…
I LOVE MY BLU-TACK GUNDAM!!! Muahahahahahahaha

Random thoughts

I should be studying but oh heck, i shall consider this as GP training…
I was waiting for the MRT to go cut hair and I was thinking, what if some mad man suddenly pushed me onto the tracks just as the train was to arrive? Will it be murder? Yes definitely, but our dear madman won’t get the death sentence, simply because he was mad. I would have been killed by an act of madness. Ok, now let’s see this in another perspective. What if after I was run over by the MRT, the mad man draws a dagger, faces skyward and yells "You heretics must be silenced in <Insert cultist God name>’s name, <Insert cultist God name>, receive my spirit!" then stabs himself to death. Is it an act of madness or act of terrorism? Now the boundary is abit blurred. If this man was stopped from stabbing himself, will he receive the death sentence? Well, he is obviously deluded. He HAS control over what he wants to do and, by his own will, killed me. That’s cold blooded murder isn’t it? But he has been brainwashed, his delusion has dictated what he has done, so in a sense he can’t control himself from killing me. That would make him a madman and spared the death sentence right? So should terrorists be spared the death sentence of exterminated.
On a seperate note, I was thinking, how would my loved ones react when they found out I was killed by an act of madness. I had no part in it, no chance to fight back, not  my fault. In other words, I died for nothing. How would people react to that? Honestly, I would forgive my murderer. When you stand on the boundary between life and death, about to cross over into the darkness and look back. You’d realise that vengeance is indeed a rather petty thing. But how would my loved ones feel? I know my parents will sue the shit out of a reckless driver who killed me in a road accident. Everyone will feel sad. If the incident was published in the newspaper, people will feel pity. Now I know how it feels to be a relative/friend of a terror victim, why America swears to destroy those involved in the 911 incident. Their attack on Iraq might have been blinded by vengeance. Now that the dust has settled, they have realised their mistake and they MUST set things right for their major blunder.
Ok, now I’ve just cut my hair. I just trimmed it and thinned it actually. I want to keep my hair long during the end of year break so I’m not cutting it too much now. But I was thinking, would my hair be too long for my PW Oral Presentation? Would they penalise me for my long hair? And I was thinking WHY SHOULD THEY? I always argued for long hair. The Japanese males keep long hair. They have long hair when they go to school, go to work, make important business deals. Why not in Singapore? A Japanese boy who migrated over and attended his first day of lessons in a local school might get the shock of his life when teachers scold him for long hair. Let’s consider the possible reasons why all boys should ideally sport a slope and short hair.
1. Neat, formal looking
2. Easy to maintain
I would think reason number one is the main reason. But honestly, WHY SO SERIOUS? Must all boys sport the same hairstyle? Girls have varying hairstyles, why can’t guys? Is it Singapore’s highly structured and organised societal system that requires boys to have their hair short? It makes guys look neat, that I do not deny. But if a guy leaves his hair long and styles it well, like the Japanese, why not? He looks, neat AND stylish. Long hair won’t impede your academic pursuits, stop you from securing important business deals nor obstruct your social relations. It’s time we Singaporeans, let loose. When we loosen up, creativity flows. Fresh ideas naturally fall from the sky when people are free to do what they want. And a good way to start is from our physical appearance. What’s with ties, tucked in shirts and belts? What’s with uniforms anyway? If uniforms are a must, design a loose, comfortable personalisable uniform. Our current uniforms often sacrifice comfort for neatness. The VJ uniform is FUC*ing HOT!!! And students who do wear their ties for the whole day do not button the first button, they let the tie hang loose. Buttoning up is suicide in Singaporean weather. Again, comfort is sacrificed and for what reason? Neatness, comformity. Yes, students must take pride in their appearance, not dress like a yahoo. I agree, but don’t you think that students will take even MORE pride when they are able to choose what to wear, to simply be themselves? Why did the Be Yourself Day receive so much fanfare, because students LOVED it! Let’s move on, a new paradigm shift awaits.
I can’t wait for this generation of youths to take over Singapore. I will help spearhead our unanimous call for a new paradigm shift.
Interesting thoughts while waiting for the MRT and after cutting hair.