Tuesday: A new commitment…

Alright, it’s another tuesday BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY, THIS DAY WE FIGHT! MEN OF THE WEST!!! -Aaragon. Haha, today during school I asked who wants to go for the BBQ on the 12th March. Nobody, Nivek said he might be going but he’s already a Christian…Btw, it’s an evangelical thing. Be prepared to be told about the gospel at the BBQ. But looking at the number of people who DIDN’T raise their hands…It’s dissappointing at least to me. I’m not saying that everyone should go but at least someone? Haiz…Now I have a new commitment. I shall bring at least 2 ppl to Christ by the end of this year. This is my personal goal as a Christian.
Today I was chatting to Yin Hong, I sidetracked to ask her whether she wanted to go for the BBQ. Answer was not I’ll consider or what was it about. The answer was a straight no. She said she was a Buddhist and didn’t want to come because it was a Christian thingy. BUT!!!! She has not heard the gospel…hahaha…her life is about to change for the better…
By judging by the ratio of Believers and non-believers, the difference is vast…And furthermore many of the non-believers have not heard of the gospel. Why hasn’t anyone told them?! How sad it would be if you were doomed to hell because no one told you there was another better way? Fine, I shall save them from this doom New resolution: I shall preach the gospel to everyone in this class 06V13, whether they believe or not is another thing. However, I cannot do this alone, I need my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to help me on this mission. Hm…I should tell them about my vision for the class… …
I have decided to follow Jesus,
I have decided to follow Jesus,
I have decided to follow Jesus,
No turning back, no turning back…
Tho no one join me, still I will follow,
Tho no one join me, still I will follow,
Tho no one join me, still I will follow,
No turning back, no turning back…  – Christian song
(My prayer for the day)
Anyway, other than that or the above…I was posed a very difficult question today. Since I was against homosexuality(topic for our Imagineering project), would I disown a homosexual son. Ouch, tough question. I told them yes if he doesn’t listen nor tries to reform himself. Everyone was shocked. Why should they? It’s straight-forward-homosexuality should not be allowed. And Prissy was saying we SHOULD accept it since it’s a growing trend.  Inside I was like burying myself in guilt. She needs God too…And I blew my chance of sharing the good news with her…Feel like whacking myself… We should not conform to the world. Growing trend or not, it should not be allowed. For a few simple reasons you can even think of yourself. Anyway, if my son were a gay, and would not listen to the word of God nor the pastor or anyone who has authority, he is to be considered to be a pagan. And I would not allow myself to have a pagan son, even if he were he should not be homosexual. Therefore I will disown him, I will not ankowledge him as my son again till he finds out his mistake and asks for forgiveness from me and from God. Answer is still a yes.
If you read this, I WANT your comments about my new mission and about my answer about disowning a homosexual son.

One comment on “Tuesday: A new commitment…

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hey i think you\’re so right! Backsliding is condone! I thought Prissy was a believer? Hmms but i thought disowning was kinda serious? Instead of disowning and giving up on your son, you should counsel and give him advice =) 
    "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." –Philippians 4:13
    i believe you can change ur son cos\’ you can do things through Christ who strengthens you! Yupp like you have faith in God, put faith in ur son la. Lol i\’m saying as though you really had a son -.-\’\’
    but yeah thought ur post was really motivating and insiprational! haha ONE WAY (:

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