Life update & CNY!

Long time no blog. Hardly had time or even when there’s time there’s no mood heh. Life’s so-so right now. It’s discomforting to know that my whole life is practically revolving around army life. Weekends need to study and do homework (yes there’s army homework). And seriously what the heck a 4 hour Fire Support Tactics exam?? My A level H2 math paper wasn’t even that long. Funny how the longest exam I took in one seating was in the army.

For those interested in going to Liaison specialisation in arty, it ain’t that bad. In-camp is chill (but of course don’t let discipline standards slip) but outfield it’s terror. And when you can single-handedly fratricide or friendly-fire your entire company, the instructors make sure you don’t mess up in outfield. It’s quite interesting to see how you specialise, like maplestory and stuff. First it’s arty then liaison then future specialisation. Mage then fire/poison mage then sth else.

It’s CNY today and I have off! Meaning I’m not in camp! Yayness!

Commissioning soon in april and DARLING IS COMING BACK!!! Super duper excited. So many many things to do together. Long distance relationships suck. It separates the relationship but brings it closer together in another way..

Sa and I at Social Night. The theme was masquerade and everyone had to wear masks so LOGICALLY...

My buddy Josh and I

Cutest girl alive enjoying herself in Kew. Wished I was there T.T