Class Com elections.

Anyway…Class com. elections today…

Anyway…Class com. elections today(8 feb)

hehe lagging…sorry only updated this 3 days later because IP homework is simply massive!!!

Anyway, back to class com elections. During CT period, we were supposed to give a speech to the class and I was unaware…I tot it was much later but haiz…Always expect the unexpected. I had something in mind anyway… First up is the CT rep( clachairman) nominees!!! And I was one of them. But heck! I’m the only guy!!ss ! Where’s everyone else? Lisabelle, Prissy, somebody and me were the nominees… I gave some shitty 1 min speech(it was supposed to be 1 minute whew!) and the other 3 went next. I was first to give my speech…Ever had the kind of feeling that when you go first and then someone says something else later that makes you feel like saying, "Shit! I wanted to say that!" ? Well it happened to me. But whatever happened happened anyway ( quote from the matrix, hehe). And then we had to leave the classroom and wait for everyone to finish voting (they write their votes on a piece of paper) then we came in. Next was he secretary/treasurer post. My FAV post!!! Yippee! But to my horror there were 4 other contestants…Donovan, Chengsy, Nivek and Caitlin… OMGosh… Nvm, I retain the hope that my fellow classmates will vote for me… I gave my speech again. This time after bullshiting about my whatever qualities, I told them about my passion to be the secretary.

And they laughed.

What so funny.

I was serious then, a face of mine that not many see all the time. But other than the crappy talkative T.Kwok that all of you know so much about, there’s another side to it. I can be serious if i want to and I can just change personalities just like that <snap>. I don’t think many took my speech seriously but I really do hope I get to be the secretary/treasurer. I mean how many ppl do u know are so enthu about being the "slave" of the class? No one right? Well today u just knew someone who is willing to do it all.

Hm…this should be part of my speech…too bad it’s over.

Next was the welfare and house rep posts.

Just a little info, I’ll tell u ppl who I voted for.

Male welfare: Chengsy

logistics (if there was such a post) : Nivek

Female welfare: Prissy

house rep: Cynthia

Ok, that’s all for voting and stuff. Now I have to bury myself in homework.

PS: If you voted for me for secretary/treasurer pls tell me *optional but pls tell. hehe



One comment on “Class Com elections.

  1. Alphonsus says:

    Yo! Check out my blog at  I didn\’t noe that u wanted the secretary/treasurer post that badly….. Nvm. i am also the secretary of my class. HAHA

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