Two things have just incurred my wrath today and I AM AN ANGRY MAN!!!



Went with tams to tampines mall this evening to go buy me army phone. Apparently only M1 carries the Nokia 1661 and they labelled it as $75 NO-CONTRACT in a boom/explosion paper cut-out. I took a walk with tams to find other retailers who would carry this phone but lucky M1, they so happen to monopolise this phone model in TM. So I walked back into the store and asked if I needed a queue number to buy a no-contract phone since it’s just a simple transaction. Give me the phone, I pay the money. No need for explanation about plans, queries about billing etc etc. But unfortunately I still had to and I obediently stood in line to wait for my turn.

I waited for quite abit, around say 10-15 minutes? I know it’s not instant but GARH, I just want to get out quick. EVENTUALLY, it was finally my turn at the registration counter. This was the conversation:

“Hello, I would just like to buy a no-contract phone, so I think I just need a queue number.”

“Oh, I’m sorry but I need your IC.”

“What for?”

“You’re looking for which phone model?”

“Nokia 1661”

“Yeah, I need your IC to register for the pre-paid card.”

“But it’s a no-contract phone.”

“Yes, it’s $75 if you sign up for the Mcard.”

“And how much is that?”


” O.o Ok, how much is the phone WITHOUT the Mcard?”

*flips file*


O.O x 9000 (The phone costs $79 at the nokia store btw)

“Oh, then I think it’s alright then, I don’t need it.”

*tries in vain to get me to sign up*


I have nothing against the M1 staff at TM, I think they’re wonderful and patient people (salutes to you all), but M1’s marketing strategy was pure scum. Hey I have a M1 line!! Gosh, waste time.. Fruitless trip. At least managed to spend quality time with Tams today. We played Gears of War and Table Tennis with Misty as our ballboy/pet and we had alot of fun. GLOMPS at Tams!!!


Gosh, this one really made my blood boil. This guy named S7even Lim (i had to replace the t with a 7 so Google won’t pick me out) is being a real bum. I must highlight before I continue that I do not intend to defame him nor any harm. What will follow is entirely my opinion and as a democratic country, I have the right to air my views.

Mister SL here thinks he is the biggest big shot of some online modelling agency. Honestly, I think it’s a sham. He prowls the streets and asks ALMOST anyone to join his agency. Sign-up isn’t free, he wants $100 for his hard work to link you up with other “clients” who might require models. Any Tom Dick or Harry can join. And honestly, if I were in his agency for some miraculous reason, who would hire an amateur like me to model or act? If our world isn’t competitive enough already, amateurs he picks up on the street who may look slightly better than the average Singaporean isn’t going to stand a chance. That I guarantee.

After approaching people, he asks “Do you know who I am?” HECK NO?? After which he goes on to intro how he’s the boss of Singapore’s TOP online modelling agency bullshit bullshit, shows mediacorp letter to prove he’s a REAL recruiter, bullshit bullshit, how he earns over $90+K a year (hey egoman, $90+K a year is only $7500 a month, that’s nothing to brag about..) and continues to ask if YOU earn that much. Again, HECK NO?? But I’m sure on the road on earning twice YOUR salary.

Gosh, if you ever visit his webby, you’ll understand how this con-man earns his 90K salary (per year). Can’t actually believe THAT many people actually paid $100 for SL to post their photos and a poor, low-res video of them (probably taken from a camera phone) and write some cheesy one-line review (I quote: Gorgeous, petite yet full gorgeous outlook and shapely body.   Kind hearted and always willing to help.  Good for all events.) Hey come on la.. use other words instead of gorgeous?

Even Xiaxue mocks you. That’s…rock bottom…

And…you dance and sing in yellow trunks at your Singapore Idol auditions…

Gosh, enough thick-skinned people for one day..

Anyway on a lighter note, THE VJC A DIV BOYS TEAM WON 1st!!!!!!!! I am SUPER proud of them!!! ALL HAIL VJ SAILING TEAM!! Haha, shall go congratulate them at NSC tmr.


Life Update!

Tis been a while since I’ve blogged. Got loads of stuff happening.

First of all, some random photos i took at the new Iluma mall in Bugis. They were having a cosplay exhibition and I just had to stick my nose together with some of the suits.

Darth Vader is not the only one with a Lightsaber MWAH HA HA HA!!! *takes an asthmatic breath*

Darth Vader isn't the only one with a lightsaber.. MWAH HA HA!! *takes an asthmatic breath* (pardon the screwed up face)

Wassup Predator?

Strange attempt at Alien cosplay, humans just don't quite cut the Alien stature

Yup, enough of weird rubber suits. Tams has been recovering really quickly, she can resume normal activities but just has to be careful not to strain her back. She also came down with a bad bout of diarrhoea. Really bad and nasty stuff.

Anyway, I also finally collected my pay from working at NETS. It’s not a lot but it’s enough for me. AND HELL WAS IT AN EXPERIENCE. Personally I will never work at jobs like that again. I’m not being elitist, but honestly I’m not cut out for it. Sales isn’t for me. I can do it for a while, but definitely not for months on end. I’ll die. Because I work hard at it dammit. I don’t lepak (slack) like my other colleagues. I try to sell the most number of cards that I can. Some people sell just one at the end of the day. Sorry I can’t disclose what I sell otherwise my head might roll.

So basically I worked for about less than a week at some NETS booth just before the Chinese New Year week. My mom’s insane idea to ship me off to work at NETS because she thought that I was too free at home and spending time with my darling girl is an absolute waste of time. I wasn’t giving tuition yet, that’s why. Now I earn so much more at tuition. NETS pays me about $6-7 an hour, tuition pays me more than $25 an hour with flexible work times. No prizes for guessing what I’d rather do. I stand for hours on end and endure really whacked-out customers. After the whole experience I was so glad I do not have to serve old aunties or grannies. They’ll pester you forever and burn you to death with their satanic stares if you do not give them an extra pack of angpows or some goodies like that. And hey, if you don’t win the lucky dips, it’s not my fault. So stop yelling at me!! Thank goodness, my patience didn’t short circuit at work. I made a few friends, I didn’t put on a nasty face so I guess I was quite approachable and I made an effort to mix but it’s difficult cuz they’ve been together for too long. I was among the oldest there too, most were sec school students waiting for poly. But they look so mature! Gosh, I thought this girl was over 20 but she’s 16. And I have 16 year olds calling me Ah Di (younger brother). I guess I do look very young. Haha.

Anyway, if there’s one thing that I took home from this whole experience is that I totally salute sales people. It’s tough shit and I promised myself never to give them a hard time. I’ll give them a smile and congratulate them on a job well done. There were some kind souls that I met who gave me encouragement, a pat on the back and bought me drinks. I just hope I can be that kind of person to them.

AND AND AND, collecting pay is a pain in the ass. A SUPER BIG PAIN. Gosh, I stopped work in Feb, I chased my manyzer till April before I got my measly pay. BAH! Goodbye to part-time work!

My super friendly and lovable colleague whose name I can never spell poking our mascot who was under attack by a swarm of young children. Get the joke? (swarm...bee mascot..) ..nvm..

Alrights, enough ranting (note: these are rants and are not true, they are but mere realities conjured within the crevices of my human mind). On to food reveiws!

Tams and I went to cafe cartel one week and ordered the set lunch. Their set lunches are at $9.50 nett and change every day. It was a Monday and the menu was either seafood spaghetti with mushroom sauce or Hawaiian chicken chop. It comes with soup of the day and a drink. We ordered both to try.

The spaghetti is epic bland but spamming cheese on it will do the trick. It becomes a little more creamier and saltier. Spaghetti portion was quite little for my appetite but should fill small appetites well. Seafood pieces such as fish and prawn were rather generous. The cheese was a strange variant of parmesan. It’s much stronger than your Pizza Hut parmesan and more orange.. Ohwells, it made the spaghetti taste much better and more flavourful.

Hawaiian chicken chop was much better. Very tender and tears off easily. Didn’t really use the knife that much, just had to hold the chicken down and slowly peel the meat off. Very tasty. Their Hawaiian flavour very much resembles Pizza Hut’s Hawaiian pizzas with pineapples and stuff. Sweet but still tastes very much…of chicken.

And the mushroom soup was heavenly. Drinks came in huge ass glasses.

Hawaiian chicken chop

Seafood pasta

Wonderful mushroom soup! Thick, creamy, rich and bursting with mushroom. Authentic cream of mushroom!

A very pleased Tams

Overall, I think it was a very good meal and very worth it. I was very pleased with the service staff too! Jia you! Tams and I salute the staff working at Cafe Cartel @AMK hub! (Cuz tams spilled her drink and one of the waitresses gave her a slightly smaller cup of peach tea) Simply excellent.

Ok, that shall be the end of this life update


Tammy finally went for a surgery to conclude her back achy problems. We went for many consultations and the solution was a surgery to be done at NUH. The surgery is over already and she’s fine and well at home now. Shall just recall the events that happened.

It started with Tammy’s parents, herself and I bundled up in a taxi to NUH. At the Day Surgery Center, we spend a hell lot of time discussing about payment. I mean it’s a hell lot of money (not a lot of hell money), so proper arrangements have to be made. We chose a private room so that I could stay over! Haha, but I had to sleep on a little couch/chair. I don’t mind, so long as I can watch over my darling.

We hung around at the ward for a little while before nurse after nurse came in asking questions after questions. It’s to make sure of stuff but boy, did it get monotone.. Tammy had to change to this Kimono that was quite cute.

Tams in a Kimono!

Atas Japanese girl removing nail polish

Not long after, she was wheeled out to the Recovery Centre to await surgery. Nobody’s allowed in except authorised personnel but I’m BF so I authorise myself! Tam’s parents did the same. So we prayed first. Helped calm us down. It’s much easier to enter surgery knowing that God is in control and not the surgeons 🙂 We were told that Tams had to wait for about half an hour to an hour because the person before her hasn’t woken up from anesthesia yet. Bummer. My self-authorization wore off and I went back to the ward after saying goodbye.

Tam’s parents decided to walk around the hospital so I just stayed in the ward myself. Tams prepared some videos for me to watch on my PSP, so I was watching a philosophy lecture (interesting but a very repetitive lecturer) and My Neighbour Totoro. Totoro is damn cute! I watched it because I bought a giant Totoro for tams recently. Haha! So after that I was walking around NUH, coordinating meetings with Tam’s frens. I got really anxious when her surgery took longer than expected, factoring in waiting time as mentioned earlier. So I headed off to the Visitor’s Lounge where there was a telephone with which I could enquire the status of the patient and I was told she was still in surgery. Okay, so she started late, felt abit better. Headed back to the ward where tam’s parents were waiting and report. Continued watching Totoro in the ward and met up with Delphine later.

Delphine is super sweet, she bought stuff for Tams to eat and drink. I think she’s a really good friend! Haha. After she arrived I brought her with me back to the visitor’s lounge to enquire about Tams. A nurse called me more than an hour before to say that Tam’s operation is over and she’s under monitoring at the recovery centre. So it’ll take around half an hour to an hour more before she would be released back to the ward. But it’s been more than an hour and she’s still inside. The nurse told me that they were waiting for a porter to send her back. I was WTH?? What so special about a porter? I asked if I could just send her back because waiting for a porter would take 20 minutes. No way I’m going to wait any longer. So of course I wasn’t allowed to send her back, I told them to hurry cuz Delphine was already waiting and Ame and friends were on the way. So I suppose they got a random guy and a nurse to send her back within 5 minutes. See? Gahmen agencies always need a push in the right direction!

So Tams was wheeled out in a bed but she was already awake but really groggy and I was SUPER HAPPY!!! The worst was over kind of thing. I’m just so glad that she’s alright. Delphine and I tried to talk to her and she was quite herself already. All her anaesthesia fears didn’t come to pass. WHEW!

Soon Ame and friends came over and we all started talking. Ame brought milk bubble tea for Tams and everyone was sort of playing with the bottle of slipped disc. (Yes the doctors, put the portions they cut off into a little bottle and gave it to us to keep. It looked like white mush in a dilute red solution.) Everyone was talking and chatting, Tams was pretty awake alr. Oh, Tam’s parents left after she returned to the ward because it was getting late.

Once everyone left it was just Tams and me in the ward. Finally we could eat dinner which was about 11. I tar pau-ed food from home which I cooked before lunch. Rice with Yaki Niku beef and veg packed into my brand new locknlock lunch box. Tams had really bland porridge. She actually ordered a western menu which TWO nurses took down but she wound up with a Chinese menu instead. She was pretty angry. So I donated some beef to flavour the porridge.


If, for whatever reason, I am hospitalised. ALL visitors MUST BRING FOOD. Not fruit baskets, but proper food like beehoon and bak chor mee or sth. I will NOT eat hospital food as well as fruit unless absolutely necessary. Period.

So thus I conclude that hospital food is terrible. That night shattered my notions of hospital food tasting like airline food. Because I absolutely LOVE airline food. They always serve sachets of salt and pepper… Lovely..

Night time was pretty romantic even if it’s in a hospital. We talked about stuff and basically kept each other company even if she has a drip on one arm and a blood-pressure strap around the other. I slept at the foot of the bed stretched out onto a sofa/chair. Tams thought I was cute beyond measure and insisted on taking photos of me asleep. I was extremely annoyed since I was really tired. My theory was that Tams had loads of energy since she was asleep for a pretty long time. But who can get angry at such a cute gf right? (heh heh)

A very annoyed me holding Tam's hand.

Throughout the night, my sleep was rudely interrupted by the hourly whooshing of the blood-pressure machine attempting to take a reading from Tams and also by the random visits by the nurses who do the weirdest things like inject antibiotics into Tams via her IV drip connector thingy on her hand which I fondly recall as a wrist-mounted blaster. PEW PEW lasers! Lolx. Therefore I was still very tired in the morning and Tams was still wide awake and still VERY amused with me sleeping at the foot of the bed. Breakfast was bread and butter and jam. Heck it wasn’t even butter, it was VEGETABLE FAT. Not butter, not margarine but vegetable fat. And I thought that vegetables were healthy. Apparently you can squeeze oil out of Kai Lan or cabbages or something. Pardon my ignorance towards botany and whatever natural science field the study of vegetables belong to, I’m only joking so let me be. So therefore, I would like to reiterate:


If, for whatever reason, I am hospitalised. ALL visitors MUST BRING FOOD. Not fruit baskets, but proper food like beehoon and bak chor mee or sth. I will NOT eat hospital food as well as fruit unless absolutely necessary. Period.

Because I simply detest eating bread, especially with only butter margarine vegetable fat and jam. DOUBLE period. Hence, I went over to the resident Kopitiam franchise and bought breakfast for myself as well as some other breakfast top ups for Tams. The only saving grace of hospital food is the milo. Gosh, it’s Milo-Gau (or very thick milo with loads of evaporated milk) all the time. Yums and hooray for tooth decay!

Very soon, nurses came in to check on Tams and feed her with medicine and pump more antibiotics into her wrist blaster. A very incompetent nurse went to poke around Tam’s wound causing intense pain and prompting intense cursing once the nurse left. So we stayed in the ward until the pain subsided while watching Discovery Channel. Some man was trying to survive in a jungle and another looney Ang Moh man was trying to get a tattoo from a weird native Philippine tribe.

Tams and I left the ward at circa 12.00 pm and my story will end here because the story that comes after would just be a sleepy me dragging my fatigued body back to simei for a nice good rest.

China Trip Part II

More pictures!!!

This is just hilarious

Village in Yang Shuo. Note the terraces.

Dad being volunteered to do a dance!!

Gosh this must be the most UNHEALTHY lap chiong or waxed sausage i ever eaten. The white parts are fats. But at least there're no preservatives, the villagers made it themselves! Pardon my macro photography.

Night life in Gui Lin or Yang Shuo or Nanning. Garh I forgot.

HUGE ASS outdoor theatre to watch the Liu San Jie show by Zhang Yi Mou.

Mountians and water... How tranquil. Took the shot on a boat ride down a river!

More mountains and water!

Me trying to row the sampan. Hard work!

Picture of me with a cormorant. It's a fishing bird that the villagers domesticate to do the fishing for them! Cormorant's owner hiding on the background.

GODZILLA!!! This rock was found like that, no sculpting involved. Freaky right?

No prizes for guessing what this stalagmite looks like.

Limestone! Looks so beautiful, it's like a forest!! AVATAR FOREST!

Silver limestone forest.. The blue lights are artificial btw, it's not some holy cave aura