Life in general

Nothing much to blog about, life’s pretty much boring for now. All thanks to cursed PW. 6 November is the day to remember…OP date and finally the day of jubilation. For now, I’m just really sianz…Sitting at home rotting. Anyone who needs something to be done? Call me. Mercenary for hire ūüėÄ


I was uploading stuff from my phone and this is what I’ve found so far…

LOLHAXX!!! Equation that equals to… …NOTHING!!!

The new polo shaped detergent tablets! Apparently the creator was inspired by the shape of POLO mints and decided to come up with detergent tablets of the same shape. He also mentioned that the new detergent tablet works best when washing Polo shirts.

PHAIL pen. Stupid ink likes to dissociate. Needs a good shake before the upper portion will agree to come down
Cutest goldfish I ever saw. They were having this goldfish exhibition in Eastpoint, took a few photos, courtesy of my N80
This fish thinks its a frog. Apparently its sleeping on the bottom of the tank…like a frog sitting on a lilypad
WTFOMFGBBQ!!! MONSTER GOLDFISH!!!!! Freshwater equivalent of JAWS, in a tank. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
VJ sailing’s Open House 08 booth. We spread a canopy of sails across to provide shade. OH was from 10am to 2pm. Hottest hours of the day. Canopy really helped…Pure genius I say. I heart sailing team!!!
EPIC PHAIL mass dance session during OH. Turnout was pathetic and nobody went in to dance. Saddening. This is VJ spirit to you now. It’s on a untied bungie rope to the bottom now. Just like VIP
Fang Xiao with her puny portion of chilli. Might as well not take the chilli lor…Amusing though…



Honest I & R

I hereby declare that I have not plagiarised and all work is my own.
Rubbish, I hereby declare that I have merely paraphrased and all work seems like my own.
Anyway this post will be a detailed and HONEST I &  R that I CANNOT submit for fear of being thrown into jail indefinitely or sued until I have no pants to wear.
I can probably summarise my whole PW experience into 2 words: FUC*ED UP.
Simple, it’s screwed. Why can’t my group do a project that will only be feasible in 20 years time? Then how did NASA plan to go to the moon? How did Apple design the ipod? If they were all narrow-minded, short-sighted doofoos? I tell you nothing can be done. The whole world will be as static as Singaporeean politics, and as inflexible as Microsoft internet explorer.
PW should be scraped immediately and terminated with extreme prejudice. If not, the USA will accuse us of possessing weapons of mass destruction and crimes against humanity and annihilate us for our education system.
PW is a waste of time. Why on earth do we need to have it if it is only recognised in local universities? Gahmen making life tough for us? Me thinks so. If i don’t want to go to NUS, or i already have a scholarship to overseas uni, then I can afford to slack off for PW and my poor group mates will suffer and there’s NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT.
PW is lame. The substantiation portion of the Written Report requires us to find endorsements from external organisations. And believe me nobody wants to help PW students. Singaporeans are AGEIST i tell you. Instead of looking down upon the elderly, the older generation looks down on their YOUTH. Ahh…what do they know about this? So troublesome… I don’t get anything if i help these students. I tell you not even MOE wants to help us. All they did was refer us to all their other departments and stuff. And MOE was the one who came up with this screwed up PW in the first place. WHAT THE HELL!!!!
PW is madness. That is all.

Why USA should invade Singapore

Yes, one simple reason for USA to invade Singapore and liberate all the oppressed civilians. Trust me, the reason is more convincing than that of the Iraqi masterplan.
1. Singapore has weapons of mass destruction. PW effectively reduces all JC students into dim-witted, whiny and sleep-deprived zombies. PW must be eliminated at all costs! It shall not be used against any other human being. It is against humanity. This calls for WAR!!!

PRomos are over!!!

Yep, promos are over and I have gotten back my results. I was rather pleased with my results although I could do much better if I was more focused and had fewer distractions during the study period.
Physics: B
Chem: E
Maths: E
Econs: E
I was VERY EXTREMELY SUPERLY happy with maths!!! To my surprise I got 47 for promos and overall of 45.8!!! THAT MEANS I PASSED MATHS!!!!
All thanks goes to the Lord.
Now there’s PW to do and I am pissed with it.¬†I have done 4 entirely different WRs, downgraded my project and GARH!!!! ME ANGRY! Basically you’re quite screwed if your ST tells you that your project was screwed from the start 2 weeks before the WR deadline. F***! Nvm, I love my groupmates, all of us are on overdrive liao and we’re getting our project done soon. If I had fingers they’d be crossed

EMO post… …read only if you want to

My self-worth just sank below rock bottom. I just had the sudden realisation on the bus that promo results are coming back next week. So far I have led an extremely decadent lifestyle. Eat, sleep, play com, LAN. The only constructive things I did was to gym and do PW. But it was overall decadent. Turns out I was was just trying to distract myself from reality. Truth is, when promo results come back, there won’t be anything surprising. Probably get all S. Econs: S Maths: S Chem: S Phsics: maybe S GP: S. Problem is, I really studied for promos unlike mid-years. CSSSD for mid-years. Last in class. But I was determined to improve. I studied, attended lectures and did tutorials faithfully but in the end: WTF. Fail again. I counted 45 max for maths. That auto puts me in S range. That’s the 5th time I’ve failed maths. FIFTH TIME!!! Any idea how demoralising it is to fail for the FIFTH TIME??? Especially when everyone is getting As or ppl who get B whining that they should’ve gotten A. Then ppl dun talk to you because they’re afraid they’ll hurt your feelings and stuff. This is FAIL. And I am FAIL!!! Let me list a stuff of my failures and sucesses.
1. Failed Interschools
2. Failed Sailing in general, i wasn’t up to the standard that was set and was a liability
3. Fitness failed, still the most piss-weak sailor
4. Failed Mid-years
5. Failed at keeping fish
6. Failed at gaming (both PC and Xbox)
7. Failed at parkour
8. Failed as an IP student (one of the lowest overall grades and no RM)
9. Failed being a good Christian
10. Failed at outdoor activities (camping, map reading e.t.c)
That’s just 10 of them. Notice that most of the fails are my favourite hobbies? I can’t even do what I like to do well. I’m a jack of all trades. I can do abit of everything but also suck at everything. I don’t have a talent anywhere but weakness aplenty.
I always thought I could make it big. I always tell people I’m going to invent a weapon, patent it and get rich. Now let’s see, I can’t get into ANY of the defence institutions here. DSO and DSTA only take in the top brains. I obviously don’t qualify. I might have alot of ideas but so what? Even the noob FPS gamer also has ideas to offer after being inspired by the com game. Let’s make a rail gun! Let’s build a orbital cannon! Let’s build war mechs! Which idiot can’t say that. Ok, so I don’t join DSO or DSTA. I make my own weapon at home and then get arrested by the police. My goal is gone. It’s GONE! GONE!!! IP teachers often tell us that we’re the future leaders in Singapore in our own fields. I’m probably the exception. I’m pretty much useless. I can’t do what people want and can do what people don’t need. Who needs blu-tack models??? Who needs crazy ideas on how to play a prank on somebody?¬†Who needs somebody like me?
I’ve also told everyone I want to study material science in university. But at the rate I’m going, I’ll probably finish my school life before NS even begins. Bill Gates never finished university but he made it big. But how many others didn’t finish university and failed in life? A SHIT LOAD more than 1.
I might be the biggest IP joke come true. Highest qualification: PSLE. Even so, my PSLE wasn’t very good either.
How far below rock bottom can you go? Only one way to find out. But I don’t want to be the one to find out. i still hope, I still have abit of will, a little fighting spirit, a small bit of honour left. I will try. There’s still the R-papers. I will try again. Interschools on April. I will try again. I hope my little bit of zeal is enough to carry me through. Hope, it’s draining away fast.