Long weekend!!

Ah… gotta love long weekends. Yesterday was Deepavali so I get Friday, Saturday and Sunday!! WAHAHA!!! Get to talk to my most beloved. Heh heh. We talk for hours over Skype. Talk about the most random nonsense. Shall upgrade my webcam when the next IT show comes around. Then my face shall be crystal clear! Lolx.

Went to SAFRA resort at east coast on friday morning to run on the treadmill. I missed my IPPT gold timing by 5 seconds in Khatib and boy was I upset. I already prepared my heart, mind and soul for remedial trainings (RT) on saturday till they announced some fluke in the 2.4 run timings and all IPPT results for that day was voided. So no RT on saturdays till the next IPPT. THANK YOU GOD! I was already thinking “God, if this is what you want then so be it.” HAHA! Everyone was jumping up and down laughing. But those who did get gold (around 20%) weren’t too pleased.. Heh.

Went home, did my Arti homework and fried my brain.. I don’t really like trigo for the time being.

Went to watch Megamind later that night with the sailors. Thanks to Xuan who treated us to half our dinner bill and to the other sailors for sponsoring my ticket as a bday present! (Xuan is pure scum, he draws regular pay, around 2K+, but does nothing but loaf around in camp. It’s only right that he treated us! Just kidding Xuan but not about the pure scum part.) Anyway, Megamind was a really awesome show. You’ll be rolling around laughing throughout the whole show. Shall not disclose the plot but the twist to it was epic. Kudos to the director and scriptwriter.

“You know what’s the difference between a villain and a super-villain?”



Gotta love that line. Today’s a sleepy saturday, watched some anime called Occult Academy (Hey, doesn’t mean I’m Christian then I cannot watch can?), talk to my darling, type essay (yes there’s homework) and went shopping. Nothing much except for the shopping part where I spent very much.

Gundam: $169.95

Dakine duffel bag: $79

Army of 2 Xbox 360 game: $25

Sweets and groceries: $20.25

I think I shall starve for the next month till my next next pay comes.

“With great pay comes great expenditure”

Must start saving more for my London trip. I’m going to visit my darling straight after ORD. Wahaha. Anyway, some photos to round up this blog entry.

It's finally finished after a million years! Tams agreed to come back and help me paste the stickers. Whee!

My plate of seafood from a buffet at Carousel

New Gundam Project: Shin Musha Gundam


Gundam Mania!!!

Long time no blog! I’ve been really busy with work and a hell lot of stuff (we’ll reserve the details for another blogpost). Yesterday was CNY/Valentine’s day!! Well of course had to go with family first but I did do sth a little romantic for my beloved. Bought her a giant Totoro-chan for her to carry around when we next meet! Haha! Anyways, me has built a few gundams. I’ve started on my Unicorn alr, it’s not much to look at now though..

Day 1

I finished the upper body on day 2! SLowly starting to take shape, looks really cool! I actually prefer Unicorn mode to Destroyer mode, it looks more sleek and cool. It exudes the “I’m so cool and powerful and I don’t have to even look at you to kill you” look.

Day 2 (unicorn mode)

Day 2 (Destroyer mode)

And also… I’ve completed the Strike Rouge with my dad in one day! Or rather a few hours. Double team! Lols anyway, I didn’t really like the Rouge. It didn’t give me a very solid feel to it. Many of the parts felt out of place or like they were there just for the sake of being there. Not my favourite kit. Anyway I made a little picture story with the Strike Rouge and my Freedom on top of my Unicorn’s box haha! Pardon the shaky photos, I have shaky hands.. T.T

Once upon a time, Strike Rouge and Freedom were taking a stroll through my room when Freedom accidentally looked at Strike Rouge’s general direction while she was PMS-ing. (I assign Strike Rouge as a she because it’s pink, no stereotypes intended)

Oi! Le Kwa Simi?! (Hey, what are you looking at?!)

DIE!!! Nobody said you can look at me!!!

Lolwut?? What did I ever do to you? Don't mess with me! IMMAH CHARGIN MAH LAZR!!!



Don't ever mess with me again!

Counter-attack!!! You don't mess with me too!

From then on, neither Strike Rouge nor Freedom messed with each other again..

The End