I shall be dedicating this blog post to describing my life after A levels. Post-As for short.

Many people don’t really seem to understand how wonderful it is to live without a job. After being tied down by academics for 12 years, this is by far the longest and sweetest holiday and I’m not going to waste it on a menial job. Ok, here’s my logic. For a pre-NSF, average pay that I hear my friends are getting are around $1000 – $1100, that’s for girls too and A level holders too(in a sense because we haven’t received our results yet, but not like it matters because if we get straight As, our pay won’t increase anyway). For me it’s about 4 months of holiday from end of A lvls to enlistment day. The best job I could get is possibly a 3 month long stint as spare personnel in some company. Now thinking economically, with regard to weighing the costs and benefits, is it worth it to slog your butt off at irregular hours at an office at the opposite end of the MRT line for just a mere $1000 a month? If we were more qualified perhaps with a university degree, the 4 months could earn me a SHIT LOAD more than what I would be earning now. So why work? The opportunity costs are simply too high (opportunity costs are the next best alternative forgone, in this case some well deserved R&R)

So since I value R&R more highly than work and all it’s benefits of “character-moulding”, “experience in the working world” and of course the mulah, what have I been doing all this while? But before I go into that, I want to attack some of the benefits of starting work so early.

  1. Starting work early does NOT help in character moulding. Taking a peek into the adult’s working world, back stabbing, gossipping and all sorts of office politics emerge from the working world. And how is that supposed to be character moulding? More like character breaking. Character moulding need not take place during work. Mine is taking place right now, out of work.
  2. The added experience in the working world argument is utter bullshit. I wonder why my parents are rushing me into work when they themselves can’t wait to stop working. And the experience is going to be useless unless you want to continue working as a waiter/data entry/telemarketer/assistant teacher/childcare teacher/tuition teacher for the rest of your life.

Alright, so now back to discussing the beauty of being unemployed. As of now, I have the luxury of time. Time is indeed a luxury, many won’t realise that until they encounter a major examination that could very well alter the rest of your fate. So now that my basic premise is established, we shall move on to what time did for me.

Number 1.

I can now pursue my hobbies. I’ve always wanted to build gundam models. And I’ve recently bought 2 models. I completed the Freedom Gundam and I’m supposed to start building the Strike Rouge with my dad a while back but he’s busy so I can’t start on it lest I damage father-son ties. But anyway that’s just one of the hobbies that I have the time to pursue. There’s sketching (or doodling in my case), cycling, watching anime, rearing fish and the list goes on. Of course top priority goes to losing weight, otherwise nobody would believe I’m PES A. These hobbies have been repressed for far too long, it’s time to dig them out and heal the soul.

Number 2.

I can mend strained relationships. Relationships are very precious and there’s no relationship more precious than with my dearest. Of course it was hard to maintain the relationship during A level year but she was understanding and we pulled through. Now’s the time to snatch back that first year of dating that we never had. And if I were to get a job, where would I get the time to do that? But of course, my darling has to be unemployed too. I wished she were because she really needs all the money she can get and because she has 8 months to go before her uni term starts, so once I go into NS, the most logical way to pass time is to get a job. But as of now, she has a slipped disc that impairs her from walking too far away. Too far would mean from her house to the nearest bus stop. So whoever is reading this, please help me to pray for her. Thanks in advance. And since I have time I can be with her while she recuperates, bring her to appointments, make sure she’s safe when we go swimming (swimming is supposed to help with the back) and basically make sure she’s safe and happy. And I find building a proper loving relationship more worthwhile than getting a job.

Number 3.

It is said, time heals all wounds. Well it’s true to a certain extent and I can vouch for it. Nothing beats having an Own Time Own Target lifestyle.

Also, since I’m earning little, I spend just as little! Apart from my allowance (haha, I still receive my allowance as per normal) I give tuition because I want to and also to earn some side income. I find teaching very fulfilling but absolutely no way I’m going to become a MOE teacher.

Problem, my parents can’t stand my lifestyle, they want me to go work and do something “meaningful” before army. I don’t think that they understand that I find my current lfiestyle meaningful enough. I do volunteer work, helping to translate letters into english for a Christian firm, lend my voice to do some voice acting for a series of educational videos. And considering the rates I charge my cousin for tuition, it’s almost voluntary.

Bah, I guess parents won’t understand but then again I don’t think I might understand my children when I have a family of my own.