This is MEH

This is MEH

this is MEH!

Hallo all,

I’m Thomas Kwok who’s usually being a nutcase. Don’t think I’m weird cuz everyone in the world is weird except me. NAHH… I’m just whacked out. To see just how whacked out I am, I can…

  • Sp33k 1337
  • Sail a 420
  • Play Pipa (some Chinese Instrument)
  • Pleh teh Xbox360, PC and teh lurvely PSP
  • Listen to New Age music
  • Love Zen design
  • Roar like Chewbacca (zomg!)
  • Talk like Stitch (the blue alien from Lilo and Stitch)
  • Not spell

Not just that, I HATE, or extremely detest

  • Apple products (stuff like Imacs or Iphone)
  • Black Rap (Any song from a Black rapper)
  • People who make other people’s lives difficult
  • Bureaucracies

And I’m part of an entirely whacked out group


And despite being so whacked out, I have someone who loves me very much! <3<3<3!!!


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