Life Update!

Tis been a while since I’ve blogged. Got loads of stuff happening.

First of all, some random photos i took at the new Iluma mall in Bugis. They were having a cosplay exhibition and I just had to stick my nose together with some of the suits.

Darth Vader is not the only one with a Lightsaber MWAH HA HA HA!!! *takes an asthmatic breath*

Darth Vader isn't the only one with a lightsaber.. MWAH HA HA!! *takes an asthmatic breath* (pardon the screwed up face)

Wassup Predator?

Strange attempt at Alien cosplay, humans just don't quite cut the Alien stature

Yup, enough of weird rubber suits. Tams has been recovering really quickly, she can resume normal activities but just has to be careful not to strain her back. She also came down with a bad bout of diarrhoea. Really bad and nasty stuff.

Anyway, I also finally collected my pay from working at NETS. It’s not a lot but it’s enough for me. AND HELL WAS IT AN EXPERIENCE. Personally I will never work at jobs like that again. I’m not being elitist, but honestly I’m not cut out for it. Sales isn’t for me. I can do it for a while, but definitely not for months on end. I’ll die. Because I work hard at it dammit. I don’t lepak (slack) like my other colleagues. I try to sell the most number of cards that I can. Some people sell just one at the end of the day. Sorry I can’t disclose what I sell otherwise my head might roll.

So basically I worked for about less than a week at some NETS booth just before the Chinese New Year week. My mom’s insane idea to ship me off to work at NETS because she thought that I was too free at home and spending time with my darling girl is an absolute waste of time. I wasn’t giving tuition yet, that’s why. Now I earn so much more at tuition. NETS pays me about $6-7 an hour, tuition pays me more than $25 an hour with flexible work times. No prizes for guessing what I’d rather do. I stand for hours on end and endure really whacked-out customers. After the whole experience I was so glad I do not have to serve old aunties or grannies. They’ll pester you forever and burn you to death with their satanic stares if you do not give them an extra pack of angpows or some goodies like that. And hey, if you don’t win the lucky dips, it’s not my fault. So stop yelling at me!! Thank goodness, my patience didn’t short circuit at work. I made a few friends, I didn’t put on a nasty face so I guess I was quite approachable and I made an effort to mix but it’s difficult cuz they’ve been together for too long. I was among the oldest there too, most were sec school students waiting for poly. But they look so mature! Gosh, I thought this girl was over 20 but she’s 16. And I have 16 year olds calling me Ah Di (younger brother). I guess I do look very young. Haha.

Anyway, if there’s one thing that I took home from this whole experience is that I totally salute sales people. It’s tough shit and I promised myself never to give them a hard time. I’ll give them a smile and congratulate them on a job well done. There were some kind souls that I met who gave me encouragement, a pat on the back and bought me drinks. I just hope I can be that kind of person to them.

AND AND AND, collecting pay is a pain in the ass. A SUPER BIG PAIN. Gosh, I stopped work in Feb, I chased my manyzer till April before I got my measly pay. BAH! Goodbye to part-time work!

My super friendly and lovable colleague whose name I can never spell poking our mascot who was under attack by a swarm of young children. Get the joke? (swarm...bee mascot..) ..nvm..

Alrights, enough ranting (note: these are rants and are not true, they are but mere realities conjured within the crevices of my human mind). On to food reveiws!

Tams and I went to cafe cartel one week and ordered the set lunch. Their set lunches are at $9.50 nett and change every day. It was a Monday and the menu was either seafood spaghetti with mushroom sauce or Hawaiian chicken chop. It comes with soup of the day and a drink. We ordered both to try.

The spaghetti is epic bland but spamming cheese on it will do the trick. It becomes a little more creamier and saltier. Spaghetti portion was quite little for my appetite but should fill small appetites well. Seafood pieces such as fish and prawn were rather generous. The cheese was a strange variant of parmesan. It’s much stronger than your Pizza Hut parmesan and more orange.. Ohwells, it made the spaghetti taste much better and more flavourful.

Hawaiian chicken chop was much better. Very tender and tears off easily. Didn’t really use the knife that much, just had to hold the chicken down and slowly peel the meat off. Very tasty. Their Hawaiian flavour very much resembles Pizza Hut’s Hawaiian pizzas with pineapples and stuff. Sweet but still tastes very much…of chicken.

And the mushroom soup was heavenly. Drinks came in huge ass glasses.

Hawaiian chicken chop

Seafood pasta

Wonderful mushroom soup! Thick, creamy, rich and bursting with mushroom. Authentic cream of mushroom!

A very pleased Tams

Overall, I think it was a very good meal and very worth it. I was very pleased with the service staff too! Jia you! Tams and I salute the staff working at Cafe Cartel @AMK hub! (Cuz tams spilled her drink and one of the waitresses gave her a slightly smaller cup of peach tea) Simply excellent.

Ok, that shall be the end of this life update


China Trip Part II

More pictures!!!

This is just hilarious

Village in Yang Shuo. Note the terraces.

Dad being volunteered to do a dance!!

Gosh this must be the most UNHEALTHY lap chiong or waxed sausage i ever eaten. The white parts are fats. But at least there're no preservatives, the villagers made it themselves! Pardon my macro photography.

Night life in Gui Lin or Yang Shuo or Nanning. Garh I forgot.

HUGE ASS outdoor theatre to watch the Liu San Jie show by Zhang Yi Mou.

Mountians and water... How tranquil. Took the shot on a boat ride down a river!

More mountains and water!

Me trying to row the sampan. Hard work!

Picture of me with a cormorant. It's a fishing bird that the villagers domesticate to do the fishing for them! Cormorant's owner hiding on the background.

GODZILLA!!! This rock was found like that, no sculpting involved. Freaky right?

No prizes for guessing what this stalagmite looks like.

Limestone! Looks so beautiful, it's like a forest!! AVATAR FOREST!

Silver limestone forest.. The blue lights are artificial btw, it's not some holy cave aura


China trip!

Wow, tis been a long time since I’ve blogged. This place gathering dust! *sweep sweep* Anyway shall blog about my China trip!

I went to China from the 17th to 24th of March 2010. My mom, dad, grandma and I visited Nanning, Guilin and Yang Shuo. They’re very far south almost at Vietnam. In fact, the waterfall we visited, called De Tian waterfall, crosses over to Vietnam! Haha, so China and Vietnam co-own the waterfall, but the China side is bigger lol. These places aren’t very developed, I mean they’re cities and have city stuff but not as fast-paced as Shang Hai or Beijing. Pace of life here is relatively slow. And it’s really very scenic. There’re little mountains EVERYWHERE! Around the city, in the city, near the city. Hence the locals say that Guilin is 8 parts mountain, 1 part water and 1 part land. We came during the wrong time. China’s facing a terrible drought and all the rivers have more or less dried up. Ok less talking more pictures!

Ethereal mountains with foggy tops!

Detian Waterfall

Dad and I at the waterfall

Touching the water, Man this water's cold!

Honestly I was quite disappointed with the waterfall, we spent 4 hours travelling TO the waterfall. I know there’s drought and there’re people suffering, but sucks to see such a piss waterfall..

Me compared to the waterfall

What on earth is NO STRIDING?

Elephant mountain, yes it's supposed to look like an elephant. The portion to the left of the hole is its trunk.

Cherry blossoms!

Crazy Ass Friday

True enough,  Friday was indeed crazy ass..

First up was fishing in the morning with Yenreil. Sa was supposed to come but she woke up late. Not much luck with the Taman fish. Apparently the rain on wednesday scared them all off. In total we only caught two. Lols… But here’s the catch (mind the pun), this guy at the jetty caught the monster of a fish. Who cares if we didn’t catch anything. Watching how he caught the fish made it all worthwhile.

First we saw this huge white shimmer flip out of the water. All of us at the jetty was going.. WHOAAAA!!! TUA HE LAI LIAO!! (meaning, the big fish is here in hokkien) And everybody crowded at that part of the jetty. The man who caught the fish was playing the fish till it was tired before someone helped him scoop it out. When the fish surfaced, it was MOTHER-BIG!!! I cannot stress how big it is. It’s just that HUGE. Eerie how we sail over these kind of fish weekly..

The fisherman was kind enough to let us take photos with it. So here they are!

Me with the fish. The line I was holding snapped shortly afterwards, the fish was too heavy for the line

Yen Riel and I with the fish. It's HUGE!!!

So after that I went with Tammy to see a back surgeon or sth like that. Turns out she really had a slipped disc. One portion of the disc is pressing against a nerve controlling her right leg. She doesn’t feel pain any more but she experiences weakness in the calf. Meaning she can’t tiptoe nor jump. So Mr Danny (the surgeon) explained the medical procedures and gave her a month to consider surgery. We decided that she should try exercising and see if the strength returns after a month since some people can apparently live with it. So after that we went to submit her scholarship form and encountered a very nasty receptionist. Nasty in the patronising and condescending way. *Bitch slap*

Haha, so after our exhausting day we went to do facial mask at her house!

Face mask duo!

Haha, the point was to look like Avatar, but apparently we failed. Lol, Na Vi fail!!

Till next time!

Gundam Mania!!!

Long time no blog! I’ve been really busy with work and a hell lot of stuff (we’ll reserve the details for another blogpost). Yesterday was CNY/Valentine’s day!! Well of course had to go with family first but I did do sth a little romantic for my beloved. Bought her a giant Totoro-chan for her to carry around when we next meet! Haha! Anyways, me has built a few gundams. I’ve started on my Unicorn alr, it’s not much to look at now though..

Day 1

I finished the upper body on day 2! SLowly starting to take shape, looks really cool! I actually prefer Unicorn mode to Destroyer mode, it looks more sleek and cool. It exudes the “I’m so cool and powerful and I don’t have to even look at you to kill you” look.

Day 2 (unicorn mode)

Day 2 (Destroyer mode)

And also… I’ve completed the Strike Rouge with my dad in one day! Or rather a few hours. Double team! Lols anyway, I didn’t really like the Rouge. It didn’t give me a very solid feel to it. Many of the parts felt out of place or like they were there just for the sake of being there. Not my favourite kit. Anyway I made a little picture story with the Strike Rouge and my Freedom on top of my Unicorn’s box haha! Pardon the shaky photos, I have shaky hands.. T.T

Once upon a time, Strike Rouge and Freedom were taking a stroll through my room when Freedom accidentally looked at Strike Rouge’s general direction while she was PMS-ing. (I assign Strike Rouge as a she because it’s pink, no stereotypes intended)

Oi! Le Kwa Simi?! (Hey, what are you looking at?!)

DIE!!! Nobody said you can look at me!!!

Lolwut?? What did I ever do to you? Don't mess with me! IMMAH CHARGIN MAH LAZR!!!



Don't ever mess with me again!

Counter-attack!!! You don't mess with me too!

From then on, neither Strike Rouge nor Freedom messed with each other again..

The End

Rant Rant

As old people do, I’m going to complain about the weather.

Today was a nice day to go cycling. I woke up early in the morning to get ready and it was a beautiful day, sunny and tufts of clouds just swirling by. And recently I just cleaned out my bike and changed my tyres to a thinner variety so it’s faster and smoother. The plan was to cycle from my house to ECP via park connector (PCN), head over to Changi Village back to Fort Road, then finally back to the PCN to bring me home. Total distance was about 30km. Actually more but I haven’t had the time to calculate it out.

So I reached Changi Village and decided to stop and rest. I was testing my camera and figuring out how on earth to use my prosumer camera. I shall display some of the nicer shots. I’m a novice at this so, please forgive.

Ok so after a nice rest and some picture taking it’s time to head over to fort road. So somewhere along the road by the runway, it started drizzling. I thought nothing of it until I saw the giant black cloud over head. And the drizzle turned into a storm!!! GARH!!! Very soon I was soaking wet, forget about cycling to fort road, I want to go home NOW!!! So i headed towards the PCN what would bring me home at top speed. Then out of nowhere, this uncle with a bike about as powderful as mine zipped by. I was flabbergasted. Not to be beaten by the uncle, we had some sort of race. Of course the youth will triumph in the end but it was a tough fight. Okok, here comes the worst part, it stopped raining once I reached home. GARH!!! It’s as if the weather didn’t want me to cycle to fort road and back. Hey mother nature, I have a tummy to lose! Bah.

To add insult to injury, the weather became stifling hot. After cycling I was, of course, tired and wanted to take a nap. But I couldn’t because it was just too hot and humid. Even my fan was blowing hot air into my face. I gave up napping and ate a chinese bun of some sorts.

Singapore weather is epic. If any temperate-climate-living nation were to invade Singapore, they’d better bring some kind of cooling device. If not we’d win without firing a single bullet. The heat and humidity will take care of them.


On a side note, I’ve found eye bleach worse than fat women in undersized bikinis. It’s a guy’s ass crack. It’s bad. I almost went blind. Dudes of the world, if you want to wear your pants low, please make sure you show your underwear or boxers and not your ass cracks. It is simply disgusting and girls don’t find it sexy, at all. So please do the world a favour.