Hell, it’s about time…

Yep, hell it’s about time for everytime to come to a nice close. Commissioning is on the 9th of April, my darling’s coming back next saturday on the 26th of March and there’s comms ball on the 16th of April. So many things happening at one go it’s hard to keep track of stuff.

Finally my cadet life is about to end. Time to put on a new rank and up game. Gone are the days when we will have to march to the cookhouse or get pumped for no rhyme or reason. Very soon, I’ll get to choose and set my on path without anyone screaming down your neck. It’s like the forbidden fruit suddenly made permissible. I can almost taste the freedom. But there’s still 3 more weeks of Joint term to go. GAH!

AND, my darling is finally coming back!! Got loads of presents for her and she has loads of presents for me too! :DDDD After the 7 long months, arguments, fights, it’s about time to just cosy up to one another and make up for all the lost time spent away from each other. I even dream of her arriving at the airport. Lovesick or what have you. I’m just really glad that she’ll be back real soon ❤



I’ll be going to UK to study soon in 2012! I know it’s still more than a year away but I’m already REALLY excited. Finally be able to be in the same country as my beloved after such a long long time… So that’s where most of the excitement is coming from. Apart from that there’s the geeky side that’s rising to power. So here’s the new GADGET LIST! Things that I really hope to be able to bring over to the UK. Wahaha.

Number1:  LAPTOP

Number2:  MP3 PLAYER

Number3: PHONE

Number4: XBOX 360 with 26″ LCD TV

Number5: PRINTER


Number7: TABLET PC