I just thought of something very interesting…A product of my idle mind which isn’t idle because I’m constantly using my grey matter…
So here it is…Physical laws, they bind everything and everyone to them. We cant fly because of gravity and we can’t run faster than the speed of sound because our muscles don’t allow us to. All because of physical laws. Cause and effect. I punch you and you will feel pain. And it will always be such. You are constrained to this physical law that you must feel pain. But only when I hit you. Cause and effect. Now…where do these physical laws come from? They couldn’t have just "popped" into existence. v=u+at was not present at the beginning of the universe. OUr universe has a beginning. These physical laws couldn’t have come before the universe. They are not the alpha and the omega so where do they come from?
Alright, so our universe is created with these physical laws. It’s together in the package. God made these physical laws for what? Why feel pain when struck? Why do we not feel hot or cold? Because of this physical law! But why so? WHy in this way? What is the PURPOSE for doing so? Are we not God’s creation? What about the ones before us? Are there any before us? If there are, are they constrained by the same physical laws God set for us? Alright…putting all that aside, the next question is: Is God himself constrained by these physical laws?
But he can’t right? He made these laws and now they’re controlling him? Sounds impossible right? But wait. When he first created the earth, it was perfect but when Adam and eve sinned, it was tarnished and they had to be kicked out of the garden of Eden and they were no longer eternals(live forever). Sin is defined as not conforming to God’s laws and decrees. And as everyone knows Sin brings death hence Adam and Eve would die at a certain age. STOP! Look here, we have a cause and effect. Sin leads to death. Is this a physical law? Why MUST sin lead to death? Because our righteous God cannot live with the sinful. Why not? Is it because God is limited to a physical law that does not allow him to live with the unholy? Or is it because he doesn’t want to, or commonly known as his soveirgn choice?
However, we do know that God is able to control or somewhat "modify" these physical laws. In the past we know that high priests who enter the holy of holies without being properly cleansed, will die immediately when being in contact with God. However, when God revealed himself to Saul, the would-be Paul, he did not die but however, he went blind and had to seek the prophet Annanias(I don’t know if his name is spelt correctly so my apologies if it is) to cure him, however, the prophet could only do so through the Lord’s power, which means God can undo what he had done. So when it seems that the physical law, all who come in physical contact with God will surely face certain "injuries", can be undone. But how do you undo a physical law. It is fixed and will never change. If I am hurt by a knife, another cut will not heal it. Which means that God is not controlled by this supposed physical law but is instead his soveirgn choice.
A wierd thought that deserves further thinking, any enlightment of comment is greatly appreciated


Destiny awaits…I just got Mr Boyo’s email and I know who’s my T42 mentor…(I am compelled to vall him Boyo because in VS there’s Boko, so for old times sake…haha) And it’s my UNCLE!!! I am suddenly forced to think myself as jackie chan and uncle as…uncle.
Uncle: AIYAAAAAAAAH! You are late again!
Jackie: Sorry uncle, I had to finish my work before I can come
Uncle: No matter, what have we today?
Jackie: Erm…nothing really. I don’t see why I have to be here…
Uncle: But you must! I must teach you important life skills.
Jackie: Like what, uncle?
Uncle: Uncle will teach you secret art of chasing away demons…
Jeckie: Really? You will teach me your secret arts?
Uncle: Of course! Now you must learn to mutter these ancient charms: Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao
Jackie: Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao?
Uncle: Very good! Next you must learn to do maths right! *smacks Jackie on the head
Jackie: Ouch! … …
What a thought.

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Finally a fully encrypted blog entry with m simple yet deceptive code…Simple yet hard to get. Anywayz there are so many things I want to encode. My mind is my sanctuary but it ain’t big enough to house everything. So I’ll put the extra stuff here of course in code…
og upi vsm trsf yjod, o qarsf yp upi yjsy upi fp mpy trbrsa yje vowjrt. yjsmld…oy epiaf nr zivj sqqtrvosyrf. pj gpthry yjr ejpar dyiqof vpfr djoy. oyd ypp rsdu yp frvpfr…

vjomrdr jpzreptl

WHY AM I DOING THIS??? Everytime a task has to be done a question must first be asked. What for? I don’t see the point in doing this. Damn you vjomrdr jpzreptl! I condemn you, vjomrdr jpzreptl to eternal darkness! And I also condemn you, vjomrdr qtpkrvy to join your dark brother in hell! You evil twins have tortured me before but now the tide has turned against your favour…In the next year, I will draw my strength and unleash my powers against you and you will have no other choice but to flee into the abyss of doom…where of course doom awaits you with paper shredders and flames that never quench…you shall writher in the flames of hell and paper shredders of…of…SHREDDER…(he’s the bad guy in teenage mutant ninja turtles) Muahahahaha!
But first I must endure your torture till I am fully ready to strike at you… Cursed twins, prepare to face my wrath when the time is right!
Hm…I invented my own code! Woots! Now only the sick in the head will try to decipher what I have written. Yipee! Freedom! Freedom from the free who claim to be free but are not but are in actual fact free to do what they want because they are supposedly free! Haha, now that is a code in itself.

A year has passed

Ah…a year has finally passed. The years of our youth is fading and our end draws nearer…On the other hand…we cleared IP1 and stupid imagineering. Woot! But this year hasn’t been all fun and games. Good things must come to an end and bad things always seem to last forever…
>>>A reflection of year 06
Every Arbiter is created and consumed in times of extroadinary crisis
An Arbiter has been made amongst us…


The Council decided to have you hung by your entrails and your corpse paraded through the city. But, ultimately, the terms of your execution are up to me.


I am already dead.


Indeed. Do you know where we are?


The Mausoleum of the Arbiter.


Quite so. Here rests the vanguard of the Great Journey. Every Arbiter, from first to last. Each one created and consumed in times of extraordinary crisis.


The Taming of the Hunters, the Grunt Rebellion . . . Were it not for the Arbiters, the Covenant would have broken long ago!


Even on my knees I do not belong in their presence.


Halo’s destruction was your error, and you rightly bear the blame. But the Council was . . . overzealous. We know you are no heretic. This is the true face of heresy, one who would subvert our faith and incite rebellion against the High Council.

Truth presses a button on his chair, and a miniature hologram of an Elite in different equipment appears.


Our Prophets are false! Open your eyes, my brothers! They would use the faith of our Forefathers to bring ruin to us all! The Great Journey is-

Truth cuts off the hologram.


This heretic, and those who follow him, must be silenced.


Their slander offends all who walk the Path.


What use am I? I can no longer command ships, lead troops into battle-


Not as you are. But become the Arbiter . . . And you shall be set loose against this heresy, with our blessing.

A large container pod floats into the center of the room, opening to reveal a suit of ancient armor surrounded by white light. The Elite stares at this for a moment, before turning back to Truth.


What of the Council?


The tasks you must undertake as the Arbiter are perilous, suicidal. You will die, as each Arbiter has before you. The Council will have their corpse.

The Elite rises, and walks toward the armor. He pauses before it, and looks to the pods containing the corpses of the Arbiters who fell before him. He reaches up and takes the helmet of the Arbiter, and places it upon his head, then looks to the Hierarchs.


What would you have your Arbiter do?

He lives to regret these words…He goes on to learn that there was no "human annihilation", a lie from the prophets to bring satisfaction from the council with it their loyalty. There was one who doubted the prophets. Sesa ‘Refumee was his name. However he was branded a heretic and the blade of the Prophets and the council fell heavily on him. The Arbiter was dispatched to silence him and all who walk his path. Nevertheless, Tartarus, chieftain of the brutes slayed the heretic leader as the Arbiter hesitated to smite his wounded foe with his energy sword. Tartarus went back to High Charity claiming the head of the heretic leader as his own. The prophets and the council rejoiced at his victory but the Elites were ashamed and turned their faces from their once respected Arbiter.

And there was news. News that the prophet of Regret has been slain by the humans. The whole of the covenant mourned for the loss of its noble hierach. All except the Prophet of Truth and Tartarus, who allowed this incident to happen. Using the death of a hierach as an excuse, tartarus and his brutes overthrew the Elites as Guardians and Protectors of the Covenant. A civil war emerged but the Brutes easily put down the "rebellion".

The Arbiter, however was not one to be shaken by failure. Soon, he was given a new task. A task so great that accomplishment would mean salvation for all the covenant. Failure was not an option. Again, he led his brave Elites into battle and swept away any enemy that stood in the way but Tartarus was waiting again, waiting to claim the prize as his own, which he did. However, Tartarus did not intend to allow the Arbiter to live, lest he start an uprising against the Brutes. He pushed the Arbiter into the abyss and left for High Charity where honor and glory await him. Nevertheless, the Arbiter survived and with advice from the Gravemind, he went on his own journey together with his sub-ordinate, Half Jaw, are silently and secretly trying to overthrow the Brutes and restore peace and order within the covenant and the council even till this day. However the Brutes and the Prophet of Truth still reign over what’s left of the covenant. Little does the Prophet of Truth realise, Tartarus will one day overthrow the prophets and he himself will be Lord of the covenant…

Korean Frenzy

I’m back from tiring Korea…Woot! Nothing like good ol’ Singapore. I can’t stand Korean food much longer…ANyway here are the chronicles of my 8 day trip to Korea. (Actually if you add up the hours it was only 7 days. It was a bluff)
So, nothing much to report, other than the fantastic SKI experience. WootZOR…I have never skied in me life and this is me first time. Bloody hell the ski boots are friggin heavy and when you wear them you look like terran marines (if you play starcraft) and make you walk around like peons and peasants (if you play warcraft). And when you wear the skis…the weight on your feet is tremendous. Skiing downslope is downright fun (mind the pun) but going upslope to go downslope is exhausting…10 minutes to get up for 10 seconds of wind in your face. And we can’t take the chairlift up because we’re not pro enough. But over-all it was fantastic and a good experience. I can ski now. Woots next time I won’t be braking by falling and tumbling all over the place. (My Dad did a flip when he fell) (Lollerskates)
I thing I have to comment is about Korean food. U know what is "gelat" right? At first you eat like very shiok then u keep eating the same thing…and the same thing…and the same thing…geez, it never stops. I think in Korea all they have is "barbeque", steamboat, noodles and Kimchi. That’s it. All they do is cook it ina different way but it always resembles each other. Talk about family resemblence. And Korea is FLOODED with Kimchi. It’s sour and spicy and it’s a vegetable. Not my taste. And I’ll never forget how some goon actually bought 6 kilos of Kimchi at a kimchi making "showroom" we visited. WHAT THE??? He’s going to die of Kimchi poisoning. Hopefully he gives some away. Other than being flooded with Kimchi, Korea is flooded with SEAWEED!!! Woots! Heavenly food. All kinds. The kind u put in soups, the salted ones and every kind imaginable. Even better is that whenever u go for a meal, there’s seaweed! Korean meals are intriguing. They consist of a main meal which will be your steamboat etc and there will be alot of side dishes which consist of disgusting Kimchi and heavenly seaweed and assorted vegetables and mushrooms. Best of all, these side dishes are FREE FLOW! Which means MORE SEAWEED!!! But of course don’t take too much until you cannot eat. Koreans are very picky when it comes to wasting food.
Talking about picky…guess what their toothpicks are made up of. Koreans are SO environmentally friendly that they want to save the pandas by not making bamboo toothpicks. They make POTATO toothpicks!!! WTH?? They compress the potato starch till it becomes a hard solid toothpick that is slightly soluble in saliva. It’s quite sharp actually. An amazing feat. So technically you CAN kill someone with a potato. A potato toothpick! hahahahahahaha…Talking about their environmental friendliness…you have to pay 50 won for a plastic bag. S$0.08 is enough to put off my parents not getting a plastic bag. Wierd. Singapore should start selling plastic bags instaed of raising GST.
Koreans have a very interesting outlook on theme parks. Not that they made me suddenly enjoy roller coasters which I still hate to the core…but they certainly do the wierdest things. Number one, I feel that the employees at the theme parks are very enthusiastic. Maybe it’s personal motivation or motivation from money or motivation from a previous scolding from the boss. They constantly sing and dance to entertain the crowd. Even the ones chopping your tickets. They smile sing and dance. Very entertaining but I’d rather be a cleaner there than do their job. It’s tiring and after a while it feels very fake. Number two, shucks I forgot what number two was…darn
I think that’s all until I can remember more things to put down.
>>>to be continued
>>> >>>If I want to…
>>> >>> >>>Muahaha
PS. I really saw penguins and polar bears in Korea. I think they came over because the Artic was too cold. They now live in enclosures in a theme park…Hahahahha

Finger spasms…

I am at the airport now, singapore side and there’s this internet station so i’m very inclined to use it so here I am…blogging about….erm…nothing. actually I feel very dead. It’s 12:20 in the morning and I’m super dead but i’m looking very forward to the magic road in korea. The funny slope where things roll upwards. lollerskates…and the skiiing too. So here I am hailing fromn Singapore’s best airport, actually only one hahaz, so GG man GG. Hope I come back in one piece. I sense a bad omen but all’s well ends well. So Cya all soon