Bored to tears

Yes, I’m bored to tears right now. I am stuck at home doing nothing. Planning the camping trip can’t possibly take up the whole day…Haiz, I wanna do sth BIG, that will take up the holidays but not as big as Sharon’s crazy holiday-sucking "RM". I considered buing a gundam modelling kit but decided against it since it’ll become a white elephant once I’m done with it. I shall list the stuff that I have done so far. One month is almost gone and I’m wasting my holidays away. Before the holidays I was stressed into madness. Now I’m bored to madness
Stuff I did as of start of holiday (3rd november)
I have…
1. Been to Hokkaido (1week)
2. Made a scrap book of all my various doodles on my notes throughout my IP life (4 hours)
3. Finished reading Halo: Contact harvest (4 hours)
4. Finished Halo 3 on Normal, Heroic x2 (unknown)
5. Collected all the skulls and accessed all the terminals in Halo 3, strangely I didn’t get the Marathon Man achievement. (6 hors)
6. Finished Inphyy, Aspharr, Myifee, Dwingvatt and half of Tyurru and Klarran’s campaign on N3 (unknown)
7. Decided that DOA 4 is an impossible game to play and realised that it isn’t just a button mashing game (5 seconds)
8. Sailed (3 hours)
9. Waited for storm to pass but in the end didn’t sail (1.5 hours)
10. Exercise (3 hours) <—I’m dissapointed with myself
11. Write proposal to Engalnd regarding Vsparks (1.5 hours)
12. Educate myself on the internet (>4 hours)
13. gone to sim lim to find crysis with kenny and buy a 2 GB miniSD card (3 hours)
Yepp. Boring life. I NEED A NEW GAME!!! Gears or war is terribly cheap now but I’m also terribly broke. The Xbox 360, Halo 3 ltd ed., MiniSD card, random stuff have really blown a hole in my pocket. I need $$ but can’t be bothered to work
Ok, now on a totally unrelated tone. I miss my blue Xbox!!! I have pwned and got pwned with it. I miss my blue controller too! I have given away my first love *sobs *sobs.
On it I have learned a very important lesson in picking the right weapons for the right map after being pwned 8-0 in halo 2. I have learned how to snipe and become a 1337 sniper. I have learned how to flank and other tactical manouvers that apply on any platform EXCEPT the cursed Wii. *sobs again. I’ll miss you!!!

Buffalax inspired song…

Haiz, it’s tiring writing a proposal to England about the Vsparks thingy. Must write in the most RESPECTful tone. Anyway whoever wo wants to Join my cause at camelot or Malaysia is definitely most welcome. My project involves planning for next year’s IP1 beyond borders trip to malaysia for a CAMPING trip. Anyway back to the song.
Inspired by Buffalax, I wrote the lyrics for this foreign language song. It’s what I think it sounds like in english and NOT the actual lyrics. You can check out his videos on youtube. Search for Chinese transformers of just type buffalax. YOu have to download the song though from the internet, I’ll try to upload it somewhere.
Era – The Mass
Surrender sis,
All dead my sis.
Eat up the Deathstar’s penis
Look up to us,
Eat chocolate
Look up the cheese of SEE AY!
Look up your bung
Eat chocolate
Look up the cheese of SEE AY!
Ages not dead,
Water’s not dead
This is the book of SEE AY!
Clean up your
Clean up your mess
Clean up your messy
Clean up your messy room
Clean up your messy room!
*repeat Chorus
So silent cheese,
I fear to cheese,
Redeem your cocked up REE AH!
I stuff with juice,
And eff with juice
And do the HAKA with REE AH!
I fear no one!
Serious no one!
Collect your soup from Bee Jay!
*Chorus x2
Many orderssss…
So silent cheese,
I fear to cheese,
Redeem your cocked up REE AH!
I stuff with juice,
And eff with juice
And do the HAKA with REE AH!
I fear no one!
Serious no one!
Collect your soup from Bee Jay!
I fear no one!
Serious no one!
Collect your soup from Billy!
Oppress the chair,
Stay away from chair!
Then call for Mister Humphrey Day!


Ahh…Back to Japan. But now in Hokkaido, the northern part of japan and it’s COLD. <temperature> (average temp) was around -2 degrees. But I had this really thick jacket that made me look like a penguin version of robocop. Ohwell, it did it’s job and kept me nice and warm and made me look like a moron…I only had to wear 2 layers in the sub zero environment. A long sleeve and the big fat jacket. And here’s to the good old listing of things that are cool and remarkable in Hokkaido.
1. Almost every seafood shop sells the Alaskan King crab. Which is UBER expensive! Crabs are in season now. High demand + High supply = Bloody high prices. And the crabs are all orange, which means they’re cooked. Some are still live but you pay more.
2. Warm toilet seats are a godsend.
3. There’s hardly anything to do there, low population and lousy stores. Actually they all selling winter stuff so not applicable in SG.
4. They have melon chocolates and stuff. WTH??? Melon this, melon that. Melon sweets, melon juice, melon chocolates, you name it.
5. Their vegetables are bloody huge. the pumpkin was say…20 inches wide?
6. They lead hectic lives.
7. Crab sashimi is harder to chew than an eraser
8. Seafood is ironically more expensive considering how much they eat.
9. Japanese phones are FTW! Too bad their OS are in Jap.
10. Japs go to the hotspring 3 times a day. In the morning, before and after dinner.
11. Jap soya sauce is FTW!!!
12. Think Water Babies are cool? Think again! There’re MOSS BABIES in Japan. Apparently, they’re balls of moss that grow! In other words, they’re ALIVE! Unlike those jelly balls. Them moss babies are everywhere in Japan. They even made a soft toy out of it. A green headed doll with a cute face. They’re even IN keychains. Yep in a little container that’s a keychain. They also put them in nice bottles with some gravel and a plastic plant. It’s so popular that EVERY souvenier store has it. I bought a whole can of them for $6.5, the raw form though. Cheaper.
Yup, and there’s this place in Hokkaido called the Ice palace. You get to walk in this cold room which is -21 degrees. It’s like a little maze with snowmen as decor. Then there’s a special room in the cold chamber that blasts icy wind and reduces the temp to -40 degrees. My jacket withstood it, everyone got frozen. Before we went in, the workers gave us each a wet towel, apparently you swing it around in the -40 room and it freezes to any shape. I didn’t even need to go in to the -40 room, mine froze in the -21 environment into a stick. It was really hard. Any harder it can kill.
Yep that’s all. Nothing much to remember, just that I had a snowy 16th birthday on the 15th of November and I’m lovin it.

Good times

Let the good times roll! It’s teh holidays and me haf nothing to do! No tuitions and no homework! Furthermore Me bought me XBOX 360! I found my new girlfriend!!!111 Whee! Don’t have Halo 3 yet, spamming N3 now. The mindless fighting game is surprisingly addictive. Hm… Xbox 360-warming party anyone?