Super lag entry. Supposed to be on Wed.

Ok now for our extreme lag blog posting gameshow!!!
ding ding ding!
Alright enough…Well here’s another classic example of a lagging post.
Anyway, just want to say that for class com elections…
I will
have to
Whoopee! I’m in class com with my fav post!!!! Yippee! How wonderful can that be?
Now I shall dedicate my pledge to 06V13:
I, T.Kwok of 06V13/VJC/ex-VS/whatever,
pledge to be the best secretary one has ever seen,
taking down notes while writing in my bestest best handwriting(if possible).
Regardless of race/competition, language (only english) or type of pen,
to build/construct a better 06V13, FOR THE GREATER GOOD!
To bring happiness, organisation, peace and prosperity and lameness and cooling temperatures to our class.
Thank you.

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