Baby’s come home.

Finally, Microsoft replaced my Xbox after 10 working days. It’s up and running like before and it feels just great just to have my baobei back with me again…


After 3 long days of filming and around 8 hours of editing (I’m a noob at editing k?), it is FINALLY DONE!!! Woots Woots Woots!
I hope we (sailing team) win the music video category. Our MV is rather interesting and fits the Cinema Paradiso theme nicely. Our MV has a Counter-Strike theme though I’m not a big CS fan (BATTLEFIELD FTW!!!) and the chosen song is What I’ve Done by Linkin Park. I shall upload the video sometime soon. 

Interesting last words

I shall compile a list of interesting last words that I have heard (no, I didn’tand thought of since I am so bored of studying for the math common test tmr…

The adventuror…
"What does this button do?"
"Hey look! What’s this?"
"So do you drink it or swallow it whole?"
"Make sure you tie the bungie rope!"
"When it swings over, i’ll grab onto it then you okay?"
The ignorant
"What speed limit?"
"Wait, this is NOT beer?"
"Hello, what are you holding?"
"What ticking noise? You must be hearing things"
The asking-for-trouble
"Hey nice knife, anyway i need to borrow some money"
"Hey come on… It’s just a rickety-old bridge."
"Who’ll pay me if I stick me finger in this socket."
The Kay-Kiang
"THIS is how it’s done."
"Not so easy right? See, I’ve already fixed it"
The loser
"Why do I always have to guard the bomb? Wait, it’s ticking…"
"That dare is just ridiculous, I was just kidding when I said I’ll… …"
"On the count of three, we jump okay? HEY, DON’T PUSH!!!"
"Why is the EJECT button placed here? I might just hit it when I’m not caref… …"
"Well, nobody told me that if you pressed the red button then… …"
"I’m sorry, I don’t speak your native african dialect"


I think my life now is horribly unlucky…i shall list a few
I am ****ing broke, me have no money and my senior class demands a JTS. I going to borrow from loan sharks liao…Anyway i don’t know me seniors and they’re not even from s66. I shall quote the nokia N95 slogan: There’s a thing in my pocket but it’s not one, it’s nothing cuz I was bluffing you and I sold everything in my pockets to pay for some meal. Teh seniors better not be demanding about this…
My computer broke down…Actually I’m quite happy it broke down but since my Dad is taking his time fixing it or buying new parts (hopefully), I can’t play com games (actually i have no good game in the com anyway) or access my stuff. What exactly happened was that nothing appeared on the monitor. The PC was whirring normally but the monitor was just black. I checked the power cable, reconnected the cables but it still no werk. Kenny said sth about taking out the gwapics card and putting it back again but for that trouble I might as well buy a new one. My card is over 3 years old and does not werk anymore. Nvidia 5500 64MB onboard RAM. Sucks to be me. So I’m typing this on the resident lappy which does not have my files nor my games. Attempting to install them would be akin to taking a hammer and smashing my lappy to smithereens. At least it runs on Windows XP home edition and not 95…
My Xbox 360 broke down…It was giving me problems already before today but today was the last straw i guess. It gave me the three red rings of death and scared the SHIT out of me…I restarted it and it booted up normally, WHEW…But here lies teh porlem, the stupid thing freezes up as and when it likes. Last week, I was trying to get the Ranger achievement on Halo 3 which requires earning 50,000 points for the campaign scoring. So i played on heroic and turned on 3 gold skulls which totals the points multiplier count to 7.5x you get 700+ points if you blow up a ghost and 300+ points if you kill the average brute. So I was playing till around 25,000 points liao and then the 360 FROZE…I was SOOOO pissed. The ark is a horribly long lvl btw…and i already spent about more than half an hour playing…That was last time, now it freezes up within 5 minutes once you turn it on. And I’m horribly pissed…lucky migrosof extended the warranty for 360s to 3 years becaue of the stupid 3 red rings of death thingy so I still can go fix it for free.
I’m stuck at home doing maths and after maths i can’t even play or go out to cycle or play cuz it’s waining cats and dogs. This is going to last the whole holidays…I swear…
The air tickets that Bahnep won for our SSC martian rover thing is freaking useless. We went to the airshow and Mr Man promised us air tickets. He did keep his promise but Jetstar Asia told us that our flight has to be made from now to 4 April. You cannot travel on public holidays or school holidays. WHAT THE FUCK??? Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK??? Are we suppossed to ‘take leave’ for 3 days and fly to "any of the 8 destinations"??? We’re students for goodness sakes!!! So what we plan to do is to burn the tickets and just get our prize money and be done with it. But we also haven’t taken the money yet. They might just want to take back some of the money for all you know…
It just sucks to be me…

Music Fest preperations

Music fest is coming and i decided to take part in it unlike the previous years of plain ignorance. So the sailors and I have decided to come up with a CS music video. The tune is by Likin Park’s What I’ve done and the lyrics by me… There are 2 versions, one is from a poor noob who often team kills his team mates and another one is from a CS pro who can’t resist killing noobs. Here goes…
Noob/Team-killer’s Song
In this CS game
There’s no blood
There’s no friendly fire
Cause I’ve drawn much blood
From my friends
The terrorists
So let it restart
And wash away
All my frags
I’ll face myself
To stop killing all my friends
Improve my skills
And let go of what I’ve done
Put to rest
What you thought of me
While I earn some cash
To buy an AWP
So let it restart
And wash away
All my frags
For what I’ve done
I’ll start again
And whatever pain may come
Today this ends
Please forgive what I’ve done!
What I’ve done
Please forgive what I’ve done!
The Ultimate CS player’s Song
In this CS game
There’s much blood
And I didn’t hax
Cause I’ve pwned you all
From the start
With a Glock 18
So bring it on
And come and face
What I’ve done
I’ll face myself
To own the noob you’ve become
Buy a gun
And multiply all my frags
Put to rest
All the dead CTs
While the game restarts
I shall buy an AWP!!
So bring it on
And come and face
What I’ve done
For what I’ve done
I’ll earn again
All the cash that may come
It will not stop
I’m so loving what I’ve done!
What I’ve done
So loving what i’ve done!