MEH MEH MEH oneoneone

Thomas Kwok Wei Jie

Age: 19

Occupation: Part-time O level tutor (before I serve the nation)

Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, A Maths


Changkat Primary School | 1998 – 2003

Victoria School | 2004 – 2005

Victoria Junior College (IP) | 2006 – 2007

Victoria Junior College | 2008 – 2009


PSLE | 251

Math | A

Science | A*

English | A

Chinese | A


Integrated Maths | B4

Physics | B3

Chemistry| B4

Biology | B3

Social Studies | C5

Language Arts | C6

GCE ‘O’ level Higher Chinese | B4

GCE ‘A’ level

H1 Project Work | A

H1 General Paper | A

H2 Physics | A

H2 Chemistry | A

H2 Maths | A

H2 Econs | A

Certificates available at my startutor website:

Current Students

Damai Secondary School | Sec 4

Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School | Sec 4

Raffles Girl’s School | Sec 4

About Me

Currently I am a part-time tutor, specialising in ‘O’ level students, having about half a year’s experience. I teach Physics, Chemistry and Math at O level standard. Being “in the dumps” once (shown by my dismal IP2 results), I understand how and why students do badly in school and in exams. I also know what it takes to raise a student back on track and to excel. Using my personal experience, my technique lies in helping weak students get back on their feet and then pushing them further to get the A grade.

I focus on exam-smart techniques and answering skills that will save time and memory (or brain space). I also give personal tips and tricks that I have developed through the course of my academic journey. Nearing the O levels, I will help students draft out a study plan to effectively manage their time and energy. Although I have never taken the O levels, my A level experience will serve as a guide. Being even more intellectually and physically demanding, using the A levels as a guide to the O levels will never be an under-estimate of the rigour of the O levels.

However, without hard work from the student, I cannot guarantee success. A tutor can only go so far. Hence with the right mindset from the student, I promise to provide educational support and push him or her to heights never dreamed before.


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