OMG, my long post got sliced in two! Shit, my entire NETS experience all gone, it was quite a huge chunk leh…. BAH to you WordPress!!! at least let me know there’s a word limit!!! SHall blog again about it when I’m feeling bored.


A Long Post

Sighs, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything. So many things have happened that I really ought to write down but haven’t found the time to. I shall just write in chronological order from most recent to the least recent.


Darling and I went to visit Bodyworlds exhibition at the Singapore Science Center on the 23rd of Feb 2010. I’ve been for the previous one held at Singapore expo but I’ve forgotten pretty much everything.  So anyways it was a really awesome experience. There’s this really mellow atmosphere as every exhibit is of human origin. So when we entered, the first exhibit were human embryos and then real foetuses. So the both of us felt a pang of sadness as these babies never had the chance at life. But otherwise, I recommend that whoever that has the time and money to go to go. (to go to go sounds weird but it kinda makes sense) I especially loved the part about smoking. A huge section of the exhibit was devoted to the ill effects of smoking. I hate cigarette smoke. I really hate it especially if smokers blow it obliviously at you. Smokers should quite smoking because, it harms them and harms non-smokers. A public menace. There’s also an exhibit of a giraffe, giant squid and an octopus. Tammy and I had this running joke about little drain covers hidden under the carpeting. We had this joke that it was some sort of Sweeny Todd device to trap people and turn them into exhibits a la House of Wax. So we were giggling everytime we heard a clank of metal under the carpet as we walked. Then we saw the giraffe. Must be some sort of arcane trapdoor to catch a giraffe in Singapore.

Posing outside Science Center, please pardon me, I'm not very photogenic.

Tams insisted on pretending to kiss the styrofoam fish for some odd reason

So after our outing which ended at 6, we went to IMM for dinner. We found this really affordable taiwanese restaurant called Dian Xiao Er if I’m not wrong. The ambience was really good. We ate the set meals and total bill came out as $25. No service charge, only GST. At the end of our meal, we were full and very satisfied. The food was good, not excellent but for the price they charge, we had a pretty good deal.

Super chopsticks!!!

Pictures on the wall!

minced meat with salted egg


Ok, since we were at IMM we went to this MEGA Daiso store. Seriously, it’s MEGA. The floor space is larger than the one at plaza sing multiplied by at least 5. So we took a little walk and bought some little snacks. I was kind of in a hurry because mom wants me back asap when she called me at 8. Too bad I reached home at 11.30 I had the scolding of my life. And I’m feeling really angry and depressed till today.

  • What is wrong with being with my girlfriend after we’ve been separated for so long during our A level studies
  • I mugged my butt off during A levels and I was promised that I could do WHATEVER I WANT after that. But I don’t quite see that happening. My parents lied to me.
  • What’s wrong with spending time to take care of injured gf? She has a slipped disc and moving around is really difficult.
  • I obediently followed every instruction given for 18 years of my life, why can’t I do what I want now? I’m not hurting anyone nor myself or causing any public mischief, I just want to lead the life I want and not the one they want for me.
  • What’s wrong with not doing anything concrete after A levels? Taking care of injured gf doesn’t count apparently although through that I learn how to cook and how to take care of people with spinal injuries as well as UNDERSTAND spinal injuries. If anyone tells you that you don’t have a slipped disc from looking at an X-Ray, slap the person and demand a refund because discs don’t show up on X-Rays.
  • Is 11.30 that late a time to come home? I’m not partying till 3-4 am ya know.. Just sending gf back home. My fault she lives so damn far away?



Gundam update!

I’ve been really busy with stuff right now, so I’ve been stuck at the upper torso.

Upper torso Unicorn mode

Upper torso with transformed right arm


Anyways, me volunteering at Fei Yue Community Services now, voicing the character Kan Guru as part of their video series encouraging youths to discuss certain issues such as internet addiction, love and emo-ness??

Also, me doing translating work for CNEC. Helping them translate letters that the children in myanmar write to their sponsors in US and Canada? Dunno where the sponsors are but my job is to translate to English. I don’t blame them but their Mandarin is really bad. It’s not because they’re stupid but because of the teacher’s education level. They mix jian ti and fan ti with a weird mix of words I’ve never seen before. It’s a real hassle but I’m doing it out of love for them. Haha, so noble hor?


As part of my mom’s slave labour program, she shipped me off to Chinatown to work at the NETS flashpay card roadshow booth to fill in for

Gundam Mania!!!

Long time no blog! I’ve been really busy with work and a hell lot of stuff (we’ll reserve the details for another blogpost). Yesterday was CNY/Valentine’s day!! Well of course had to go with family first but I did do sth a little romantic for my beloved. Bought her a giant Totoro-chan for her to carry around when we next meet! Haha! Anyways, me has built a few gundams. I’ve started on my Unicorn alr, it’s not much to look at now though..

Day 1

I finished the upper body on day 2! SLowly starting to take shape, looks really cool! I actually prefer Unicorn mode to Destroyer mode, it looks more sleek and cool. It exudes the “I’m so cool and powerful and I don’t have to even look at you to kill you” look.

Day 2 (unicorn mode)

Day 2 (Destroyer mode)

And also… I’ve completed the Strike Rouge with my dad in one day! Or rather a few hours. Double team! Lols anyway, I didn’t really like the Rouge. It didn’t give me a very solid feel to it. Many of the parts felt out of place or like they were there just for the sake of being there. Not my favourite kit. Anyway I made a little picture story with the Strike Rouge and my Freedom on top of my Unicorn’s box haha! Pardon the shaky photos, I have shaky hands.. T.T

Once upon a time, Strike Rouge and Freedom were taking a stroll through my room when Freedom accidentally looked at Strike Rouge’s general direction while she was PMS-ing. (I assign Strike Rouge as a she because it’s pink, no stereotypes intended)

Oi! Le Kwa Simi?! (Hey, what are you looking at?!)

DIE!!! Nobody said you can look at me!!!

Lolwut?? What did I ever do to you? Don't mess with me! IMMAH CHARGIN MAH LAZR!!!



Don't ever mess with me again!

Counter-attack!!! You don't mess with me too!

From then on, neither Strike Rouge nor Freedom messed with each other again..

The End


I shall be dedicating this blog post to describing my life after A levels. Post-As for short.

Many people don’t really seem to understand how wonderful it is to live without a job. After being tied down by academics for 12 years, this is by far the longest and sweetest holiday and I’m not going to waste it on a menial job. Ok, here’s my logic. For a pre-NSF, average pay that I hear my friends are getting are around $1000 – $1100, that’s for girls too and A level holders too(in a sense because we haven’t received our results yet, but not like it matters because if we get straight As, our pay won’t increase anyway). For me it’s about 4 months of holiday from end of A lvls to enlistment day. The best job I could get is possibly a 3 month long stint as spare personnel in some company. Now thinking economically, with regard to weighing the costs and benefits, is it worth it to slog your butt off at irregular hours at an office at the opposite end of the MRT line for just a mere $1000 a month? If we were more qualified perhaps with a university degree, the 4 months could earn me a SHIT LOAD more than what I would be earning now. So why work? The opportunity costs are simply too high (opportunity costs are the next best alternative forgone, in this case some well deserved R&R)

So since I value R&R more highly than work and all it’s benefits of “character-moulding”, “experience in the working world” and of course the mulah, what have I been doing all this while? But before I go into that, I want to attack some of the benefits of starting work so early.

  1. Starting work early does NOT help in character moulding. Taking a peek into the adult’s working world, back stabbing, gossipping and all sorts of office politics emerge from the working world. And how is that supposed to be character moulding? More like character breaking. Character moulding need not take place during work. Mine is taking place right now, out of work.
  2. The added experience in the working world argument is utter bullshit. I wonder why my parents are rushing me into work when they themselves can’t wait to stop working. And the experience is going to be useless unless you want to continue working as a waiter/data entry/telemarketer/assistant teacher/childcare teacher/tuition teacher for the rest of your life.

Alright, so now back to discussing the beauty of being unemployed. As of now, I have the luxury of time. Time is indeed a luxury, many won’t realise that until they encounter a major examination that could very well alter the rest of your fate. So now that my basic premise is established, we shall move on to what time did for me.

Number 1.

I can now pursue my hobbies. I’ve always wanted to build gundam models. And I’ve recently bought 2 models. I completed the Freedom Gundam and I’m supposed to start building the Strike Rouge with my dad a while back but he’s busy so I can’t start on it lest I damage father-son ties. But anyway that’s just one of the hobbies that I have the time to pursue. There’s sketching (or doodling in my case), cycling, watching anime, rearing fish and the list goes on. Of course top priority goes to losing weight, otherwise nobody would believe I’m PES A. These hobbies have been repressed for far too long, it’s time to dig them out and heal the soul.

Number 2.

I can mend strained relationships. Relationships are very precious and there’s no relationship more precious than with my dearest. Of course it was hard to maintain the relationship during A level year but she was understanding and we pulled through. Now’s the time to snatch back that first year of dating that we never had. And if I were to get a job, where would I get the time to do that? But of course, my darling has to be unemployed too. I wished she were because she really needs all the money she can get and because she has 8 months to go before her uni term starts, so once I go into NS, the most logical way to pass time is to get a job. But as of now, she has a slipped disc that impairs her from walking too far away. Too far would mean from her house to the nearest bus stop. So whoever is reading this, please help me to pray for her. Thanks in advance. And since I have time I can be with her while she recuperates, bring her to appointments, make sure she’s safe when we go swimming (swimming is supposed to help with the back) and basically make sure she’s safe and happy. And I find building a proper loving relationship more worthwhile than getting a job.

Number 3.

It is said, time heals all wounds. Well it’s true to a certain extent and I can vouch for it. Nothing beats having an Own Time Own Target lifestyle.

Also, since I’m earning little, I spend just as little! Apart from my allowance (haha, I still receive my allowance as per normal) I give tuition because I want to and also to earn some side income. I find teaching very fulfilling but absolutely no way I’m going to become a MOE teacher.

Problem, my parents can’t stand my lifestyle, they want me to go work and do something “meaningful” before army. I don’t think that they understand that I find my current lfiestyle meaningful enough. I do volunteer work, helping to translate letters into english for a Christian firm, lend my voice to do some voice acting for a series of educational videos. And considering the rates I charge my cousin for tuition, it’s almost voluntary.

Bah, I guess parents won’t understand but then again I don’t think I might understand my children when I have a family of my own.

Just another day…?

Today seemed like any ordinary day for me. Wake up, go Tam’s house and then come back. But in between there’s quite abit of stuff going on.

When I went to Tam’s house in the morning, we were job hunting! I brought two day’s worth of classifieds to sieve through. Actually I already sieved through them and circled which few to call up. Some were prompt, some were out for lunch and some were simply amazing..

The job was for a part time teacher at some tuition center

“Hello I’d like to apply for the job that your company posted on the Classifieds today.”

“Oh, ok! May I first ask if you are an O level holder?”

“Oh, I was an Integrated Program student so technically I do not have an O level cert.”

“I see… Then I’m very sorry, you can’t apply”

(In my mind was ZOMGWTH???)

“But I’ll be receiving my A level cert soon, I’m currently waiting for my results.”

<Henceforth, job application went on smoothly>

Of course they’ll call me back again. I’m pretty surprised with this. Not discriminating anyone but isn’t IP “better” than O levels? I’m not saying that it IS better but at least equivalent? Bah. The blight of IP students are people who don’t understand what’s IP all about.

Anyway brought Tam to Tan Tock Seng to visit an orthopaedic. I’m not very sure whether I’ve spelled it right but it’s got something to do with the bones. Doctor told us it could be a slipped disc. Both of us were shocked beyond shocked. But he said it so matter of factly. He went on to prove that you can’t tell a slipped disc from an X Ray because the disc is soft tissue, not bone. So the retarded polyclinic doctor is phail. She said cannot be slipped disc because X ray says back is ok. zzz. INCOMPETENCE!!!

So after that we went over to Udders for some ice cream and went Toys R Us window shopping. Tammy insisted I buy and assemble this gundam since I’m into it now. She says “Can you buy this one as your next Gundam PLEASE??” I ask why and she replies “Because it’s red inside!” ohkaayyy… But after a long look, it kinda looks ok haha.

Unicorn Gundam

Haha, looks quite cool in a sense right? This gundam is going to set me back by about $100+

Ohwells, it’s a hobby right?

Hangout at Hangout!

Okays, warning first this is a lag entry.

Corrected date: 30/1/2010 Saturday

Today was going to be a hectic day. Tuition in the morning and 08s66 class outing later on in the afternoon. I’ll pass describing tuition because it’s just… just… bleh routine academic stuff.

So anyway we found ourselves at this board games cafe called Hangout. It’s somewhere in Dhoby Gaut where the good LAN is. Haha. So we took up their “happy hour” package, $9.50 from 2 – 6 pm with free flow drinks. One of the staff there immediately introduced us to one of their new board games called Hysteria Coach. True enough there was a lot of screaming and hysteria. Daniel especially. He really went bonkers on this one. I can still remember him yelling nonsense names (it was required as part of the game) like Stefan Dribbler and some other name possibly invented by elbow typing.

We got bored after a while when we figured the dice was obviously biased as none of us can roll more than 4 for some reason. We switched to Mad Gag and then to Taboo.

We got bored again as the Taboo words were simply too hard. It’s a local version btw. NTUC was one of the words lol!

So we all decided to pack up and hit the Xbox 360 and Wii consoles!! Haha. Had to top up to $11.50 though.

Most of us ended up playing Band Hero and some were playing Raving Rabbids on Wii. I hate Wii but gotta love Raving Rabbids! DAHHHHHH!!!! I’ll let the pictures do the talking from now on.

Everybody learning how to play Hysteria Coach!

Team talk!

Guys trying to help out in Mad Gag!

Looks like Kenickie is still Taboo master!!

Lauren and Kenickie wasted on...PEACH TEA???

Guitar Hero or Band Hero? Daniel says BRING IT ON!!!

That's not what a drumstick is for...

Hsien Liang, you can do it!!!

Wii party!!! Pei Ying's hands moving faster than light!

Yo bro chill! Losing band hero ain't the end o' the world

Of course, there's the class photo!