Crazy Ass Friday

True enough,  Friday was indeed crazy ass..

First up was fishing in the morning with Yenreil. Sa was supposed to come but she woke up late. Not much luck with the Taman fish. Apparently the rain on wednesday scared them all off. In total we only caught two. Lols… But here’s the catch (mind the pun), this guy at the jetty caught the monster of a fish. Who cares if we didn’t catch anything. Watching how he caught the fish made it all worthwhile.

First we saw this huge white shimmer flip out of the water. All of us at the jetty was going.. WHOAAAA!!! TUA HE LAI LIAO!! (meaning, the big fish is here in hokkien) And everybody crowded at that part of the jetty. The man who caught the fish was playing the fish till it was tired before someone helped him scoop it out. When the fish surfaced, it was MOTHER-BIG!!! I cannot stress how big it is. It’s just that HUGE. Eerie how we sail over these kind of fish weekly..

The fisherman was kind enough to let us take photos with it. So here they are!

Me with the fish. The line I was holding snapped shortly afterwards, the fish was too heavy for the line

Yen Riel and I with the fish. It's HUGE!!!

So after that I went with Tammy to see a back surgeon or sth like that. Turns out she really had a slipped disc. One portion of the disc is pressing against a nerve controlling her right leg. She doesn’t feel pain any more but she experiences weakness in the calf. Meaning she can’t tiptoe nor jump. So Mr Danny (the surgeon) explained the medical procedures and gave her a month to consider surgery. We decided that she should try exercising and see if the strength returns after a month since some people can apparently live with it. So after that we went to submit her scholarship form and encountered a very nasty receptionist. Nasty in the patronising and condescending way. *Bitch slap*

Haha, so after our exhausting day we went to do facial mask at her house!

Face mask duo!

Haha, the point was to look like Avatar, but apparently we failed. Lol, Na Vi fail!!

Till next time!