Tis been a while since i updated my blog. I have some spare time so I shall update a bit. JC life is crazy. Common tests are coming and so is Interschools and so is project deadline.
Haiz, what to do… Anyway i was at SATTECH last friday listening to weird people with weird accents talk about satellites. Haha, the amusement came from a bunch of girls from a school that shall not be named who were sitting on the row in front of Bahnep. They were friggin copying everything the speaker says. Even the non-important stuff. Muggerlings! Can imagine the muggers they’ll grow into. Some uber kiasu monster or sth. WTH… The italian guy’s accent was quite amusing but epic boring after a while. But we managed to take home some stuff about SAR.
Ok gtg, need to shower before going to school.
Oh, and darn it I might as well say it to prevent future confusions. I’m not single anymore. I’ve found the love of my life, all 17 years of it. Kinda short but I’m working on it.

JC life so far

I do not hate it, but i certainly do not like it. I have so many things to do, so much weight on my shoulders. The pressure to do well for A levels is immense…
So many things to balance: Schoolwork, sailing, friends, tuition, revision… Something’s gotta give and that’s my sleep. I’m surviving on 5 hours of sleep a day when i’m supposed to be getting 8 for "healthy development". I really envy the people who can take life easy and still get imba grades. It’s not fair. Hiaz. I shall stop comparing. I have to score and I will do it myself. 9 more months…
I can do it. Because I must.