VIPOH – Great success?

ALRIGGHHHT… … It’s the time of the year again and open house is TODAY! Woots! I can’t believe I’m actually getting excited over an IP event other than the Beyond Borders trips. So anyway I got posted to Ushering. But no…me no liking ushering. Tis bad to lie about 73|-| IP. So I went to Japillai and made a swap with Keith. So now I’m logistics. WOOT! Logistics PWN oneoneone. And so guess where I’m posted? 73|-| concourse oneoneone. According to leonard, it’s the biggest place to set up. Now I’m having regrets… …But at least there are alot of ppl posted to the concourse.
On Friday, the day before saturday or the day before Open house the concourse ppl had lots of work to be done. First of all had to set up the banners, arrange the tables and chairs, get the projectors and projector screens and check if they are working and of course my favourite part…moving the gazebo…(or whatever way you spell it, in other words it’s a freaking huge tent that the Beyond borders booth were using…
So the gazebo was at the track and we had to move it into the concourse. So Elroy, Donovan, Jia Wei (some SC guy) and me had to move the lousy thing into the concourse. And because the gazebo was so huge…we tried entering the concourse by 3 different ways before entering on the third with Althea dancing underneath it feeling like a princess. And guess what? Two of the supporting beams broke. Fantastic…We managed to bring it into the concourse where the mechanic can fix it…aka me. So I went to the IP shit house…I mean storeroom and hunted around for two metal bars and I found them. and what are 2 large heavy metal bars doing in the IP storeroom? I don’t know, don’t ask me. Some of the loggies cleared it out on tuesday and I know what’s inside…which includes two metal bars. So I went back to the gazebo and got to work…took me about half and hour fixing the thing with two metal bars and LOTS and LOTS of masking tape…heh heh.
Then I had to face Morgan and get stuff from the techie territory. Stuff like projectors and projector screens and cables. Lots and lots of cables. So when you get electronic equipment what’s the first thing to do? TEST THE FRIGGING THING OR MORGAN WILL HAVE MY HEAD…and the rest of my body in his belly, thank goodness I’m not a SC counsellor or else… Ok so all the projectors were working. And while Elroy and me were testing the stuff out somebody, I shall not say who, ksqoaaso, came and said this
"Er…excuse me, my main concern is not wether the projectors are working now but whether the presenters know how to work it."
"Oh…ok. We’ll let them know."
"Alright, thanks."
A huge WTF look descended on my face. If the projectors are not working now, then there’ll be a 100% chance that they’ll fix themselves for tomorrow and ready for use. AND if the presentors are stupid enough to not know how to plug a plug into the power socket, then there’ll be a 100% chance that they’ll be unable to find a loggie or someone who knows how to plug a plug into a power socket. Hey just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t happen RIGHT? Oh the failure of nduction. ARGH!!! Don’t be ridiculous. If the projectors are not working now then you’re screwed for tomorrow. If the presenters don’t know how to use the projectors, there’ll be tonnes of loggies crawling around the concourse. *Smacks head, bangs wall and jumps off building. SHEESH!
SO anyway we finished testing the projectors and cables and "taught" the presenters how to use the projectors by this age old method.
"Oi, you know how to use the projector right?"
"Yarh, I not stupid."
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
OK, now on to the day of open house.
Not much excitement during open house. Loggies do their work before and after open house. But Elroy and I are special! We get to be in charge of the sound systems in the concourse. WOOT! This means we work before, during and after! We have to be the most hardworking loggies in the VIPOH. Too bad we don’t get a prize for that. Self-satisfaction is enough.
Anyway now to the main topic of discussion after so much crap.
Was this open house a success?
Well, we had VERY poor publicity, having to resort to youtube videos and MMS messages. Not a bad idea for a tight budget though but I felt that the turnout for this year was not as good as the previous 2 years. I even overhead some ppl complaining about some stuff, open house too short and so on and so forth. And as grandmaster Chew of old always says,"A problem must have a cause…" and he usually follows with,"And the cause is YOU!" So what’s the cause for this lousy turnout and atmosphere? (couldn’t feel the hype over open house, no enthusiasm by parents.) The cause might be "me" as in the body of students. I feel that we’re the partial cause of the problem but what I feel is the real problem is the leadership. I shall not say anymore. Think about it.
Disclaimer: I am world-renowned for being a realist and being very very critical so please do not feel offended.
P.S. Anybody know how to add a tagboard for MSN space? This firetrucking space has got nothing in it.

The true face of heresy

Ok was advertising this video and all parkour fans or traceurs better watch this video that means Keith and me lawl.
This is the ture face of heresy…the one who would divert our faith. This heresy defiles all who walk the true way…

The day Gi-fish made us eat their bubbles and bite their dust

This is a lag entry. Date should be 21 April 2007 saturday.
I can’t believe it. Gi-fish actually played us out! Us as in the ironman ppl. Anyway I’m not going to call him Gi-fish. I’m going to call him Geebot since he majored in AI and his OS is rusty. Today was supposed to be the day of our elective assessment. We were supossedly signed up for the inter-school biathlon organised by the Singapore triathlon association. I just realised the previous night that we haven’t collected our race kits yet. Which includes the championchip and necessary stuff you need to run the race. I had no clue about it because Geebot didn’t tell us anything! So we all hoped Geebot collected it for us.
So I went down to ECP and camped at BBQ pit 64 area F. When everyone arrived (X-country ppl and VJ swimmers), I noticed that they had their race kits. Geebot was here also but he didn’t look like he had anything for us. SO I went up to ask him.
"Will we be getting race kits?"
"Wah, i think you don’t need a race chip to make you do this kind of thing right?"
Then all the Ironman ppl went WTF??!! So we’re crashing the event?? Apparently so. So while everyone was getting ready we were still standing around like some extra. The scum of all the VJ participants. Like some cuckoo who messed up. I can’t believe I skipped sailing for this. We’re going to U-turn at NSC anyway so I might as well stop there, rig up and meet everyone out at sea.
When everyone had started the race Geebot made another route for us to swim but we’ll run the same track as the participants. And this would be our assessment, not the real biathlon, the pseudo-biathlon that he made for us. Orh ok lor. So I swam and ran my heart out and actually came in second out of the six/seven ironman ppl. Losing only to CK. (He’s IMBA I tell you…IMBA) And guess what? Geebot failed everyone in the end. WTF??!! He’s really a robot with a rusty OS. One fail all fail. Protocol.
"Ok, so wash up and then you guys can go. That’s it for today."
I really wanted to smack that robot. But I was too tired for any emotion. I was like Ok lor attitude. All the training for nothing, all the "mua zi" for nothing, all the scolding from YouWee! for nothing, all the "sick chicken" taunts for nothing. Fine…let it be.
Although the whole thing was a rip-off. The ironman ppl still went out for lunch together and I learnt some valuable lessons and had some new sights.
Lesson 1. It’s possible to crash a biathlon, just don’t swim the swim with them and run in the opposite direction they’re running
Lesson 2. The water at the booths are NOT for you. The girls there are smart enough to know whether you have a tag or not
Lesson 3. Although the girls offering drinks are kind enough to offer drinks, they feel offended when you snatch the cup from the table or from them and then throwing it on the floor. Next time, stop running first, take the drink with both hands and say thanks and dispose the cup in a nearby rubbish bin before catching up with the 20 ppl who overtook you because they snatched the cup and threw it on the ground.
Lesson 4. When offering water, stretch your hand till you block three quarters of the road and say "Wha dau" when somebody doesn’t take the drink.
Sights 1. There’s a ambulance called HOPE AMBULANCE. Hope… …ambulance? Sounds wierd right?
Sights 2. It doesn’t stop at HOPE AMBULANCE. Guess what I found on the wind shield? Tokyo drift sticker. WTF?? Now I know why it’s called HOPE ambulance. I HOPE the AMBULANCE driver isn’t from TOKYO DRIFT.

Life after review week

Life is good…at least for now. Life after review week really rocks. There’s minimal homework. Helmsman week is next week, another week of relaxation. Can fully concentrate on Sailing. Can go long distance cycling…breathe in some fresh air and i somehow ended up next to a bird pet shop so I spent quite some time there listening to the birds sing and the parrots squawk. I think those little parrots look really cute. I can’t remember what they’re called. They’re bright coloured and smaller than your palm. AND…when you’re cycling always check for blind spots. I somehow wound up in an industrial estate somewhere near me house and I almost got langah or hit by a taxi at a taxi repair bay of some sort and then not 10 metres away almost got hit by another car coming out of some obscure road. cannot tahan lei. Almost got killed by a taxi then 10 seconds later almost got killed by some car. Inductively I reasoned that this place isn’t meant for cyclists so I U turned and went back. AND I found this sailing shop near Simpang bedok. Woots! All the gear I’ll ever need. But them bugger close shop at 6 pm. I reached there at 6.45 so all I could was peek into the shop and drool at all the cool life jackets, lycra shirts, polished and new trolleys and new ropes…argh! I’m drooling again. Must stop thinking about it. I shall return next monday to check out the place.
Anyway since review week is over, got time to sit down and ponder about life. So here’s some food for thought, please leave a comment once you’ve read it.
Life is short. Honestly. What can we do within 80 years if we’re lucky. Why can’t we be like elves in LOTR. Eternal creatures whose bodies never fail them unless they are killed. Immortality, what does it mean? Living forever is a blessing yet a very scary concept. I we are able to live forever, we must have a start in order to "start living forever" right? That would be our birth. We are born into this world at a set time and we will perish at a set time. Imagine a timeline from 1 AD to 2500 AD. Somewhere along that line was yuor birth and a little later is your death. If we were eternal then we would only be born, the timeline would go on and on. 
But I believe that we are eternal beings. Death is only a transition. I believe in life after death. We are sentient beings for a reason. Evolution cannot produce thinking beings wth heart mind and soul. We were created and death will bring us to our creator in everlasting glory. But where we spend the rest of our lives after death is anoter issue. I believe that one can either go to heaven or hell. And the scary thing is that we only have this measly time on earth to determine where we go for eternity. Eternity isn’t the scary concept, this is.
>>>To be continued

Art of Shadow Camping

Something got me thinking yesterday and it really really really got on my mind for a really really really long time. I was having a conversation with Kenny on the MRT on the way back from Bukit Merah.
"Hey did you know that * admires you for standing up for your ideas? You know all that stuff that happened last year?"
"Rubbish, nothing admirable" (I muttered some expletive but I shall not write it down)
"Wha liao, ppl admire you then you call them * "
"Anyway you now got no more balls left. You don’t stand up for anything now."
After leaving the MRT I really went into serious thought. Which is better? Standing up for your thoughts or living in the shadows?
I think everyone knows the reason why I am like this now. Once burnt twice shy. My mouth is sealed. Even during class. I don’t give suggestions. I know that someone will say it. I’ll just let that person have it. Only when nobody knows the answer then will i open my mouth and offer the suggestion. I always answer the question posed by the teacher under my breath. Only my group ppl is able to hear, or sometimes only myself. Only spoke when spoken to. That’s the golden rule. It’s good enough I know the answer. Or when I want to ask a question, it shall not leave my lips. I’ll just ask someone else after class. I’d just make a mental note. A sharp contrast from the person who I am last year.
But is it better to stand up for your thoughts? People will just think that you’re the ultimate stubborn guy and won’t listen to other people’s viewpoint. My thoughts are never mainstream. People like variety, they don’t like the same old stuff. My ideas are not even able to fit into the "variety" category. They belong in the "let’s not bother about it" category. And so what if you manage to push through? What happens when you win? All glory and honour be unto you? No. It’s just that other people give in. It’s never your credit. Perhaps I was too much glory and attention seeking last year that led to my downfall. But I like it down here. Cold, dark and nice.
I again recall a conversation with one of my OG members early last year.
"Have you taken the DISC personality test?"
"What’s your personality?"
"I’m a C-S"
"What??!! I think you’re a high-i lor…"
People don’t know I have alot of masks. Just swap them around when the need arises. Some are more transparent and show the real face behind it. Some are bright and colourful while some are dark and gloomy. But remember one thing. The face behind the masks never changes…And that’s the real me. That ugly, scorched and scarred face. Nobody really knows because my masks are too good. Therefore the change from cheerful, optimistic and happy to dark, realistic and suspicious. I like it down here. Cold, dark and nice. When I take of my mask, nobody can see my face.
There’s no point in standing for your ideas. Let the other clown have his way then have the self-satisfaction that his downfall is imminent. I’d rather let him make the first mistake then I get my way and then fall further. When he falls, I’d make his misery even worse, I’d remind him that there was an alternative to the problem and because he wanted his way he fell. I like it down here. Cold, dark and nice. You can watch others fall and have the comfort that you can never be like them because you’re already at the bottom and have nothing to lose.
Why be optimistic? The world is going towards chaos. Being happy about it isn’t going to turn it back. I’d rather be realistic now. Be a realist and be practical. I see a problem, analyse the problem, evaluate your odds of success. Hope to win prepare to lose. If the problem is solved pat yourself on the back. If the problem beat you, evaluate the reasons for failure and evaluate the odds of success if you attempt to solve it again. Being happy about everything does not help. At least for me. There’s a time for everything. Happiness is a luxury that I cannot afford. I like it down here. Cold, dark and nice. There’s nothing to smile at, only the darkness and cold to embrace.
Well, I like it down here. Cold, dark and nice. Because no one will know you’re there.
The art of Shadow Camping.

ahh…the long wait is over…

Today is saturday but first I must blog about THURSDAY!!! The reason why I MIA for sooo long is because of this stupid lousy event called review week. SOmething like a CA but MUCH more stress…Though I only started studying a week before. LAWL…Just only studying one week before doesn’t mean I dodn’t put in effort okay…I but in 100% quality work. Okay I’m bluffing. It’s 70%. The other 30% go into daydreaming, thinking about the best way to snipe a poor bugger in Halo 2… etc But…70% is still a pass. Right? Muahaha. ANyway I am very high but tired. Review week is over! Which means no more tests until after June holidays!!! SHIOK AH!!! All the hard effort has finally paid off. Woots. I spent the whole thursday doing parkour around in the class and watching VS sports day whcih was dissappointing since we didn’t get to see Chia. HIA! Lollerskates…Then after the parkour was GYM followed by frisbee. What a way to celebrate the end of review week! WOOTS! PArkour, gym and frisbee! Woohooohooohooohooohooo!
ANywayz today is sailing day or saturday lawls. Wind was flat in the morning so we ended up playing cards and repairing our boats. Afternoon was a nightmare. The wind started picking up. Dark clouds everywhere. Strong winds plus rain = not fun = misery But still must sail…Thank goodness the rain died quickly. My specs were dissoling and I could only see water in front of me. Thank goodness I wear specs not contact lenses too. And thank goodness the wind died down to a nice wind speed which everyone liked. Form then on it was smooth sailing. Other than the few instances I capsized, got hit on the head by the boom while resting ( I couldn’t believe it) and my trolley being stolen, it was a fine day to sail. AND…also not forgetting the PIE PARTY we had. Every sailor has to bring something that has the word pie in it. Me being suthentic asian I brought Pi(e)neapple cocktail hahahaa. Because I know nuts about pies, let alone making them. I only know how to eat Lol. Anyway there was tons of food because we got tons of sailors. We have the ultra-mega ownage shepherd’s pie. Bird’s double cooked apple pie which tasted amazingly good although she left it in the oven for too long, ice cream, three types of chicken pie and a hell lot more. And the best thing was that we ate our stuff RIGHT IN FRONT OF UNCLE RAYMOND. He’s the bugger who monopolised the food industry within NSC and plagued the sailors with oily food. ANd we ate it right in front of him. Muahahaha.Serves him right. We should do this more often and plague him with good yummy and healthy food. The reason he’s not fat is because he has never eaten his own food. That’s why Mr Yong only eats the fried rice I guess. The rest are dripping with oil. Lawl.
Anyway that;ll be all on my reprotings on saturday. aka today.
Btw. anyone who knows how to do a wall run teach me please. I’ve been trying and i only succeed in flinging myself off the wall not up. Lollerskates