Stuck in the system

This is a very melancholic post so please bear with me. I had a touch of philosophical nirvana and I realised something amazing or dreadful. It dawned upon me that we’re all stuck in some sort of system. And most of the time, more than one system.

From the moment we came into existence, the fusion of sperm and egg, we enter into the cycle of life. Nature’s system of existence. We are born, live and die. It’s a systematic way of the human race extending its longevity on this face of this earth. And we are just a mere person in the multitudes that are born, living and dying every single moment.

We go to school as a toddler, young child, adolescent and a young adult. We enter into the education system where the government/state aims to bring up well-skilled workers, public-spirited citizens imbued with the desired set of moral values. No matter how well we do, how many A grades or F grades we achieve. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most distinguished student, valedictorian or dropout, we are in this together. All part of an institutionalised system to churn out citizens with the desired skill set and hopefully to improve society as it is.

After school, we enter into another system, work. Yet another institutionalised system where each citizen earns his own keep in the state. All subconsciously obeying the Social Contract. A system to generate wealth for every man, give him money to eat, build a roof above his head, buy a car and win over a girl’s heart.

I think you can see where I’m going about this. Every living human being belongs to a system. Try to be different as we may, we belong to a system. Eat a sandwich, it goes through the digestive system, the same digestive system that every other human being has. There is no way to break out of every system. We can try to be different, have a different haircut, build a unique looking house, have a bizzare occupation. We are, on a basal level, the same as everyone else. So long as we are human, we are in it together.

Some sort of invisible link that binds us all together.

And now I wonder what it’s like to be above all systems, to be standalone. No human or living being can do that. So the one who is to achieve this cannot be living, yet not dead at the same time such as not to belong to the cycle of life and death. Aptly put, the only one to transcend all systems, is God himself. Creator of all systems, cycles. He brings order out of chaos. Gives us form and function. Purpose. And now I think, is God lonely. Master of all, unfathomable power but lonely, without equal. Who can understand God in his infinite wisdom? Perhaps, he doesn’t need a companion like Adam did. But why did he create humanity? To demonstrate his love for his creation maybe?

Nevertheless, here I am, trapped in cycle after cycle, system after system. Could it be that death be my liberty? That transience lies in the afterlife? To be standalone, without equal. Will I feel loneliness?

Now that’s a thought.