Should you disown a homosexual son? (*continued form previous entry)

Cynthia has commented on my statement. She says that I should be patient and let the Lord work on my son. But what if I have given my son 2 years of "reformative training", and I constantly pray for him but he still insists on his ungodly ways. What are you going to do?
I can put my faith in the Lord that he can change my son. But what if he has destined my son to be one of the many who were to become such during the end days (fufillment of the prophesy in revelations). The world is to become such an immoral world. What if your son was one of them. But that would be cruel wouldn’t it? Destining someone to sin to fufill a prophesy that would signify the end of the world. But without him there would be no signs of the second coming. Should I still blame him for being homosexual?
What if my son is an angel? Can it be that people are not touched but instead angels descend onto Earth to fufill the prophesies that God has made us. But that would be a lie wouldn’t it? God says something will happen and then he sends his angels to make it happen. That is not the case. Anyway, angels don’t sin, do they?
Link with me and post your thoughts whether or not in a Christian’s perspective. Just post your thoughts on disowning a homosexual son. Will you do it?

One comment on “Should you disown a homosexual son? (*continued form previous entry)

  1. Cynthia says:

    hmmm maybe just reflect… WWJD? haha homosexuality -.-\’\’ i thought everyone sin. but just accept Christ into your life and you\’ll be forgiven (= for He died for us..

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