Another Sunday? Not for me… …

Another beautiful Sunday. Time to go to church to praise the Lord! But today is going to be different! The grandson of the great Hudson Taylor is here to give his message! Hudson Taylor is a great missionary who went to China to spread the gospel. The great thing is that this Ang Moh can actually speak Chinese, hokkien, cantonese and english! How many of us can do that? Wow. And during his sermon, for the first time in my entire Christian life, I didn’t feel bored when the speaker is elaborating only 1 chapter of the bible! WoHo…
alright, so much for exciting hahas. But it truly was a new experience.
And as for Saturday (haha lagging, again…), someone also had a new experience. I shall use * to protect the person’s identity. Hahas I don’t want anyone to know about it but hey, it’s my blog. I write what I feel right?
Hehe, anyway yesterday was my church’s gospel rally and they invited a taiwanese "tribal" choir to come and sing. Since it was choir, I thought * might be interested so I called * to come. * agreed and was coming with his/her mum. What joy! If you can get somebody can come that’s great but 2 ppl that’s pure ecstacy… I quote the scriptures saying that if you are saved, the whole family shall be saved because of you. I hope I’m right but more or less. Anyways, I sat throught the whole thing and here are my feelings about it.
1. Wonderful singing but too high for me.
2. Where’s the emphasis??!! 90% of the time was singing. And the songs held very little meaning about Christ. Why is it called a gospel rally if there’s only singing?
3. The sermon is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too short and the message was inappropriate for non-believers. How will a >5 minute sermon about "miracles" affect someone. What a dissapointment. I was hoping that * would want to find out more about Christ through this gospel rally. Guess I blew it…
4. I didn’t enjoy the whole thing and so did * and * ‘s mum (I guess). Some gospel rally leh…
anyway, If * so happens to read this. (You know who you are) Please read the following below and talk to me about it the day after.
The 4 spiritual laws…
Ever felt that your life was empty and that nothing you did could fill it in? Ever wondered what would happen to you once your life is over? Is it really the end? Ever wondered if there was some superior being up there but don’t know who?
Let me tell you, Jesus Christ can solve all these problems.
1. Jesus loves you. Yes he loves you and each and every one of us. He loves and created YOU to know him personally. He can be your friend, your brother, your source of comfort. You can count on him.
2. Our sin keeps us from knowing God personally and experiencing his love. All men have sinned, it’s in our human nature. Sin seperates us from God and brings about an emptiness in our hearts that only God can feel. But we are always trying to fill it with our own efforts like money, career,friends and the ist goes on. But we always fail.
3. Jesus Christ. God’s ONLY solution for our sin. Through HIM ALONE we can know God’s personally and experience God’s love. Jesus came down to Earth to save us from our sins. He was rejected and persecuted by man and he sacrificed himself on the cross. An atonement for sin. He died but rose again on the third day. Through his death on the cross, we can know God personally and experience his love for us…
4. We need to personally receive Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord, then can we know God personally and have his love. It’s that simple, have faith that there is a God that can save you from sin and personally invite him into your life and watch as your new life as a christian is being renewed by the Lord.
Ok, that’s all for the 4 spiritual laws. Anyone who wants to know more can approach me. Or drop me a note k? And there will be a BBQ held by my church’s youth fellowship(YF). If you want to know more about Jesus Christ you can come also. Details are on the 06V13 noticeboard. (It’s the blue card I pinned up.) Pls go take a look. There will be a pre-BBQ games held at my church, also organised by the YF. Pls come…(Look for me for details)…
That will be all for my "exciting" weekend… hahas I also had so much "FUN" doing my homework!!! "Fun"…

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