Happy Lunar New Year

Yoz to all readers, VJC and VS ppl, church ppl and family and friends. Today is the first day of the lunar new year and I just want to wish all of you guys Happy Lunar New Year. Wish you longevity, prosperity, wealth and good health.
Ok, that’s all I want to say…
And a reminder to all VJC ppl, Wednesday is our cross country so don’t eat too much, better start training. Lols
Happy new year

Chinese new year celebratons @ VJC &VS

Yoz, As usual I’m lagging again since it happened yesterday. Lols
VJC CNY celebrations was lame… It wasn’t really nice or anything, I couldn’t identify any highlights during the show. But I do appreciate the effort that the teachers, students and the CO (Whoo! CO rocks!) put into the performance to at least have a "show" for us. After the performance there was a mass dance session but we left before the friendship dance was played (Muahahaha). Acoording to VS tradition, the VS guys slowly made our way back to VS, the school that watched us grow… I went back but I didn’t sit through the performance, I went to help¬†VSCO!!!! What else is there to do?
lols, after the celebrations( VS’s celebration was quite the same as VJ’s, just as dry) I did some catching up with my friends which was the highlight of the celebrations I guess…
After that was home sweet¬†home. What a day, I’m still quite tired from the BBQ last night…Lols

May the Lessons begin!

Haiz… …
Lessons start this week, and we got to meet our teachers…yay… First lesson of the entire year. Not my favourite subject, not PE, not maths, it’s Chinese. Fan-tastic… … But I thought the lesson went pretty well, we were required to fill in a particulars form in CHINESE!!! The best thing was that the PRCs had a seperate Chinese class, phew.
Moving on was Physics…My favourite subject!!! But to put a dampener, first lesson: measurement… …
Fan-tastic(Hm…I like¬†this word now…). But it was a fun lesson nonetheless. After all, it’s still physics and to all VS ppl, Physics is Phun!!! Lols
Then came the worst, SS teacher: Miss Toh. What a nightmare, she so niao one lor… See a piece of litter on the floor, pick it up, made her statement about litter and PUT IT ON THE OHP!!!!!! The OHP!!! Does she have any regard for the OHP?!! And she sat on the wobbly com table. I mean it can collapse any minute and SHE SAT ON IT!!! And, she isn’t the slimmest teacher around, with a rather big butt, and she sat on it.And Lizabelle told her not to sit on it¬†but she didn’t care lor…
"erm, can u please don’t sit on the table? It’s going to collapse"
"Ya ok, I know" (still sitting on it)
"ya i know" (still sitting)
I was like OMGosh!!! She has no regard for the OHP, now the table? what does she treat us for? Bunch of clowns? (Lol)
As thy ODAC senior goes,"love thy equipment". I think ODAC is soo right.
Haiz, and to end the day, we were given a KI paper to do. They call it a diagnostic test, I think it’s plain rubbish.
And tomorrow, run 4.8 km. Fan-tastic (lols)… …
What a day… …

First presentation of the year

Yoz, as again this entry was supposed to be made yesterday but since I came back at 11:00 last night,I didn’t have time to write this. Anyways, on the 20/1, me and my group made our first presentation to the ENTIRE IP COHORT… … Yikes, stress right?
It all started with a silly project assignment that we had to complete yesterday. But we did such a good job that our presentaion was selected for the finals. So, we had to present our project on car loans to the entire IP cohort. So all of us were gathered at the LT 2 awaiting who was shortlisted for the "final showdown". When my group (consisting of Priscilla, Nnicholas, Jillian, Piao Han and me) turned up on screen… …
I was shocked. Really shocked. I couldn’t speak, what a jaw-dropping experience(literally). Once the shock weared off, my group (JPTPN) started to get really nervous. our group had to present next and we were really tense. Priscilla was shaking, Piao Han who normally felt nothing was really nervous, Jillian being a high-S was also showing signs of nervousness, my heart was beating really fast, the only one who didn’t show signs of nervousness was Nicholas. Wow.
We did an impromptu skit and the presentation went smoothly. Honestly, I think we did much better that the other group.
And the results were out. WE WON!!! What a great milestone for 06V13!!! I was delighted. And we won a $30 kino something voucher. Lols
I was delighted

Praxis Game. Amazing or Sucky?

Yoz to all. This week in the IP is called the Helmsman week when they teach u skills u need in life later. This week they’re teaching financial literacy. Cool right? Teach u how to manage ur money and how to let it grow. That was what they did. Budgeting, credit card loans, debts, insurance, shares and stocks and basically teach u how to grow ur $$. From $ to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!! But that takes a long time…
Anyway, they taught us this board game called Praxis. It’s something like Monopoly but it’s much more complicated. They have a job (u CAN get retrenched) and upgrade it, business cycles, shares, property, insurance ( U can get hurt and land in hospital and pay the fees), savings and a retirement account. It’s like monopoly and the game of life all mxed up.
Btw, I suck at this game. My game is all screwed up. I have absolutely no luck. I was retrenched most of the time and I can’t collect my salary and the stock market crashed and I lost alot of money. Crappy right? At the end of the game I was only left with 27K, that is HORRIBLE!!! Some ppl have gone over 100K! And look at me… ūüė¶
So does this game rule or suck?
All depends on your luck, but the designers say it’s a strategic game. Rubbish! I still¬†Tai Ti is like much better lor…
What do U think? All those from VIP better write me your views and how much u earned. ūüôā

Green Ping Pong Ball

This is one of those ultimate Lmao jokes that I have heard. Being a very cold person this has to be one of my favourites too bad it’s too long to repeat just like the Blue tank vs. Red tank joke. Anyway read and enjoy. Lols
Once, there was this little boy. His mother passed away and his father loves him alot since he’s what his father has left. So, this boy was a very smart boy. He was the brightest student in Kindergarten. And his Dad asked him whatever he wanted and he would get it for him. And the boy said:"Dad, I want a green ping pong ball." His father was very puzzled¬†but he went around the whole town but he couldn’t buy a green ping pong ball, instead he got¬†his son a bicycle. The boy was¬†dissappointed but¬†was he was content with the bicycle.
In primary school, he was again exceptional, he topped his entire cohort in the PSLE. His¬†dad was very pleased and asked him what he wanted and he would get it for him.¬†And the boy said:"Dad, I want a green ping pong ball." The father was again very puzzled, but he went around town looking for that green ping pong ball. He couldn’t find it but he gave his son a game console and a box of orange ping pong balls¬†instead. The boy was¬†dissappointed but¬†was he was content with the console and the¬†ping pong balls.
In Secondary school, the boy did very well again during the O levels and his dad was very pleased and¬†asked him what he wanted and he would get it for him. And the boy said:"Dad, I want a green ping pong ball." His father couldn’t understand why he wanted a green ping pong ball. "Dad, I just want a green ping pong ball." was the boy’s answer. Nevertheless, his dad went around town looking for the green ping pong ball but he couldn’t find it. He bought a computer and a whole box of orange and white ping pong balls. The boy was¬†dissappointed but¬†was he was content with the¬†computer and¬† the ping pong balls.
In JC, the boy didn’t fail to perform. He was top student and did very well in the A-levels. His¬†dad was very pleased and asked him what he wanted and he would get it for him.¬†And the boy said:"Dad, I want a green ping pong ball." The father still couldn’t understand why he wanted a green ping pong ball but he went to find it anyway. Eventually, he bought his son a car and a whole load of ping pong balls.The boy was¬†dissappointed but¬†was he was content with the¬†car and¬†the ping pong balls.
One day while the son was driving to university, he met a car accident and was hospitalised. His father came to find his son in critical condition and was going to die. He asked his son what was his last wish. And the boy said again," Dad, I really want a green Ping Pong Ball." His father was exasperated, he asked:" Son, I’ll give you whatever you want but I can’t find a green ping pong ball. Why do you always want a green ping pong ball?" The son said,"Because… …" And then he died. The End.
Now I have to thank you for wasting 5 minutes of your time on this stupid story.
Hahaha, get the joke? It’s just to waste your time, hahahahaha! -_-"

ODAC Back to Basics Camp

Yoz to all. Today just came back from camp and I’m ultra mega super tired… ODAC’s amazing race was the best.
Here’s a sequence of events that happened…
We had a field cooking competition and we came in 5th! Out of 6 groups.(Gp name is Cougar btw). And we set out at 7+ PM… Wow, amazing race at night lols. First station, pasir ris maze…So after arriving there we camped at Pasir Ris for the night.
Next morning 6:55 am, we set out for our next station and so on and so forth… we went to kallang for dragon boating. How fun is that? We tied with the other team and hence we lost…(The group instructors flipped a coin and we lost) and was stalled for¬†15 minutes which was a good thing. To let our WET SHOES AND SOCKS dry. which were still quite wet, I changed to my sandles and carried on (My life was very miserable then. Imagine an amazing race with wet socks and shoes. Bleach…) So on we went around Singapore and ended up at Simpang Bedok for lunch. Each group was given $20 and a specific time frame (6 minutes for us) to buy our lunch from Cld Storage. WTH??? We had no choice but to grab BREAD (Yuck!), soya bean milk and some other drinks. What a wonderful lunch. Later we found out that 1 group¬†was SO FORTUNATE to eat food from the hawker centre bacause there was a blackout at Simpang and Cold Storage couldn’t check items out. I mean WTH¬†lor…Nvm, live with it…
After that we went to Changi village. At that station we had to drink an almost¬†5+ litres of Pineapple juice!!! With straws!!!! OMGosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¬†But we did it anyway and we were off on a bum boat to PULAU UBIN… …
Over there we took a damn long walk to the camp site,¬†because the GIs lost their¬†way…We eventually reached the place and set up camp. At night we had a campfire and our group performed its award-winning skit: The Disney Menace… Written by me and therfore is a crappy skit, but it won¬†the best NR¬†(night recreational) award.
Morning, we headed¬†back to mainland and ended the game at VJC. (finally) We came in first but was disqualified because we took a cab… … Heck, the GIs nvr told us we couldn’t take a cab… But we couldn’t anyway…But we winners in our hearts… …And my skit won the best NR!!!
Lols, though this camp may be tough, I still had my fun and I got to know more JC ppl.
List of difficulties during camp (Read only if you want to cause it’s quite naggy)
1. Cramped tents…
– 5 guys squeezing into a 4 man tent, with baggage. we were literally like sardines in¬†a can. (we didn’t have enough space to turn)
2. Muddy ground at Pasir Ris park and at Ubin
– Tent on muddy ground? Yuck. Navigating through wet, muddy off the tar-road track? Splendid.
3.Only 5 hours of sleep a day
– From 12+ am to 6/7 am. Plus stuffy tents and cramped quarters… I don’t think you can even sleep 5 hours.
4. Sadistic Station Masters
– I don’t think I need to say more.
Lols, I’m done complaining.
Nil Sine Labore ūüôā