Rant Rant

As old people do, I’m going to complain about the weather.

Today was a nice day to go cycling. I woke up early in the morning to get ready and it was a beautiful day, sunny and tufts of clouds just swirling by. And recently I just cleaned out my bike and changed my tyres to a thinner variety so it’s faster and smoother. The plan was to cycle from my house to ECP via park connector (PCN), head over to Changi Village back to Fort Road, then finally back to the PCN to bring me home. Total distance was about 30km. Actually more but I haven’t had the time to calculate it out.

So I reached Changi Village and decided to stop and rest. I was testing my camera and figuring out how on earth to use my prosumer camera. I shall display some of the nicer shots. I’m a novice at this so, please forgive.

Ok so after a nice rest and some picture taking it’s time to head over to fort road. So somewhere along the road by the runway, it started drizzling. I thought nothing of it until I saw the giant black cloud over head. And the drizzle turned into a storm!!! GARH!!! Very soon I was soaking wet, forget about cycling to fort road, I want to go home NOW!!! So i headed towards the PCN what would bring me home at top speed. Then out of nowhere, this uncle with a bike about as powderful as mine zipped by. I was flabbergasted. Not to be beaten by the uncle, we had some sort of race. Of course the youth will triumph in the end but it was a tough fight. Okok, here comes the worst part, it stopped raining once I reached home. GARH!!! It’s as if the weather didn’t want me to cycle to fort road and back. Hey mother nature, I have a tummy to lose! Bah.

To add insult to injury, the weather became stifling hot. After cycling I was, of course, tired and wanted to take a nap. But I couldn’t because it was just too hot and humid. Even my fan was blowing hot air into my face. I gave up napping and ate a chinese bun of some sorts.

Singapore weather is epic. If any temperate-climate-living nation were to invade Singapore, they’d better bring some kind of cooling device. If not we’d win without firing a single bullet. The heat and humidity will take care of them.


On a side note, I’ve found eye bleach worse than fat women in undersized bikinis. It’s a guy’s ass crack. It’s bad. I almost went blind. Dudes of the world, if you want to wear your pants low, please make sure you show your underwear or boxers and not your ass cracks. It is simply disgusting and girls don’t find it sexy, at all. So please do the world a favour.


Busy busy day

Today has been a day of NON STOP ACTION!!! Straight after breakfast I was zipping over to Tammy’s place to accompany her while her back/hip/leg heals. If there’s one thing that sucks in the morning, it has to be the morning crowd. At circa 0815 hours, the crowd is already packed. I once boarded the MRT at 8.45 and it was HELL! The only consolation was that I had a free copy of Today newspaper to read on the train. BUT!!! How on earth are you supposed to read the papers when.. it’s just another nose-length away from your face and you don’t really have the space to flip it. I did manage to flip it, but due to my height, I ended ruffling the hair of the lady standing in front of me. Best thing is, I can’t see her pissed off face. Because, newspaper is blocking line of sight and she was facing away from me and she doesn’t have the space to turn! HAH!

Ok, so the crowd at 0815 is bad enough, slightly better but bad enough. I was squished to one corner reading Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything. Good book, but I was supposed to read it 4 years ago. Got off at AMK and bought a lot of goodies for my “bedridden” darling.

We went swimmering later on in the afternoon after we ate our sumptuous japanese-style lunch. We made soba, tamagotch egg omelette (I can’t spell it, it’s tamagoyaki egg or sth, basically some japanese omelette that you can find tied to your sushi with seaweed) and french fries and a calamari ring each. I know it’s whacked out, but we’re nuts anyway. But each individual dish was good. Especially the egg which was prepared with TLC. ❤ Ok Tammy didn’t exactly swim, with her hip/leg/back in such a condition, all she could do was to splash around and paddle around abit with her foam noodle. And don’t diss her foam noodle! It has a detachable netting that can serve as a chair!! ZOMG!!!!

Straight after that was tuition till 9.45 reached home at around 10 with my packet of Ba Chor Mee dinner. I’m blogging this because I’m too full to sleep lol. Anyway once I sleep, it would be the end of mah busy day.


Another year has come and gone and it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. I’ve been really busy nowadays, hardly have time to sit down and blog. I admit, I kinda lost interest in blogging some time back but I’m on FIRE again! Haha. So I’d just want to use this blog post as a kind of reminisce.. So many things have passed, i guess it’s time to put them all down in this online memory storage, so to speak.

First things first. A levels are over. It’s hard to believe sometimes, even now but the reality is that A levels are REALLY over. It’s not a dream, the worst has passed. (honestly, i feel taking the exams are worse than receiving results) I can still remember how I was a quivering wreck the night before the first paper. It was Maths if I remember correctly. I was so afraid if I blew my only chance. With a abysmal A level cert and no O levels to fall back on, I’d be the joke of society. Hand picked to join the Integrated Programme but turned out to be an academic failure. That was my nightmare. Of course there were other nightmares of a wretched life if I blew my exams, parents screaming, everyone shaking their heads, laughing when they read the papers and so on. It was a very terrifying experience that I feel nobody should go through. Even if people say that it builds character and shit, it’s not something that everyone should be put through.

As the exams started, everyone develops the exam mentality. It’s paper after paper. Everything’s drilled into your head. Our brains are so saturated that exams is all we could think about. The tension wears off as everything becomes very mundane. Before you know it, A levels are over. Shouts and screams of joy filled the hall. I didn’t scream nor shout (ok I did shout a YEAH!), but heaved a sigh of great relief. It’s over. It’s over..

After A levels, life was just as busy. But busy doing things I’ve always wanted to do. Of course spending lost time with my dearest Darling took up most of my time, but I had the time to do practically everything I always wanted. I found time to read books, build my gundam models (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this), rear fish… The list goes on. Life is good, but it’ll last only till 27th of April cuz I’m going into Tekong Resort on the 28th. ahahahaha.. *laughs sick twisted laugh*

Anyway, looking back, I realised how A levels have affected my character. I feel that I’m more mellow now and I dared not reach for the stars. A levels exposes you to many things. It shows you how small you are relative to the entire batch of candidates. If you thought you were a small fish in a big ocean, go one more step lower, plankton in a big ocean. With this kind of discouraging exposure, it’s hard to keep an optimistic outlook. I’m not saying that I’m emo and all but it’s really difficult to believe that one can beat the odds and evolve from plankton to a whale. Of course some are able to do it and I do know people who, by sheer hard work, have achieved this and they earn my full respect. But for more mediocre people like me, I guess being plankton is enough. Just keep out of harm’s way. No more spontaneity and no more vitality. Even Tammy noticed. A levels is a truly humbling experience. Perhaps over-humbling.

Now’s the time for scholarship hunting. While everyone’s scrambling to find the perfect scholarship, I’m sitting back and watching the world go by. Some accuse me of being “atas”, because I can afford to pay for my university tuition fees without a scholarship but to me, hunting for a scholarship is delving deeper into the rat race. Once A levels was over, I was so relieved to be out of the rat race for a short breather before being sucked into it again. Scholarships are about the prestige. Of course some need the money, but others are just so fervent in their hunt for glory. To me, it’s almost pitiable. Or maybe it’s just me being sour grapes because no way I can get a scholarship. What’s the point in applying if I can’t get it. I mean it’ll be nice to have a scholarship and go overseas to study but what for bother if I can’t get in? Convince me otherwise if you may but touchy subject for the time being. (Maybe I’m ranting, not too sure)

Ohwells, at least I get to be with my beloved again.

Anyways I’m giving tuition now. So whoever who is in secondary school, primary school or in JC, please feel free to approach me for help with math or science subjects (except JC maths, I’m not very confident of that). Visit my star tutor page! http://startutor.sg/19571