It’s over…So? Camp lor…

>>>This is a lag entry, this was supposed to happen yesterday
>>>Tuesday 10/10/2006
Lang Arts and it will be over soon. You can feel the anticipation. The saturation of studying. Nobody is looking at their files anymore. All eager to burst out of the exam hall screaming,"IT’S OVER! WOOT! IT’S OVER!" That was what I was planning to do but Mrs Jay aka Japillai told us to keep quiet because there were other people having exmas. Especially the lit people. I pity them but they don’t seem to want my pity. Who needs pity anyway? Hm… A penny for my thoughts (I’m getting rich). So there Language Arts finally came to an end which marked the end of the end of years. Waves of relief, excitement and sadness overcame me. Relief because the * exams are finally over. Now I can play with peace of mind, excitement because I’m going camping after that and sadness because we’re going to get our papers back next week. Like I always say to people handing out homework/marked test papers/etc/etc/etc/etc… ,"I don’t want it, take it back!" Nothing special but hey it’s a tagline. Lol… So bursting out of the classroom with the mute function on, it’s time for lunch! haha! After that was me sailing meeting. Going to do preperations for open house. Woot! Then can go camping. OMGosh I got so many things to write I dunno how long this entry is going to be…
So the sailing team met up at "The Sailor’s Bench" at the canteen. We came up with a plan and then swaggered down to Parkway to buy paint to paint our banner/sail. WE GET TO PAINT A SAIL AS A BANNER! How cool is that?! But bloddy SC kope our idea as dressing up as pirates so we’re stuck with PT kit lor…Sadness. Alexi suggested we bring pirate-d VCDS and spoof up their entire event but that would land us in an awful lot of trouble. So after lunch at parkway, thinking of what to paint and buying the paint which took 1 1/2 hours. Anyway these people are the BEST! We actually got to eat at a HAWKER CENTRE! Finally, the first bunch of VJ people that I went out with that would willingly eat at a hawker centre. And it wasn’t my idea. As Kyne says,"We always go hawker." Bunch of cool people… The last time I went out with the class I had in mind to stop at the food court to eat but the people in front just walked past and planted their bums in a fast food restaurant. I was standing outside the foodcourt in a daze. Must be the old VS mentality and my own personal preference. I can’t wait to go to Thailand with the sailing team! Imagine the madness.( Yep, they’re crazy people all right, no bluffing)
So back to school armed with paint, brushes and thinner we got to work. Plan was to imitate the VJ PE attire, yellow and white but with the logo drawn with cross-swords. So it looks more pirate-ish…Not as easy as it took though. I had to leave early to go camp or else there won’t be no campfire left. So I left the team reluctantly.
Alright, now here’s where all the fun begins…Arrived at East coast barefooted(I was barefooted because I had to step on the sail and was too lazy to put me shoes back on) and found a nice spot. All sand, no grass. That way there won’t be any thorny stuff and ants. So I set up camp, took out my mp3 and enjoyed the haze, whoops I mean breeze… (Rain or shine, haze or no haze, nothing is going to ruin this camping trip) Ah…feels good to be back in the open. I might want to go camping again this week. Friday perhaps. But don’t want it to be overkill. So lying on my poncho and half-tent and thinking about the year and stuff. Things you wouldn’t comprehend and I cannot express. So yah, just one word to sum it all up: stuff. Lol. Anyway halfway thru my beauty sle…I mean rest, this young malay couple approached me to "jagar" their tent while they went to the market to get stuff. I’ve always admired how malays always take the opportunity to camp. It’s like the spirit is in their blood or something. Cool, I like that. So I angled my tent so that I would face their tent and lay down again. After a while the wind died and it got really hot even in a half tent. SO I went around looking for wood to burn for the fire later. I mean, what’s a camping trip without a fire. Thank goodness it didn’t rain in the past few days and the wood was dry as bone. Perfect. So I got some planks, twigs but not wandering far from the tents. I looked at my pile of wood and felt very satisfied. Back to the tent. The couple then came back with coke and some sotong balls for me. Gee, what a nice couple. They then invited me to share their rojak. Wha damn paiseh lor. Help to jagar tent get so many things. Anyway this boyfired-girlfried couple seemed kind enough. But I just ate the cucumbers, pai seh mah…That led to the girl named Sha-something asking whether I was vegetarian. Later on we saw something really spectacular.
This two ang mah women stripped down to their bikinis a little distance away from us and made their way to the water. I wouldn’t mind if they were "trim" and tall like * but OMGosh, they look like…urgh…disgusting sight. They were fat and them wearing bikini is honestly porn. That’s porn I tell you. Bleagh…Sha-sth and the guy (nicknamed Lee) were all laughing away. The two angmoh women kinda looked back at us but that didn’t stop them, and didn’t stop us from laughing. They waded in the water and got quite deep. They obviously think that Singapore’s sea water is like our tap water. But nope. SIngapore’s sea water is…erm…(hope I don’t get sued for this) seriously shitty. Haiz, come on, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Singapore do as the Singaporeans do. Please don’t give people sore eyes…
Alright so we spent a while chatting till the trio came to join me for the camp. Trio meant: Rhoda Priscilla and Jillian. Why all girls you may ask. Simple question deserves a simple answer, because there are no guys! Easy as that. Everyone of them backed out so left the trio lor…So I left Lee and Sha-sth to go start the fire. WHen they arrived, it wasn’t very dark yet but it soon became much darker. Like the endpoint of a titration experiment, night falls extremely quick. So now got people jagar my tent, I ran around gathering tinder and got this huge log. Not log maybe but a large branch. Again, all bone dry. Gee, I’m a happy camper! Whahoo! Dry wood=Big Fire. So while I was away collecting all my stuff, the girls got back…a few dried leaves…yeah, that’s it. Okay, never mind. Anyway I already got some stuff while walking over to East coast so got quite alot of wood. So what are we waiting for? It’s dark and so start the fire!
I lit the tinder with the lighter and it caught fire instantly(I use lighters because I can’t use matches. I break them, I know it’s cheating but hey…I don’t have boxes of matches to spare)The tinder caught fire but the wood didn’t. So add more tinder lor? Some of the twigs caught fire and started to burn but ended up in smouldering embers. Perfect, just what I wanted. So what now? Blow lor. Give it some oxygen dude! Blow and blow. The girls stood rather far away and their breaths didn’t really make much of a difference. But I appreciate the effort. Rhoda and Jillian can’t get too close because they’ll just choke on the smoke and die. So after much hard work, the fire got started. Exhausted and sweaty I sat back to enjoy the flames. Something that I’ve never done in a long time. The fire is my baby. I’ll never let it go out until it’s time for it to go… I love my fire and I love you too. Wish you were here…
Jillian told me that when they were outside at dunno what Vivocity she claimed that she would start a fire beside mine but looking how hard it was she kinda gave up. SHe thought you could just put a lighter under a log and burn it till it catches fire. She has never heard of tinder before. Naive but forgivable. These people are having their first REAL campfire. Priscilla had never been to a "real" camp and Jillian had only seen fires with wood soaked in Kerosene. That is cheating big time I say. I was hugely dissapointed when ODAC back to basics camp used kerosene soaked wood for their fire on the last day. It’s ODAC hello! What’s going on??!! Oh well. At least I already knew how t pitch a tent and set up a fire before the ODAC camp. One thing, I don’t know how to make rope out of fibers and set up a proper tent, not the kind with tent poles and those you can buy. I want to know how to set up the kind of Poncho tent with long straight branches. A DIY tent sth like that…
So after chatting and the girls singing, it’s time for dinner! So I took out my instant noodles and poured some water in my mess tin. I laid in on a plank of wood over the fire. It didn’t look like it would boil. SO after countless efforts to get it to boil, finally settled on a position where only one of the corner of the mess tin was touching the fire. Hey, this is my first time cooking sth over a fire hor. Dun laugh… Surprisingly the girls helped me do all the cooking. They kinda volunteered. How enbarrasingto have somene cook your food for you when you can do it yourself. Their reason was that since I helped make the fire, they’ll help by cooking me noodles. Since got free help…why not? Haha…
>>>To be continued…

2 comments on “It’s over…So? Camp lor…

  1. Rhoda says:

    HEY! we got you charcoal kay? hahaha. i\’m rhoda btw.

  2. Thomas says:

    Charcoal??? WTH? I don\’t remember any charcoal…I made my fire from scratch. No "artificial materials"

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