Sailig meeting

Okay now I have something against the SC. Darn them kope our idea of dressing up as pirates. Now they wear what "personalised T-shirts". What rubbish, now that we CAN dress up as pirates and stuff, we already changed our entire theme! BASKE*! I’m not against anyone but the whole organisation as a whole. Hey get a life or get an idea. Whole day use sailing stuff. It’s ironic. We get so much publicity for open house and stuff but other times nobody gives a damn whether sailing exists or not. AR…! It’s overhyped I tell you! We must find the Oracle to tell us all about them! Slay the Prophets of Truth, Mercy and Regret! We heretics must hold strong! We have the Oracle by our side, not even the Arbiter can harm us!
Haha! See that’s one reason why I don’t want to take up leadership positions in VJ (anymore). It’s overhyped I tell you!!! ARGH! CURSE YOU SC, pirate scum!

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