Splendid Sunday

Ah…a day of rest. Strictly no mugging. Studying should be the word. Heh heh. Chem xam on monday then LA on tuesday. THAT’S IT! NO MORE! Woot! Wait, forgot to count the R-papers. AIYAH! Must learn to say it Jackie Chan Adventure style. Uncle: AYEEEEEEYAAAAAAAH! Tauru! Get me tentacle of Octupus. Lollerskae. Anyway this entry will be dedicated to all the random stuff I’m thinking. Kwok-nian motion where thoughts move randomly and haphazardly.
1. I’ve been thinking about my favourite 2 names again, Aquila and Jade. Now I’ve got a new name! In the event I have 2 daughters, the eldest shall be Jade, and the younger Ruby! Haha, Ruby is a nice name. It’s a gem which is precious, like my children (if I ever have any) and most importantly, IT’S RED!!! My favourite colour!!! Haha! Haven’t thought of the scenario where I get two sons yet. Hm…
2. I wonder whether it’s better to build a wall round a campfire to prevent the wind from blowing it out. But more wind better wad…So make holes in the wall? Might as well not make any wall.
3. What the hell is art for? (While revising LA) I think art is some rubbish created by some clown that loved what he made. So what now, in this postmdern world, everything can be art. If everything is art, then what’s it for? Can everything have a common purpose?
4. In church I was asked what was the one quality that I would want to have. I thought for a while and put down the all-encompassing answer: Godly. Now that I’ve come home, I think, what does Godly include? Hm…too much for us humans to understand.
5. Haze has cleared up abit today. Bloddy hell, yesterday PSI limit rose up to 150. Magnus effect (pronounce mad-ness ee-fect). It’s siao one, visibility was so low and it was literally raining dust. I wasn’t affected by it though. Stayed indoors the whole time. What did we do to deserve this??? Hey farmers, dun burn the wood. Chop down the trees and sell the timber, make more money like that yah? You can’t sell smoke. Guess they’ll have tons of smoked food. Carbon carbon everywhere. Woot!
6. Sailing meeting on tuesday, discuss open house. Everyone dress as pirate, heheh. Shiver me timbers…ar…
7. People actually read my blog! Apart from the faithful viewers, other ppl actually come and read my blog! WoHo! See? This proves the usefulness of MSN space. It’s so accessible, just click on the star beside my dp and whoalah you’re here at Camping grounds for FREE! Microsoft doesn’t even charge a cent for creating a space here. Woot! Go microsoft! Xbox 360 OWNAGE! Wii is the Wii not as good as the 360? Because it’s NITENDO! Nitendo!! Argh! *Choke *Gasp.
Oh well, that’s all. No more random thoughts.

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