Busy busy day

Today has been a day of NON STOP ACTION!!! Straight after breakfast I was zipping over to Tammy’s place to accompany her while her back/hip/leg heals. If there’s one thing that sucks in the morning, it has to be the morning crowd. At circa 0815 hours, the crowd is already packed. I once boarded the MRT at 8.45 and it was HELL! The only consolation was that I had a free copy of Today newspaper to read on the train. BUT!!! How on earth are you supposed to read the papers when.. it’s just another nose-length away from your face and you don’t really have the space to flip it. I did manage to flip it, but due to my height, I ended ruffling the hair of the lady standing in front of me. Best thing is, I can’t see her pissed off face. Because, newspaper is blocking line of sight and she was facing away from me and she doesn’t have the space to turn! HAH!

Ok, so the crowd at 0815 is bad enough, slightly better but bad enough. I was squished to one corner reading Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything. Good book, but I was supposed to read it 4 years ago. Got off at AMK and bought a lot of goodies for my “bedridden” darling.

We went swimmering later on in the afternoon after we ate our sumptuous japanese-style lunch. We made soba, tamagotch egg omelette (I can’t spell it, it’s tamagoyaki egg or sth, basically some japanese omelette that you can find tied to your sushi with seaweed) and french fries and a calamari ring each. I know it’s whacked out, but we’re nuts anyway. But each individual dish was good. Especially the egg which was prepared with TLC. ❤ Ok Tammy didn’t exactly swim, with her hip/leg/back in such a condition, all she could do was to splash around and paddle around abit with her foam noodle. And don’t diss her foam noodle! It has a detachable netting that can serve as a chair!! ZOMG!!!!

Straight after that was tuition till 9.45 reached home at around 10 with my packet of Ba Chor Mee dinner. I’m blogging this because I’m too full to sleep lol. Anyway once I sleep, it would be the end of mah busy day.


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