Army Revelations

Revalations that I had while being stuck in camp for the weekend. Not for punishment but to serve the nation in case somebody decides to do something funny. So I’m ALERT during the weekend to cover the nations hind so we can all go shop, watch HARRY POTTER, eat and play with peace of mind.

Officership in the SAF is quite a lonely job. There’re loads of men and specialists who are waiting for an opportunity to undermine what you do. Some times it’s just healthy seargent vs officer rivalry but to some it can be an obsession if the officer is a real mess up and well…messes things up on a daily basis. It’s comforting to know that most of the men in my unit are friendly to us officers and not officer-adverse since we don’t torture them and stuff. So we do get their respect and sometimes sympathy when we are arrowed to do officer-specific jobs like being on 2 NTM for a week, being safety officer or having to conduct all sorts of stuff.

Being in the army is like being in a two year dream. You wake up and everyone’s in the future. Take a look at your female JC friends, driving cars, second year in university, new stuff. Take a look at your phone, you’re 2 years behind technologically speaking. You haven’t found the time to watch a movie that was screened two years ago. People talking about things that you haven’t even heard of. Off you go to uni and every single morsel of academia has evaporated from your brain. v = u + at seems, at most, vaguely familiar. It’s the start of real life and the end of the dream. It’s like being a stranger in your own land. I used to be able to teach tuition, now I can hardly remember anything. Sometimes, it’s not fair. Why we are called to serve our nation, forfeiting 2 years of our lives to defend a nation whom nobody believes will stand the tide of war. How can we have faith in the army if the very people whom we defend have no faith in it. Is army just a waste of 2 years of our lives? 2 years and more because of reservice. I beg to differ.

The army has taught me many life lessons that the normal pursuit of academia can never provide. That’s why to a certain extent, I believe that the fairer sex should also serve alongside their countrymen in defending the nation. How can you tell if someone is genuinely telling the truth? How should you deal with someone who claims family problems as an excuse? How do you command the respect of your peers without being “wayang”? To some extent, the army experience does simulate real work experience for us most-probable white collared workers. Interactions between your superior and subordinates. Being taught from the ground up and stuff like that. Invaluable experience.


oh pity me…

Oh pity me… Rant rant… My life is at a all time low. Call it the mid-NS life crisis. Feeling the blues…

First things first, it’s REALLY not my fault that I “don’t have a life”. The last thing I need is someone who’s unappreciative of NS. And, no offence but it usually comes from the opposite gender.

“Do you watch *insert some random angmoh TV serial like Glee or House*?”


“Oh wait you’re in NS, you don’t have a life”

Maybe she said that without ill intent but it’s REALLY annoying how insensitive people can be towards NS. Here I am, making the most out of NS, hoping that whatever little I contribution I give to the SAF as a young second lieutenant can change a little something and there’re people who probably don’t give a shit. And treat you like shit. I mean I’m serving the nation here. At least TELL me what’s going on in your *insert some random angmoh TV serial like Glee or House? And for the record, I DON’T watch those shows anyway. Fallout 3 is waayyy more exciting. Muahahaha. But anyway, it really does hurt to be cast aside by people you’re trying to protect. Bah.

Sometimes you wonder in your bunk whilst staring at the ceiling. Why the **** did I have to go through 9 months of OCS, tekan, torture and flood of nonsense to do what I’m doing now? I carried half my body weight for more than 8km, ran my lungs out to get GOLD for IPPT, bruised a few fingers stripping the GPMG in record time, get punished for absolutely no reason or for someone else’s crime. Now I sit in the office, clearing email and running almost half the battalion. Ok maybe I overestimated myself, but I do run at the very least a small degree of the battalion. It almost seems that all that training has gone down the toilet. Mental strength, physical tenacity? My privates clear emails better than me. what the fish is going on? So here I am, trying to find my place in the whole stream of the SAF. Till I find my answer, I’m still going to be staring at the ceiling.

Second, there’s this special someone who is REALLLYYY getting on my nerves and poking me the wrong way. Pardon the understatement. This person is probably the personification of irritation. Honestly all I need is one little shove to get him/her/it out of the way but I don’t really know why I’m not doing that. I’m too merciful..

Third, I’m being consumed by my own pride. As much as I enjoy waiting for someone’s pompous arrogant ass to come crashing down to the depth of the Atlantic, I realise that I am too being that pompous arrogant ass. I’ve come to believe that I can do anything on my own. That help might sometimes just get in the way. I use my past achievements to thumb down others. I laugh at the weak. How often have I found myself using “officer power” or indirectly pulling rank. How often do I undermine a weaker acquaintance’s academic achievements with my own. I’ve been blessed thus far. It’s time to share God’s blessings for God did not bless us to be proud but to share it with everyone. So splash some cold water at my face, I’ll never be proud again. For I came from humble roots and humble I shall stay.


Ok, totally random but I found this pic lying around in my com. A Starcraft battlecruiser made from Spore! Quite nice hor?

Battlecruiser operational

Spore Battlecruiser


Rant rant

Honestly there’s nothing much to rant about. Life’s been pretty ok. My unit 21SA has been very good to all of us. Other than the fact that there’s a never ending avalanche of work to be done. It’s amazing how one single email can turn an otherwise lazy office into a mad scramble.

Funny how other people don’t have that much things to do in my unit. Sucks to be me to have such a wide job scope. Bweh. And I don’t get paid as much as other people cuz I’m a “staff officer” so I get $100 combat pay instead of the full $150. But neverminds my appointment has taught me much.

>>>To be continued

Opposition Rally O.o

GASP! I went to an opposition rally! But who gives a flying ****? All Singaporeans should go to an opposition rally. It’s rather amusing.

So Captain A organised an “outing” to the WP rally at Serangoon stadium yesterday. Initially I didn’t quite want to go especially when it involved rushing all over the damn place just go get my ass to an opposition rally. But I thought, since I’m going to London to study, I’m going to miss the next election in 5 years time! So damn, I have to attend my very first rally as part of my responsibility of a Singaporean citizen to inform myself of whatever devilish mischief or angelic enlightenment the most credible opposition party can bring to Singapore.

GST prices, squeezy MRTs and taxes are but a few of the different fuels the WP used to fan the flames of dissent with the PAP. But personally, these issues are really trivial. In my own words, solved really easily. Squeezy MRTs? Increase MRT frequencies, introduce new bus services or whatnot, not a very difficult problem to solve. I was rather annoyed by it.

Checks and balances. This, I feel is a rather good point. The WP aims to work towards a “first world parliament” of which they didn’t define in their rally which I felt was VERY disappointing but I suppose it means a parliament with more than one voice. They kept stressing that a party with 82 out of 84 seats won’t give a hoot about the public’s needs because they’re so comfortable and no one can stop them. But aside from giving more seats to the opposition, how are they going to provide these checks and balances? I have the impression that they’re just going to oppose any policy the PAP comes up with. Like a rebellious child saying NO! to his mother regardless of what she said. But truth be told, there IS a need for more voices in the parliament to provide more views and the creation of more balanced and well-rounded policies. I quote:

“A party with 82 out of 84 seats will not fight for your future, they will DEFINE your future! Tell you when you can retire, what kind of house to live in, how many kids to have…”

Another issue brought up for contention by the WP is the number of foreigners allowed into Singapore. And they are squeezing the life out of us. They mentioned that we Singaporeans are friendly people and we welcome foreigners but the government is making us hate them because they’re letting too many of them in! With regards to education, I’ve competed with PRC students as well as Vietnamese students in my JC days. I respect them as equals as well as my friends with some I am very close with. However, some of them have even agreed that there are simply too many of them in Singapore and can understand our resent towards their existence in our schools. Yes, foreigners do add colour and flavour to our otherwise mundane and narrow-minded lives. They open our eyes to a “new world” out there. Singaporeans can be very close minded, refusing to seek understanding of different pastures outside our island city.

But there must be a limit.

Like how too many cooks spoil the broth, too many foreigners will only bring about Singapore’s ruin. As correctly pointed out by the opposition, our land mass is already very constrained and housing is inadequate. Bringing in more foreigners than housing property growth spells for disaster. Cheap labour will drive Singaporeans out of their jobs. Singaporeans who contribute to CPF, go back for In Camp Training (ICT) every year to keep themselves ready to defend our nation and help the poor. A balance must be found. A Singaporeans first policy will definitely have its drawbacks but it’s up to the politicians to find that magic balance.



All the suffering in OCS has finally come to an end.  It’s hard to imagine sometimes that 9 months of nonsense has come and passed so quickly. Well honestly, the years are short but the days are long. Going through OCS day by day has been quite torturous but looking back, time really flew. My buddy used to tell me:

OCS is all about breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you wake up, it’s breakfast. Do abit of things then it’s lunch. Do abit more than hey! It’s dinner. After dinner, sleep. The next day just rinse and repeat.

Tis true I say. As I was marching into the parade square during the commissioning parade, all my memories of the hardships and fun times in OCS just flashed before my eyes. I’m not dying, only my OCS journey flashed before my eyes, not my entire life. It’s quite intriguing how the brain just suddenly throws out images through your eyes for you to see. YES I know it’s weird. But it works like that. It’s like watching a projector screen but only that your eyes are the projector lens.

Mom, Dad and I at the dinner after the commissioning parade

Throwing of the peak cap was probably the most emotional moment. Screaming and running around, hugging all your buddies who went through the same shit as you. That’s something to remember for the rest of your life. Not forgetting my dearest who was there at the parade as well being there every step of the way. *hugs*

So now that I’m an ossifer, what next? I refer to myself as ossifer because I’m not as straight laced as other officers. I don’t really like how the officer corps does certain things and I’ll change it in my own little way. I received my posting a few days prior to commissioning and I’m in 21 SA at Kranji Camp II. I was quite sad to be posted away from Khatib but it was a nice change on hindsight. The bunks are AWESOME. I feel like I’m in a chalet haha.

Right now, just clearing off that I’ve accumulated over my OCS days and loving every minute I’m spending at home haha! Finished playing HALO REACH that my darling bought for me in London as well as Fallout 3. AND, I’m getting pretty scared of studying at Imperial so I visited the library and started borrowing books to read and prep myself. But I’m still at level one. I’m still reading books that any dunb-**** sec school student can pick up and read. My intellect has decreased somewhat over the past year…sadly…

Now on to the fun part!

Darling came back to Singapore and we had such a fun time together. It’s a pity that we couldn’t spend more time together but she’ll be back during the summer which is in June, only about a month away, yay! Shall let the pictures do the talking.

Tams and I at Commissioning Ball on the 16th April at Shangri-La hotel. She wore a beautiful gown from London. So sweet hor?

At the pool!

Tams and I at the airport. She's so teary cuz she doesn't want to go back!

Hell, it’s about time…

Yep, hell it’s about time for everytime to come to a nice close. Commissioning is on the 9th of April, my darling’s coming back next saturday on the 26th of March and there’s comms ball on the 16th of April. So many things happening at one go it’s hard to keep track of stuff.

Finally my cadet life is about to end. Time to put on a new rank and up game. Gone are the days when we will have to march to the cookhouse or get pumped for no rhyme or reason. Very soon, I’ll get to choose and set my on path without anyone screaming down your neck. It’s like the forbidden fruit suddenly made permissible. I can almost taste the freedom. But there’s still 3 more weeks of Joint term to go. GAH!

AND, my darling is finally coming back!! Got loads of presents for her and she has loads of presents for me too! :DDDD After the 7 long months, arguments, fights, it’s about time to just cosy up to one another and make up for all the lost time spent away from each other. I even dream of her arriving at the airport. Lovesick or what have you. I’m just really glad that she’ll be back real soon ❤


I’ll be going to UK to study soon in 2012! I know it’s still more than a year away but I’m already REALLY excited. Finally be able to be in the same country as my beloved after such a long long time… So that’s where most of the excitement is coming from. Apart from that there’s the geeky side that’s rising to power. So here’s the new GADGET LIST! Things that I really hope to be able to bring over to the UK. Wahaha.

Number1:  LAPTOP

Number2:  MP3 PLAYER

Number3: PHONE

Number4: XBOX 360 with 26″ LCD TV

Number5: PRINTER


Number7: TABLET PC