Singaporeans and NS

In response to the many comments about NS not being tough enough and girls not being appreciative.

All Singaporean boys either dread or looking forward to BMT. Through all the stories we’ve heard about BMT and life in army we either accept the challenge or shudder in fear. However, sooner or later, we all turn 18 and take our first ferry trip to Tekong. I believe many other articles have mentioned many tough activities and moments that NSFs experience during their two years so I shall not give any more examples.

I believe that the “Singaporeans are weak LOL” comment was definitely insensitive and degrading. However, according to what the writer has explained, she made the comment without even reading the article about the most recent death in NS. This sort of trigger-happy comment was uncalled for and ill-timed. The LOL at the end of the sentence could be a manner of speech. In my opinion, since she has already apologised, let’s leave her alone and end all the personal attacks on her, her family and loved ones. I believe it has already turned ugly and the personal attacks have to stop. 

To all servicemen and women who have given their lives in the course of their service, rest in peace.

This post however has to be more incendiary than Singaporeans are weak LOL comment.

I always believed that if you make an accusatory post or comment, be prepared to defend it because the barrage of opposing comments are coming your way.

Before I enlisted, I was probably like the author, believing that if Singapore were to be attacked we would crash and burn with our citizen soldiers running away like hapless babies. Someone once told me that army would “psycho” you into believing that we would be able to win a war should it come to pass and that all army boys believe so when they ORD. It’s been two months since I ORD-ed and I firmly believe that Singapore has got what it takes to fight and win a war with an aggressor. Of course there are our limitations but yes, I’ve seen what equipment the SAF has and the fighting spirit of our men, we can win the war.

Perhaps this author has got the wrong idea when she hears NSFs/NSmen complaining about training. Yes it’s true we do run around in jungles with our rifles, get bitten by every insect unimaginable and get lots of injuries. But love it or hate it, it’s our duty. Singaporeans love to complain, it’s how we pass our time. Army guys love to sit together and complain about our Army days. It’s our national past time since our nation has created that common identity amongst all Singaporean men. From the lawyer to the taxi driver, NS is what they have in common.

But, do not treat our complaints as weakness.

When the siren sounds, I firmly believe that all active NSFs will heed the call to arms and our NSmen would not desert the country that we call home. For it is the time of war that Singapore would need its countrymen the most, not during a financial crisis or territorial dispute. 

On to my next point, yes enlistment is a law. Whether we like it or not, Singaporean boys have to go serve the nation. But should girls feel appreciative? I mean it’s a law after all. Maybe if all the men volunteered then the author would be appreciative? Let’s examine this in this fashion.

For example, Singapore is now at war with Country X. Our soldiers have fought Country X soldiers off our shores and brought the war to their shores trying to ensure that they cannot regroup and attack us again. I’m sure there would be scores of men who have deserted their comrades and fled with their tails between their legs.What of our women and children? I believe they would be supporting the war effort helping make equipment, food and supplies for our soldiers in another country. They would be praying day and night for their husbands, sons and bothers’ safe return. I don’t think there would be any “I don’t give a **** since it’s their duty anyway” attitude during these times. If your (the author) boyfriend/father/husband/son was off fighting the war, you would wish they gave their best during training so they would know what to do when fighting a REAL war.

To the author, I give the benefit of the doubt. The men of Singapore will valiantly defend the nation for our women and children, even for you. If you decide to leave Singapore during times of crises, remember the fallen soldiers when you return back to Singapore for they have kept your lands, culture, way of life, friends and family safe while you cowardly left us. Yes, it may have been their duty to fight the war but they did it so you could live.

For that matter, I believe that the Lim Bo Seng war memorial or any war memorial would have no impact on you because they did it for “duty” and there’s no need for appreciation. I tell you, not only the girls but even the guys should respect, remember and appreciate that they gave their lives for Singapore.

>>>To be continued.



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