Army Revelations

Revalations that I had while being stuck in camp for the weekend. Not for punishment but to serve the nation in case somebody decides to do something funny. So I’m ALERT during the weekend to cover the nations hind so we can all go shop, watch HARRY POTTER, eat and play with peace of mind.

Officership in the SAF is quite a lonely job. There’re loads of men and specialists who are waiting for an opportunity to undermine what you do. Some times it’s just healthy seargent vs officer rivalry but to some it can be an obsession if the officer is a real mess up and well…messes things up on a daily basis. It’s comforting to know that most of the men in my unit are friendly to us officers and not officer-adverse since we don’t torture them and stuff. So we do get their respect and sometimes sympathy when we are arrowed to do officer-specific jobs like being on 2 NTM for a week, being safety officer or having to conduct all sorts of stuff.

Being in the army is like being in a two year dream. You wake up and everyone’s in the future. Take a look at your female JC friends, driving cars, second year in university, new stuff. Take a look at your phone, you’re 2 years behind technologically speaking. You haven’t found the time to watch a movie that was screened two years ago. People talking about things that you haven’t even heard of. Off you go to uni and every single morsel of academia has evaporated from your brain. v = u + at seems, at most, vaguely familiar. It’s the start of real life and the end of the dream. It’s like being a stranger in your own land. I used to be able to teach tuition, now I can hardly remember anything. Sometimes, it’s not fair. Why we are called to serve our nation, forfeiting 2 years of our lives to defend a nation whom nobody believes will stand the tide of war. How can we have faith in the army if the very people whom we defend have no faith in it. Is army just a waste of 2 years of our lives? 2 years and more because of reservice. I beg to differ.

The army has taught me many life lessons that the normal pursuit of academia can never provide. That’s why to a certain extent, I believe that the fairer sex should also serve alongside their countrymen in defending the nation. How can you tell if someone is genuinely telling the truth? How should you deal with someone who claims family problems as an excuse? How do you command the respect of your peers without being “wayang”? To some extent, the army experience does simulate real work experience for us most-probable white collared workers. Interactions between your superior and subordinates. Being taught from the ground up and stuff like that. Invaluable experience.


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