oh pity me…

Oh pity me… Rant rant… My life is at a all time low. Call it the mid-NS life crisis. Feeling the blues…

First things first, it’s REALLY not my fault that I “don’t have a life”. The last thing I need is someone who’s unappreciative of NS. And, no offence but it usually comes from the opposite gender.

“Do you watch *insert some random angmoh TV serial like Glee or House*?”


“Oh wait you’re in NS, you don’t have a life”

Maybe she said that without ill intent but it’s REALLY annoying how insensitive people can be towards NS. Here I am, making the most out of NS, hoping that whatever little I contribution I give to the SAF as a young second lieutenant can change a little something and there’re people who probably don’t give a shit. And treat you like shit. I mean I’m serving the nation here. At least TELL me what’s going on in your *insert some random angmoh TV serial like Glee or House? And for the record, I DON’T watch those shows anyway. Fallout 3 is waayyy more exciting. Muahahaha. But anyway, it really does hurt to be cast aside by people you’re trying to protect. Bah.

Sometimes you wonder in your bunk whilst staring at the ceiling. Why the **** did I have to go through 9 months of OCS, tekan, torture and flood of nonsense to do what I’m doing now? I carried half my body weight for more than 8km, ran my lungs out to get GOLD for IPPT, bruised a few fingers stripping the GPMG in record time, get punished for absolutely no reason or for someone else’s crime. Now I sit in the office, clearing email and running almost half the battalion. Ok maybe I overestimated myself, but I do run at the very least a small degree of the battalion. It almost seems that all that training has gone down the toilet. Mental strength, physical tenacity? My privates clear emails better than me. what the fish is going on? So here I am, trying to find my place in the whole stream of the SAF. Till I find my answer, I’m still going to be staring at the ceiling.

Second, there’s this special someone who is REALLLYYY getting on my nerves and poking me the wrong way. Pardon the understatement. This person is probably the personification of irritation. Honestly all I need is one little shove to get him/her/it out of the way but I don’t really know why I’m not doing that. I’m too merciful..

Third, I’m being consumed by my own pride. As much as I enjoy waiting for someone’s pompous arrogant ass to come crashing down to the depth of the Atlantic, I realise that I am too being that pompous arrogant ass. I’ve come to believe that I can do anything on my own. That help might sometimes just get in the way. I use my past achievements to thumb down others. I laugh at the weak. How often have I found myself using “officer power” or indirectly pulling rank. How often do I undermine a weaker acquaintance’s academic achievements with my own. I’ve been blessed thus far. It’s time to share God’s blessings for God did not bless us to be proud but to share it with everyone. So splash some cold water at my face, I’ll never be proud again. For I came from humble roots and humble I shall stay.


Ok, totally random but I found this pic lying around in my com. A Starcraft battlecruiser made from Spore! Quite nice hor?

Battlecruiser operational

Spore Battlecruiser



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