Opposition Rally O.o

GASP! I went to an opposition rally! But who gives a flying ****? All Singaporeans should go to an opposition rally. It’s rather amusing.

So Captain A organised an “outing” to the WP rally at Serangoon stadium yesterday. Initially I didn’t quite want to go especially when it involved rushing all over the damn place just go get my ass to an opposition rally. But I thought, since I’m going to London to study, I’m going to miss the next election in 5 years time! So damn, I have to attend my very first rally as part of my responsibility of a Singaporean citizen to inform myself of whatever devilish mischief or angelic enlightenment the most credible opposition party can bring to Singapore.

GST prices, squeezy MRTs and taxes are but a few of the different fuels the WP used to fan the flames of dissent with the PAP. But personally, these issues are really trivial. In my own words, solved really easily. Squeezy MRTs? Increase MRT frequencies, introduce new bus services or whatnot, not a very difficult problem to solve. I was rather annoyed by it.

Checks and balances. This, I feel is a rather good point. The WP aims to work towards a “first world parliament” of which they didn’t define in their rally which I felt was VERY disappointing but I suppose it means a parliament with more than one voice. They kept stressing that a party with 82 out of 84 seats won’t give a hoot about the public’s needs because they’re so comfortable and no one can stop them. But aside from giving more seats to the opposition, how are they going to provide these checks and balances? I have the impression that they’re just going to oppose any policy the PAP comes up with. Like a rebellious child saying NO! to his mother regardless of what she said. But truth be told, there IS a need for more voices in the parliament to provide more views and the creation of more balanced and well-rounded policies. I quote:

“A party with 82 out of 84 seats will not fight for your future, they will DEFINE your future! Tell you when you can retire, what kind of house to live in, how many kids to have…”

Another issue brought up for contention by the WP is the number of foreigners allowed into Singapore. And they are squeezing the life out of us. They mentioned that we Singaporeans are friendly people and we welcome foreigners but the government is making us hate them because they’re letting too many of them in! With regards to education, I’ve competed with PRC students as well as Vietnamese students in my JC days. I respect them as equals as well as my friends with some I am very close with. However, some of them have even agreed that there are simply too many of them in Singapore and can understand our resent towards their existence in our schools. Yes, foreigners do add colour and flavour to our otherwise mundane and narrow-minded lives. They open our eyes to a “new world” out there. Singaporeans can be very close minded, refusing to seek understanding of different pastures outside our island city.

But there must be a limit.

Like how too many cooks spoil the broth, too many foreigners will only bring about Singapore’s ruin. As correctly pointed out by the opposition, our land mass is already very constrained and housing is inadequate. Bringing in more foreigners than housing property growth spells for disaster. Cheap labour will drive Singaporeans out of their jobs. Singaporeans who contribute to CPF, go back for In Camp Training (ICT) every year to keep themselves ready to defend our nation and help the poor. A balance must be found. A Singaporeans first policy will definitely have its drawbacks but it’s up to the politicians to find that magic balance.


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