To my Dearest

It’s boxing day today and 2 days after our 2nd year anniversary. There’s seriously not enough space on the anniversary card to write all my feelings down for my beloved so I shall dedicate this entry to my darling who has stood by me for the past two years.

Hey darling,

I cannot express how much I love the presents that you sent me. I will treasure the little book very very much. It’s by far the best present you’ve given me under our circumstances.

Baby girl, thank you for standing by me even though I’m such a fool. You still love me when I hurt you and talk to me when I ignore you. You’re simply the best and I would never ask for any other. Thank you for being there when I have no one to turn to. Army can be a really cold place sometimes.. You’re my fire to warm me up and my reason to keep going, my raison d’être.

Darling, I really can’t wait for April when you’ll be back with me again… We’ve planned so many things to do that I’ve lost count. Ok I gtg to camp soon and I better start preparing. In essence, I love you so so much and I’ll never let you go. Never ever let you go.


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