Army life (OCS stage)

Geez, it’s been A LOOOONNGGG time since I’ve blogged. Been super duper busy and all. I still have things to do after this. Guess this is the life of a trainee in the SAF. Can’t wait to get out of it, then life will be better. I hope. Anyway here’s a short update thus far.

As my title suggests, I made it to OCS. It’s good and bad really and it’s not all that glamorous. True, people call you sir and stuff like that after your 9 months but freak! It’s friggin NINE MONTHS of pain. Or how my PC describes it: Blood sweat and tears. And hell, it’s true. In OCS, there’s only blood sweat and tears. (tears of joy when you FINALLY commission of course :D)

I was posted to golf wing under the 8010 cohort. Meaning 80th batch, 2010 year. Nice numbah 8010. Haha. Things went smoothly and I was learning a hell lot of things. The transition between OCS and BMT was the hardest part. Now we’re expected to be very independent and have lots and lots of initiative. But shit, I negligently discharged a blank round during one of the many field camps, earning myself a 14 day RCP (the cadet version of SOL). It was painful as hell. Especially if your dearest is flying off 3 days after the RCP ends.

Yes, Tammy is off to London and I know she’ll do well there. Love you so much darling! I’ll always be with you! She’s such a resourceful girl. She bought some Skype credits thingy and has been calling my phone with her lappy every since! Of course the time zone difference is annoying but it did work out. ❤

So many things happened during service term in OCS, don’t have the time to jot everything down but I guess it’ll forever be etched in my memory. Shit happens and that’s what you remember for life so I guess I have loads of army stories to tell. After that I was posted to Artillery, much to the jealousy of my platoon mates. They say it’s slack but the stories our instructors told us, I seriously beg to differ. IT’S NOT!!

Recently I just came back from SOCJOT in Brunei. A watered down version of the JCC (Jungle Confidence Course) that the infantry peeps back in Golf will be doing.. But heck was it tiring. Up and down this stupid mountain called Mount Biang was pure insanity. There were times where we had to climb on all fours and slide on our butts. But on hindsight and only on hindsight I must say that it was a good experience.

I’ll be enrolling into Artillery Institute at Khatib Camp this monday. Wonder what Arti has in store for me. Hm…


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