Two things have just incurred my wrath today and I AM AN ANGRY MAN!!!



Went with tams to tampines mall this evening to go buy me army phone. Apparently only M1 carries the Nokia 1661 and they labelled it as $75 NO-CONTRACT in a boom/explosion paper cut-out. I took a walk with tams to find other retailers who would carry this phone but lucky M1, they so happen to monopolise this phone model in TM. So I walked back into the store and asked if I needed a queue number to buy a no-contract phone since it’s just a simple transaction. Give me the phone, I pay the money. No need for explanation about plans, queries about billing etc etc. But unfortunately I still had to and I obediently stood in line to wait for my turn.

I waited for quite abit, around say 10-15 minutes? I know it’s not instant but GARH, I just want to get out quick. EVENTUALLY, it was finally my turn at the registration counter. This was the conversation:

“Hello, I would just like to buy a no-contract phone, so I think I just need a queue number.”

“Oh, I’m sorry but I need your IC.”

“What for?”

“You’re looking for which phone model?”

“Nokia 1661”

“Yeah, I need your IC to register for the pre-paid card.”

“But it’s a no-contract phone.”

“Yes, it’s $75 if you sign up for the Mcard.”

“And how much is that?”


” O.o Ok, how much is the phone WITHOUT the Mcard?”

*flips file*


O.O x 9000 (The phone costs $79 at the nokia store btw)

“Oh, then I think it’s alright then, I don’t need it.”

*tries in vain to get me to sign up*


I have nothing against the M1 staff at TM, I think they’re wonderful and patient people (salutes to you all), but M1’s marketing strategy was pure scum. Hey I have a M1 line!! Gosh, waste time.. Fruitless trip. At least managed to spend quality time with Tams today. We played Gears of War and Table Tennis with Misty as our ballboy/pet and we had alot of fun. GLOMPS at Tams!!!


Gosh, this one really made my blood boil. This guy named S7even Lim (i had to replace the t with a 7 so Google won’t pick me out) is being a real bum. I must highlight before I continue that I do not intend to defame him nor any harm. What will follow is entirely my opinion and as a democratic country, I have the right to air my views.

Mister SL here thinks he is the biggest big shot of some online modelling agency. Honestly, I think it’s a sham. He prowls the streets and asks ALMOST anyone to join his agency. Sign-up isn’t free, he wants $100 for his hard work to link you up with other “clients” who might require models. Any Tom Dick or Harry can join. And honestly, if I were in his agency for some miraculous reason, who would hire an amateur like me to model or act? If our world isn’t competitive enough already, amateurs he picks up on the street who may look slightly better than the average Singaporean isn’t going to stand a chance. That I guarantee.

After approaching people, he asks “Do you know who I am?” HECK NO?? After which he goes on to intro how he’s the boss of Singapore’s TOP online modelling agency bullshit bullshit, shows mediacorp letter to prove he’s a REAL recruiter, bullshit bullshit, how he earns over $90+K a year (hey egoman, $90+K a year is only $7500 a month, that’s nothing to brag about..) and continues to ask if YOU earn that much. Again, HECK NO?? But I’m sure on the road on earning twice YOUR salary.

Gosh, if you ever visit his webby, you’ll understand how this con-man earns his 90K salary (per year). Can’t actually believe THAT many people actually paid $100 for SL to post their photos and a poor, low-res video of them (probably taken from a camera phone) and write some cheesy one-line review (I quote: Gorgeous, petite yet full gorgeous outlook and shapely body.   Kind hearted and always willing to help.  Good for all events.) Hey come on la.. use other words instead of gorgeous?

Even Xiaxue mocks you. That’s…rock bottom…

And…you dance and sing in yellow trunks at your Singapore Idol auditions…

Gosh, enough thick-skinned people for one day..

Anyway on a lighter note, THE VJC A DIV BOYS TEAM WON 1st!!!!!!!! I am SUPER proud of them!!! ALL HAIL VJ SAILING TEAM!! Haha, shall go congratulate them at NSC tmr.


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