China Trip Part II

More pictures!!!

This is just hilarious

Village in Yang Shuo. Note the terraces.

Dad being volunteered to do a dance!!

Gosh this must be the most UNHEALTHY lap chiong or waxed sausage i ever eaten. The white parts are fats. But at least there're no preservatives, the villagers made it themselves! Pardon my macro photography.

Night life in Gui Lin or Yang Shuo or Nanning. Garh I forgot.

HUGE ASS outdoor theatre to watch the Liu San Jie show by Zhang Yi Mou.

Mountians and water... How tranquil. Took the shot on a boat ride down a river!

More mountains and water!

Me trying to row the sampan. Hard work!

Picture of me with a cormorant. It's a fishing bird that the villagers domesticate to do the fishing for them! Cormorant's owner hiding on the background.

GODZILLA!!! This rock was found like that, no sculpting involved. Freaky right?

No prizes for guessing what this stalagmite looks like.

Limestone! Looks so beautiful, it's like a forest!! AVATAR FOREST!

Silver limestone forest.. The blue lights are artificial btw, it's not some holy cave aura



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