China trip!

Wow, tis been a long time since I’ve blogged. This place gathering dust! *sweep sweep* Anyway shall blog about my China trip!

I went to China from the 17th to 24th of March 2010. My mom, dad, grandma and I visited Nanning, Guilin and Yang Shuo. They’re very far south almost at Vietnam. In fact, the waterfall we visited, called De Tian waterfall, crosses over to Vietnam! Haha, so China and Vietnam co-own the waterfall, but the China side is bigger lol. These places aren’t very developed, I mean they’re cities and have city stuff but not as fast-paced as Shang Hai or Beijing. Pace of life here is relatively slow. And it’s really very scenic. There’re little mountains EVERYWHERE! Around the city, in the city, near the city. Hence the locals say that Guilin is 8 parts mountain, 1 part water and 1 part land. We came during the wrong time. China’s facing a terrible drought and all the rivers have more or less dried up. Ok less talking more pictures!

Ethereal mountains with foggy tops!

Detian Waterfall

Dad and I at the waterfall

Touching the water, Man this water's cold!

Honestly I was quite disappointed with the waterfall, we spent 4 hours travelling TO the waterfall. I know there’s drought and there’re people suffering, but sucks to see such a piss waterfall..

Me compared to the waterfall

What on earth is NO STRIDING?

Elephant mountain, yes it's supposed to look like an elephant. The portion to the left of the hole is its trunk.

Cherry blossoms!


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