Gundam Mania!!!

Long time no blog! I’ve been really busy with work and a hell lot of stuff (we’ll reserve the details for another blogpost). Yesterday was CNY/Valentine’s day!! Well of course had to go with family first but I did do sth a little romantic for my beloved. Bought her a giant Totoro-chan for her to carry around when we next meet! Haha! Anyways, me has built a few gundams. I’ve started on my Unicorn alr, it’s not much to look at now though..

Day 1

I finished the upper body on day 2! SLowly starting to take shape, looks really cool! I actually prefer Unicorn mode to Destroyer mode, it looks more sleek and cool. It exudes the “I’m so cool and powerful and I don’t have to even look at you to kill you” look.

Day 2 (unicorn mode)

Day 2 (Destroyer mode)

And also… I’ve completed the Strike Rouge with my dad in one day! Or rather a few hours. Double team! Lols anyway, I didn’t really like the Rouge. It didn’t give me a very solid feel to it. Many of the parts felt out of place or like they were there just for the sake of being there. Not my favourite kit. Anyway I made a little picture story with the Strike Rouge and my Freedom on top of my Unicorn’s box haha! Pardon the shaky photos, I have shaky hands.. T.T

Once upon a time, Strike Rouge and Freedom were taking a stroll through my room when Freedom accidentally looked at Strike Rouge’s general direction while she was PMS-ing. (I assign Strike Rouge as a she because it’s pink, no stereotypes intended)

Oi! Le Kwa Simi?! (Hey, what are you looking at?!)

DIE!!! Nobody said you can look at me!!!

Lolwut?? What did I ever do to you? Don't mess with me! IMMAH CHARGIN MAH LAZR!!!



Don't ever mess with me again!

Counter-attack!!! You don't mess with me too!

From then on, neither Strike Rouge nor Freedom messed with each other again..

The End


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