Just another day…?

Today seemed like any ordinary day for me. Wake up, go Tam’s house and then come back. But in between there’s quite abit of stuff going on.

When I went to Tam’s house in the morning, we were job hunting! I brought two day’s worth of classifieds to sieve through. Actually I already sieved through them and circled which few to call up. Some were prompt, some were out for lunch and some were simply amazing..

The job was for a part time teacher at some tuition center

“Hello I’d like to apply for the job that your company posted on the Classifieds today.”

“Oh, ok! May I first ask if you are an O level holder?”

“Oh, I was an Integrated Program student so technically I do not have an O level cert.”

“I see… Then I’m very sorry, you can’t apply”

(In my mind was ZOMGWTH???)

“But I’ll be receiving my A level cert soon, I’m currently waiting for my results.”

<Henceforth, job application went on smoothly>

Of course they’ll call me back again. I’m pretty surprised with this. Not discriminating anyone but isn’t IP “better” than O levels? I’m not saying that it IS better but at least equivalent? Bah. The blight of IP students are people who don’t understand what’s IP all about.

Anyway brought Tam to Tan Tock Seng to visit an orthopaedic. I’m not very sure whether I’ve spelled it right but it’s got something to do with the bones. Doctor told us it could be a slipped disc. Both of us were shocked beyond shocked. But he said it so matter of factly. He went on to prove that you can’t tell a slipped disc from an X Ray because the disc is soft tissue, not bone. So the retarded polyclinic doctor is phail. She said cannot be slipped disc because X ray says back is ok. zzz. INCOMPETENCE!!!

So after that we went over to Udders for some ice cream and went Toys R Us window shopping. Tammy insisted I buy and assemble this gundam since I’m into it now. She says “Can you buy this one as your next Gundam PLEASE??” I ask why and she replies “Because it’s red inside!” ohkaayyy… But after a long look, it kinda looks ok haha.

Unicorn Gundam

Haha, looks quite cool in a sense right? This gundam is going to set me back by about $100+

Ohwells, it’s a hobby right?


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