Hangout at Hangout!

Okays, warning first this is a lag entry.

Corrected date: 30/1/2010 Saturday

Today was going to be a hectic day. Tuition in the morning and 08s66 class outing later on in the afternoon. I’ll pass describing tuition because it’s just… just… bleh routine academic stuff.

So anyway we found ourselves at this board games cafe called Hangout. It’s somewhere in Dhoby Gaut where the good LAN is. Haha. So we took up their “happy hour” package, $9.50 from 2 – 6 pm with free flow drinks. One of the staff there immediately introduced us to one of their new board games called Hysteria Coach. True enough there was a lot of screaming and hysteria. Daniel especially. He really went bonkers on this one. I can still remember him yelling nonsense names (it was required as part of the game) like Stefan Dribbler and some other name possibly invented by elbow typing.

We got bored after a while when we figured the dice was obviously biased as none of us can roll more than 4 for some reason. We switched to Mad Gag and then to Taboo.

We got bored again as the Taboo words were simply too hard. It’s a local version btw. NTUC was one of the words lol!

So we all decided to pack up and hit the Xbox 360 and Wii consoles!! Haha. Had to top up to $11.50 though.

Most of us ended up playing Band Hero and some were playing Raving Rabbids on Wii. I hate Wii but gotta love Raving Rabbids! DAHHHHHH!!!! I’ll let the pictures do the talking from now on.

Everybody learning how to play Hysteria Coach!

Team talk!

Guys trying to help out in Mad Gag!

Looks like Kenickie is still Taboo master!!

Lauren and Kenickie wasted on...PEACH TEA???

Guitar Hero or Band Hero? Daniel says BRING IT ON!!!

That's not what a drumstick is for...

Hsien Liang, you can do it!!!

Wii party!!! Pei Ying's hands moving faster than light!

Yo bro chill! Losing band hero ain't the end o' the world

Of course, there's the class photo!


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