In port race

Ok, some pictures I took of the Volvo Ocean In-port race from bedok jetty. I know it’s super lag but here it is anyway. Dun complain. I’m a noob photographer so photo quality might suck. Or even suck real bad. Ohwells. I’ve got some souveneirs of the Volvo ocean race. I little puma shoe keychain with VOlvo ocean race printed on the insoles, a whistle and a cool Puma t-shirt courtesy of Tammy. Ok less talk, photos are here

Spanky Puma Moths *drools* Note how the ENTIRE boat is lifted off the water
Failed Moth haha


One comment on “In port race

  1. ★ A Soldier's Wife says:

    if you tell people that you took all these with a dslr, nobody will believe you.

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