weird stuff

Nuff said

Martian Landing Balls? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Zomglol. Wonder WHERE did they come up with the idea. Some wise guy must’ve been having a one night stand before taking a look at his own and thought "I can send this to Mars!"


I saw one of these on offer on today’s paper so i got a picture from google. (That’s not my hand btw, it’s a google hand lol)

Anyway. Clabber girl? Is this some mockery of Singlish? Can totally imagine this conversation between 2 void deck aunties

Auntie: Whoa your daurter very clabber hor, can go RGS
Lau Zhar Bo: Ya lor, everyday got go tootion one lei. If neber go RGS then waste money liao
Auntie: No la, she from very young, sibei clabber one. Remember that time she know which verytable to pass to me to cook?
Lau Zhar Bo: Haha, that time she still very cute. You know ah, my older daurter even more clabber.
Auntie: Raillee ah? Oh yah hor, she got company one right?
Lau Zhar Bo: Yah, she just set up new company, sell baking soda. The bland name is Clabber Girl. Next time you see must buy ah. Hahaha
Auntie: Ok la, help to support your clabber daurter’s busyness.


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