End of year reflections

Yes, it’s pretty ironic that I’m doing my EOY reflections in the new year. Reason being that I was too busy to do it in 2008.
So here it begins. I think I’d like to begin my relfections with what I can give thanks for. I have been blessed wth many happy stuff this year as well as unhappy stuff. So let me count my blessings now.
1. Awesome class
2. Studying in VJC
3. New computer
4. Still have $$ in these times
5. Great friends
6. Found my dqrvosa dpzrpmr
7. Wonderful teachers
8. Bahnep
9. Sailors
10. I’ve been called to be God’s child
And the list goes on. But there’s also been alot of unpleasant stuff that’s been going on last year that I’ll like to bring out. Some are pretty nasty too.
I’d like to do something about my grades. All my life in VJ was spent thinking that A levels was really far away. I studied hard in IP1, got good decent grades but lost it in IP2. I lost motivation to study, so I played through IP2 and suffered the consequences. I played in JC 1 too. Didn’t do my tutorials and stuff. In the end get BEEEB. I know I’m capable of getting better. But there’s something just blocking me from reaching that A. I did study in J1 too. I did try. BUt for some reason, it didn’t pay off. Maybe I’m studying wrongly or sth. I’m going to ask for help, humiliating it might be but compared to the humiliation of getting crap for the actual A levels, it’s time to do something, right now. Time to get serious. There’s still hope. I’m not stupid, i’m just… …lazy
Life is terrible right now. I’m not used to it. I like having the time to sit down and think about life issues and about KI topics. But now life is like a sprint to the finish. tudy study study, sailing sailing sailing, test test test. There’s hardly any time for myself! HOW??? I don’t want this life! Why can’t I quit school now? What I’m learning I probably will never use ever again. Look, why is there a TV show called: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Because the average American CANNOT remember what they learnt in 5th grade! Let alone JC or whatever the American equivalent is. And the contestants have really credible academics. Some are doctors and stuff. Our education system is incredibly stupid. They want to give you a braod base or rather let you learn alot of different subjects. Reason being that you can determine what you want to pursue later in life. Good idea, wrong implementation. So we now have the system of contrasting subject. Why then, make it a A level examinable subject? If i’m really good in science, it probably means i suck at arts. So why make me do an arts subject? I know I’m not going to pursue arts, I don’t need some stupid "holistic" education. All i need is my science subjects to get me through. So what happens is that I have to put in extra effort to study for my contrasting subject, usually at the expense of my better subjects and everything suffers.
A submarine was not made to destroy tanks. Nor was a spear designed to cut. Nothing can do everything, neither can people.
I think i’d rather skip the nasty parts and keep it locked in my brain.
So now on to my new year resolutions. This year, I’ve decided not to come up with a whole long list of things I should do which I can never finish and then feel real bad about it. I shall just come up with something general that should be my theme for the year. I’ve thought of one and here it is
Nothing Less
Do everything necessary to my best effort and never to shortchange myself of what I can accomplish. Truly, nothing less. Now I can start my new year resolution by finishing my incomplete holiday homework. Sianz…but it must be done…
Oh, school starts on the 12th of Jan. WHoohoo!!!

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