Photo slideshow day

Yay, tons of photos to upload and show. random stuff first.

NERF??? Haha no wonder it shoots foam shells! Almost laughed my ass off at Toys R us


Saw this at Bangkok. Is Rambow Rambo’s Dad or something? Then Rambow isn’t very good at names



No offence but Pimporn? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA!!!! "Limited partnership"? or 1 night stands? AHAHAHHAHHAA!!!



I found this poster in a toilet. Oh wow, I feel so secure right now.

Quick Fuck cocktail??? Must be pretty good!


I found this pasted above the urinals at NSRCC. Bah!

Church YF Camp Pics

That’s not the dorms, thank goodness. It’s the toilets. It’s a freaking container with "shower" facilities.


Group Hudson Taylor discovers a new plant. *GASPS!!! What’s with Yen En’s hair??

Singapore Flyer Pics

Disclaimer: All pictures were taken out of the capsule window with a Nokia N80. Hence pictures may be blurred or have camera flash reflections

The to be completed IR

The Marina Barrage

Picture of the Flyer from the Barrage

Picture of the Marina Clubhouse thingy beside the barrage


And we have…lift-off!!!


Picture taken of the capsule in front about to lift off.


Picture of a part of the F1 circuit…in bad shape…





On top of the world!





Night shot of the flyer


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